December 12, 2011

Jack and the Christmas Beanstalk?

This very strange beanstalk-looking thing sprouted out of one of the plants in my yard a few months ago. I’m considering decorating it like a Christmas tree. What do you think? 🙂


  • Catbabies

    Go for it!

  • Patti

    Go for it!  It sure will make some good talking about this weird thing.

  • Justugly

    Aw, it’s going to bloom!!!!

    You might as well, just use things that don’t weigh much, don’t want to hurt it.

    I ONCE painted one of the kid’s old canvas teepees like a Christmas tree and use that.  The kids were like “GRAND MAAAAAAAA”  (can you see the eyes rolling?)  (it was funny!)

  • pleshette

    Only if you decorate it with really tacky lights and ornaments. Otherwise it’s not really as much fun!@@28eaa4f7c6ff86ce807f3f0460fa3f4e:disqus !

  • Go for it. I can’t look bad.

  • kazul

    that’s awesome! I’ve ever seen one blossom before.

  • BrianKSutton

    Your succulent is flowering!

  • Bkwalker

    would be interesting to find out what it is.

  • Marcia Lafferman

    If anyone can find a use for this you can.  I would definitely decorate it. It kind of reminds me of the center of a flower, what do they call it, the stamen?  If nothing else it would inspire some interesting conversations, such as do you know what this is?  Iam sure some gardening place or even Lowes,would maybe know what this is.  I would take a picture of this and take it with you when you go to some garden type place.  Someone has to know what this is.  As long as it’s not a weed I would keep it, it’s kind of cute.

  • Bettye

    Tiny little Christmas balls would like great on it!  Really tiny!!!  😉

  • Bertk32

    I had one of these and it grew to 18 ft.  It’s the type of cactus you have.  Sure – go for it & decorate it.  ;o)

  • Nancy

    Go for it! You’ll need long arms and/or a tall ladder!

  • Jhanagriff

    Go for it! 

  • Jhanagriff

    Go for it! 

  • Becca

    I say wrap some lights around it and make it shine!

  • Dhardg1093

    That plant is called a century plant. It will only sprout once in it’s lifetime, but they are very unpredictable. They can live for 100 years before sprouting, but after it sprouts, the plant will die and a new one will grow in it’s place.

  • Rosemary

    I’d buy mexican pepper light strands and decorate that plant to the nines. 
    My neighbor in Arizona decorated two tumbleweeds at the front porch.
    They were so neat until they blew away taking the lights with them.  Adios !!

    • LOL That’s funny! I’ve seen tumbleweed snowmen before. That was awesome.

  • jean

    It’s Jack’s bean stalk of course.

  • Alli

    WOW!  Pretty crazy to just pop up in your garden LOL.  I say decorate it :).

  • Pene

    Why not it’s Christmas! It would look fantastic with some twinkle lights! 🙂

  • Swan

    That looks cool. Yeah I would. 🙂

  • Brennahrose

    Looks like a Yucca plant that grew taller than usual. I would wrap red and white lights to make it look like a peppermint stick 🙂

  • Shirley

    Isn’t that the stalk that comes up with a yucca plant….isn’t that a yucca plant in the pic???

  • J Webber

    It’s a flower stalk!

  • Jenny Busch

    It would look very Pretty!  But who’s going to climb that high?

  • Billjr

    Very kool Karen. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • Pattilittle

    Looks great, Karen!  I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!  xoxo

  • Susan H.

    Love it! Merry Christmas to you and your family. I love following your site. Been with you for many years. Thanks for all you do. Susan in GA

  • Like it a lot. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  • Joyce

    I like it. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • Ruth

    I love it.  The Elf makes me love it even more. 

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