August 29, 2012

1yr Urban Farm Subscription : $4.50

1yr Urban Farm Subscription

Today: $4.50
Was: $15
Expires: 8/29/12

Urban Farm is a guide for people looking to become more self-sufficient by growing some of their own food. Articles include how-to projects, gardening basics, composting, beekeeping, roof-top gardening, preserving and freezing, and time and money-saving ideas.

  • Sjwchandler

    I tried to buy this, put in the coupon code “mybargainbuddy” and it took 3 dollars off, bringing the subscription to 12 dollars….not exactly as great of a deal as you advertised…did I do something wrong?

    • Sjwchandler

      Looks like the coupon code was only a one day thing, and I read my email offer today, instead of yesterday….BUMMER!

      • Yes, it was valid on 4/5 only. I will post it again if they put it on sale. 🙂

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