January 20, 2011

Skechers Shapeups Blowout : $39.95 (reg. $100-$115)

Skechers Shapeups BlowoutSkechers Shapeups Blowout
Today: $39.95
Was: $100-$115
Coupon: $6.95 shipping on any size order
Expires: 1/20/11
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39 styles have been marked down today.

Make the most of your walking work out with the SKECHERS Shape-ups fitness shoe. The Shape-ups are an innovative walking shoe that make the most out of your every step. The Shape-ups simulate walking barefoot on a yielding surface such as sand, which increases muscle activity level resulting in a boost of your metabolism level and increased calorie burn. These walking shoes also can relieve pressure on joints and tendons with daily use.

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  • Diana

    These shoes are from 6pm and they frequently have massive mark downs on the shoes they carry. I had to return a pair of Skechers because the size was too small. Was discouraged that I had to get a different style, but it went back to regular price! Talked to customer service over land line, was told that it all centers around supply and demand and making room in their warehouse. I checked every day, and 5 days later the shoes were on sale again for 39.95. Another tip I was given was to check the site everyday after midnight. What time zone I know not. Having to return costs 6.95 in shipping! I can say that in my experience the Skechers run almost true to size, so if you don’t like your toes too close to tip of shoes, order a half or whole size larger. Good customer service!

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