April 5, 2012

Microfiber Sheet Sets : $19.99

Microfiber Sheet Sets

Today: $19.99
Was: $129.99
Expires: 4/5/12

Only $4.99 S/H per set. These microfiber sheets are finer than silk, environmentally friendly, and can help you get a better night’s sleep, as allergens can’t get entangled in the tiny microfiber strands. These sheets will be soft and wrinkle free for years to come.

  • Lianne

    I ordered and after I did I saw comments/reviews of the sheets on other websites (i.e. Amazon) that say they are not soft and not comfy.  Then I find out you can’t cancel an order on this website, and they do not accept returns.  Just sayin….

  • debsmith

    I checked for reviews on these sheets. The only reviews I found on Amazon were so negative. I think they would have received negative stars if possible. I feel for the folks who already ordered them. I missed this bullet.

  • Theresa

    So glad I read your warnings.  I was thinking about getting them, but after reading the stuff below, I don’t want to take a risk.  Also, I don’t like when sites say “fits deep mattresses” … that’s random … deep could mean 17″, and I need 20″.  Too bad this wasn’t a winner, but I’d like to have feedback from Lianne or anyone else who ordered.  That’s crap that you can’t cancel.

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