September 28, 2013

3 Quart Slow Cooker : $8.99 + Free S/H

3 Quart Slow Cooker

Today: $8.99 + Free S/H
Was: $29.99
Coupon: THANKS (Free S/H on any order)
Expires: 9/28/13

3-quart capacity with a removable crock, low and high settings, and a “keep warm” function. This item is currently selling for $27.13 at Amazon.

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  • dre

    Link not working 🙁

  • smr

    Have tried several times to place an order, and a page comes up saying..’Sorry working on this page… try again later …working on this page.’ Are we going to be able to order this 3 quart slow cooker @ $8.99 + free s/h.??? Deal expires 9/30/13. Please advise. Thank You!

  • ly

    Would order but link doesn’t work.

  • Keri

    My crock pot arrived with a big dent in it. And they are soooo slow about fixing the situation. So buyer beware.

  • Wendy Luks

    The website is not working. Doesn’t sound like it’s something good to buy. Probably refabed product. We are better off buying something new.

    • The item is now sold out. It’s not a refurb. If it were, the site would say so. Plus, I ordered one a couple weeks ago. It is definitely new.

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