August 6, 2012

Complete Workout Kit : $19.95 + Free S/H

Complete Workout Kit

Today: $19.95 + Free S/H
Was: $129.95
Expires: 8/6/12

The Handsfree Living Complete Workout Kit was designed to promote greater flexibility and strength, to alleviate aches and pains and to aid in a healthier body and an enhanced feeling of well-being. With this kit, you’ll have all the tools to tone up and slim down.

  • missannmcd

    I don’t know if my order went through or not. I got a page after confirming with paypal that said something like bad input” “Use your back button…” ???

    • If your order went through, they would have sent an email confirming your order. If you did not receive one, it is pretty safe to assume they order did not go through. Paypal also keeps track of your orders, so you can log into your acct there and view your history as well.

      • Missannmcd

        I bought this when the price was 12.99 incl. shipping thru BB’s newsletter. Sometimes prices fluctuate but Karen always notifies us when the price is at it’s lowest. Thanks Karen! I got my set and I am pleased with it.

  • Jebcir2k

    This workout kit is $13.44 on Amazon

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