June 13, 2010

Under Bed Shoe Organizer : $6.29 + Free S/H (reg. $19.99)

Under Bed Shoe OrganizerUnder Bed Shoe Organizer : $6.29 + Free S/H (reg. $19.99)
This Foldable 12-pair Shoe Storage Organizer is a great and easy solution to organize and protect your shoes. Designed to keep your shoes from bugs, dust, and moisture.

  • Meredith Peters

    I have one of these! It’s horrible! You know how they show you pullong it out from under something on TV? And it maintains its boxy shape as its pulled? Well, forget it! This whole thing is like a big plastic shopping bag with no holders between, the shoes slip and slide around under these little baggies that are meant to look like separaters and the whole thing collapses . There is not the least bit of stiffness on this, even on the bottom. I spent $5 instead on a shallow, Tupperware type bow at Walmart that fits more shoes and slips under the bed and bureau and is easy to cover back up with its sturdy lid! Just thought people would like to know. I’m curious. Has anyone bought this that liked it? I hope they comment on it and say why they liked it. Thanks! Love your deals!

  • Good to know! Thanks for the review, Meredith!

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