December 29, 2011

48pk of AA Duracells : $19.99 + Free S/H

48 AA Duracell Batteries

Today: $19.99 + Free S/H
Was: $59.88
Expires: 12/31/11

This holiday season, make sure you have enough batteries for all those new toys and games!

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  • Rhandley

    I tried this! Don’t do it!

  • Rkukla

    Tried to get this deal.  The company sais no good.

    • You have to wait 2 business days after purchase for them to activate the voucher. Then you will be able to order the batteries.

  • Egw1945

    I was surprised too.  Thought I was ordering batteries.  will have to go to another site to purchase in two days.  d

  • Tracy Ryle

    So you buy on 12/29, and you have to wait 2 days to use the voucher, which is 12/31, and it expires on 12/31.  I bought it, but it BETTER work on 12/31.  And I hope I don’t forget!  Someone remind me LOL

  • Mongo49ers

    I paid and never got a thing voucher and nothing…TOTAL RIP OFF!!!! NO EMAIL NOTHING!!!

    • Mongo49ers

      Karen you should be more specific with your bargains! This however is only the 2nd time I have had a problem…Complaining to them did no good!

      • Please send me a copy of your confirmation email. I will contact them on your behalf. 🙂

        • barb

          i had trouble with mine going thru and the coupon id says  “#862, etc”  that was how i entered it with the #.  I tried it without the # and it went right thru.  who knew………..

  • Carterandriver

    Just bought these batteries, followed the instructions on how to redeem them with the coupon number and then was told the coupon numer was invalid.  When I spoke with customer service at the number that was listed, I was told that they would either call me tomorrow or send me an email with an updated coupon number to use.  I hope that I will have better luck than the ones listed below.  Otherwise, Karen, you should not be advertising these “bargains?”

  • Jordanismyheart

    I went through your site and purchased the coupon for 19.99 for the 59.88 value on batteries. I paid on 12-29-11 and had to wait 2 days. My coupon doesn’t have an item #….only a coupon code number and I never found the batteries which were advertised. I called the number and nobody is there to help me on Saturday, with it been the holidays they say. I was told to call back Monday, but my coupon expires 12-31, so it’s not going to help me to call on Monday, is it? This is so irritating. *Hoping I learn something from this experience.* Is there some way to recover my 19.99?

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