July 20, 2012

5 Kitchen Storage Containers : $7.99

5 Kitchen Storage Containers

Today: $7.99 + Free S/H
Was: $19.99
Expires: Unknown

BPA free plastic all-in-one bowls. Serve, eat, store, and reheat. Lids switch from vent to airtight lock. Freezer safe.

  • Freckles333

    Everyone with a microwave…GET THESE !! I have 2 sets. We use them every day. Handles, and lids that can release steam …  top shelf dishwasher clean. I usually do an easy hand wash however.  Best price ever now. =)

    • http://www.mybargainbuddy.com Karen Hoxmeier

      So glad to hear you are happy with them! 😀

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