March 11, 2011

Flirty Aprons Irregulars : $12.99 + Free S/H (reg. $32.95)

60% off Flirty Aprons Irregulars60% off Flirty Aprons Irregulars
Now: $12.99 + Free shipping
Was: $32.95
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These are flying off the virtual shelves! If you want one, grab it NOW!
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Flirty Aprons go through a rigorous quality inspection. As with all things sewn, sometimes things don’t turn out absolutely perfect. Currently, a limited variety of Flirty Aprons are on sale for some irregularities. These aprons typcially have small blemishes like restitching, loose seams or pockets, or minor printing flaws. Most of the flaws are minimal and difficult to detect.



    Only 3 styles left
    Pink & Light Green – $13.99
    Cupcakes – $14.99

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