November 28, 2009

1yr of Woman's Day Magazine : $3.65 (reg. $9.99)

1yr of Woman's Day Magazine1yr of Woman’s Day Magazine : $3.65 (reg. $9.99)
Use code mybargbud15 at checkout to get this price. Sale ends at 11:59PM EST on 11/28/09.


  • Darlene Jeffries

    great site thanks

  • Chris

    I ordered one subscription for me, and another for my sister. Great price! Thanks so much for your website!

  • Margaret Older

    I went to this site and the price quoted was more than the $3.65, it was $4.29. Still a good price but not what I was expecting. Thumbs down on this one.

  • Jackie

    Margaret – The post says, “Use code mybargbud15 at checkout to get this price” in bold, right under the link. If you don’t use the coupon, you get the $4.29 price. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sonya

    Was going to order 4 subscriptions with 3 being Christmas gifts. After I placed my personal order, I noticed that I did not get the discount after putting the discount code in the box! I will keep it but will not order the other 3, simply because I did not get what I thought I was getting.

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