March 23, 2012

Hello Kitty Watch : $2.70 + Free S/H

Hello Kitty Watch

Today: $2.70 + Free S/H
Coupon: BARGAIN7 (7% off any order)
Expires: Unknown

Features a scratch-resistant, tempered glass dial cover and stainless steel back.

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  • Gail

    i cannot access some of these sites thru the link. How can Iget to their website?

    • You may have a program on your computer that is blocking shopping links. Do you use a spyware or internet security program? Are you on a work computer that has a firewall?

  • I was really excited to buy this for my daughter, but after trying a few time, they wouldn’t take my payment, and it was some strange code. Weird.

    • Freckles333

      this is freckles333….try again…don’t space #’s. Took me a bit …got it done tho. didn’t ues the 7% discount. =)

  • Cyonyechere

    Same problem….My payment is not being accepted as well

  • Shauna

    Price is up to $2.90. Would still be a good deal if was able to check out, but my payment isn’t being accepted either.

  • Freckles333

    whoo hoo !!! got one ordered!! thanks Karen <3

  • Klzukowski

    The same thing happened to me!!  Payment not accepted twice….what’s up with that?

  • Cyonyechere

    I was finally able to order. I used google chrome web browser instead of firefox that i normally use…..if you are having problem, maybe you should change your browser.

    Thanks Karen for this deal, I’m sure my girls will love it!

  • Jane

    My payment is not excepted either!!!!

  • Has anyone gotten their order? Mine had an estimated date of April 14th and still no package 🙁

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