October 9, 2009

$5 & $8 Name Brand-Shoes

$5 & $8 Name Brand-Shoes
Hundreds of styles to choose from! $6.95 S/H on any size order. Sale ends 10/12/09.

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  • WOW! This sale is incredible! I told my girls they could pick 5 pairs each. I’m still browsing for myself. 🙂

  • beth wilson

    Every time i tried to get a shoe in my size/color it would say 2 available then hit shopping bag and oops out of stock.. very frustrating.not pleased.

  • Betty Crumley

    woohoo – Just got my DD a pair of New Balance for $7.95 — what a savings!!! Also found myself 2 pair —I’m a happy camper!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bonnie Laurie

    Where’s the beef ??
    I wanted the shoes in the picture.
    What happened to high top tennis shoes??
    Where do I come from and how do I get back???

  • Have you ever seen a news clip on TV when a bridal store sells dresses for $100 and there are hordes of women pushing and shoving and buying up dresses by the dozen? Well, that’s kind of how this sale is. Only I’m sure it’s not just women buying up the shoes. I’m sure ebay is going to see an increase in Gabriella Rocha shoes up for auction really soon!

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