February 25, 2010

2GB MP4 Player : $23.99 (reg. $99.99)

2GB MP4 Player2GB MP4 Player : $23.99 (reg. $99.99)
Price valid 2/26/10 only. In the box: player, wall charger, headphones and USB Cable. 30 day warranty.


  • Morgan

    It looks like an Apple iPod. It smells like an Apple iPod…. but is it an iPod. They don’t say “Apple” or “iPod” anywhere. They don’t mention a brand name anywhere. The photo is clearly an Apple iPod image, but the lack of actually saying its an iPod makes me weary. I also don’t think the 4th Gen came in 2GB. I think they were all larger. If you’re buying expecting an iPod you’re rolling the dice.

  • Danielle

    It’s made by Enzee sound and not Apple…. Sounds like a bad deal to me.

  • Mommieof3kidz

    These are NOT Apple I-Pods but I will say we have had one for my little girl (as I was not spending the Apple price) for about a year and it has been awesome! They are made by Enzee Sounds. The thing I like is you don’t have to have I-Tunes. For my daughters we just drag and drop music to it using the supplied cord. I myself would buy an Apple if it was mine personnally (and I do have one) but for a child or as a back up for in the car etc this is a god deal.

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