March 16, 2012

Universal Portable Charger : $10 + Free S/H

Universal Portable Charger

Today: $10 + Free S/H
Was: $24.99
Expires: 3/21/12

This little powerhouse of energy contains nearly everything you need to charge up and get on with your day all in one tiny package. With a set of six different tips for some of the most popular electronic devices, you’re sure to get a fit that’s right for your phone, iPod, PSP, or DSi.

  • I bought something like this, same number of tips, but the two that look like micro/ mini didn’t fit my phones (Virgin, Verizon). The photos on this site look just like the item I bought. I looked up the original item (Sharper Image) and it seems everyone is selling this item (Woot, etc) for the same price so I wonder if it’s so great, why is everyone still trying to sell it?
    And all the other sales sites show it marked down from 19.99 to 9.99…
    I hope it IS a great deal and that it does fit all the phones it’s supposed to…but even though I really want a portable device (for when I’m travelling for the cell phone) even though I could get a refund, I’d still have to ship it back—so it’s not worth the effort/chance…

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