February 22, 2011

70% off everything at Wisconsin Cheeseman

Wisconsin Cheeseman70% off everything at Wisconsin Cheeseman
Expires: 2/24/11

New coupon!! Get $5 off $50 or more with code 8C5OFF50.

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  • Linda

    Where do you see that they are closing? I’ve been getting emails from them for the past couple of weeks, and haven’t seen any mention of them closing.
    Thanks for the great deals!

  • Valerie

    Well, the 50% off prices are pretty good, but where they get you is in the shipping fee — $14.00!!! And when I called the company they informed me that all free shipping coupon codes have expired — no way around it!

    I decided the order wasn’t worth the additional shipping fee!

  • Joan

    I was going to order, but when I saw $11.99 shipping on a $27.95 order I decided I didn’t need it.

  • Martha

    I too had an order already to complete until I saw the almost $20. shipping charge. I cancelled and will now wait until it goes down to maybe 75%. i think I have had much better deals with them in past years.

  • @Linda – Here is the article on the Wisconsin Cheeseman closing


    @everyone else – The shipping charges have always been pretty high here. Unfortunately, there are no shipping discounts. 🙁

  • Linda

    Sad to hear they are closing. I hadn’t heard anything prior to your posting the deal. As I said, I had been getting emails from them all season, and never saw anything about them closing.
    As other’s have stated, too bad their shipping is so high. I had things in my cart, but when I saw the shipping, I didn’t purchase. Maybe they’ll lower their prices or their shipping since they need to liquidate what they have??
    Thanks for the article link!

  • Priscilla

    Their shipping is a bit on the high side, but when you factor in the half off savings, it is still a great deal. I’ve been shopping with them for years. So sad to see them closing. I like their products much more than Hickory Farms.

  • gayle

    you are right, i had a 22 dollar order and my shipping was 11..so, I also cancelled my order….oh well….maybe they will come up with a free shipping code…

  • Nancy

    I had carted about $65 worth, but canceled when I saw the shipping.

  • Diane

    I agree the shipping is really high. But when I consider being able to send shelf stable cheese to our son in Afghanistan, it’s worth the $20!

  • The shipping isn’t so bad when you factor in how much the products are marked down and buy a few things. I bought 8 items, spent $87.57 on products and $19.99 on shipping. Total was $107.56 for what would have totaled $286.91 with shipping if the items were full price.

  • I just got my order today. Unpacked it all and it feels like Christmas over here! Woo hoo!

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