August 26, 2012

5pc Mini Pliers Set : $5 + Free S/H

5pc Mini Pliers Set

Today: $5 + Free S/H
Expires: Unknown

The Husky 5-Piece Mini Pliers are each finished in black nickel to help prevent rust and features soft-grip handles for user comfort. Includes 5 pairs of pliers in a convenient zippered nylon case.

  • This was too good to pass up–esp. since it’s from Home Depot as they stand behind their products. I saw a screwdriver set on sale also but it was online only, and out of stock–but I found another useful set (interchangeable bits, three different sizes of handles) which will really help when I need a certain size—that I either don’t have or can’t find. Having the right tool on hand makes taking care of a small job before it turns into a larger one…or before I put it off. The screwdriver set was under $10 and both had free shipping…so I scored two great deals. Thanks Karen!

    • I have to agree with you on having the right tools! It seems like I am always fixing things around the house and it makes it so much more frustrating if I don’t have the proper tools. 🙂

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