March 24, 2011

1 Year Parents Magazine Subscription : $1 (reg. $9.97)

1 Year Parents Magazine Subscription1 Year Parents Magazine Subscription
Now: $1
Was: $9.97
Coupon: K4M8W9D
Expires: 3/29/11
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Parents is dedicated to the everyday concerns faced by today’s parents. Columns and regular features address family development, manners and behavior, product reviews, health and safety issues as well as the necessity of taking time for yourselves.


  • Samantha

    Wow! What a steal!

  • Anna

    Thanks, got mine;)

  • Georgia

    My daughter just had a baby. Ordered her a subscription. Thanks!

  • Janet

    Where do you put the code?

  • Janet

    nevermind! It showed up on the next page after I put in my credit info. Great price. Thanks for newsletter info.

  • Carol

    Just ordered magazine for my daughter…at end of order it mentioned that free shipping did not apply. Has anyone received a bill for the shipping? And if so, how much do they charge? I tried the 800 number provided, but just got a fast busy signal.

  • Magazine subscriptions typically do not incur shipping charges. Did you checkout and submit the order?

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