February 22, 2013

MIA Leather Boots : $29.99 + Free S/H

MIA Leather Boots

Today: $29.99 + Free S/H
Was: $139.95
Expires: Unknown

Tall boot silhouette with convenient side zipper closure. Sleek leather upper. Stacked heel ensures comfort. Substantial leather sole.

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  • andrea from MA

    thank u karen 4 the heads up on these boots excellent bargain !

    • andrea from MA

      thank u again but they sent me size 8 instead of 6 i am little small feet&hands gorgeous boots

  • These i bought! Thank you for letting me know! Love getting your emails daily!

  • Arrived today, and they have to go back. Thye are very stiff,its almostimpossible to et your foot in them and they are notas widestthe calf as they stated, there is no eay these will close around my calves!

  • andrea burns

    Karen the black boots showed up on the site in a size 6 ordered again got them + the nacho 1s 2 ! thank u $60 4 2 pairs leather boots such great bargain !

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