September 15, 2011

8 x 10 Canvas Portrait : $14.95 incl. S/H (reg. $49.99)

8 x 10 Canvas Portrait

Today: $14.95 incl. S/H
Was: $49.99
Expires: Unknown

Upload your favorite photo and they’ll turn it into a canvas portrait. Want a larger portrait? They’ll give you $55 off any other size canvas. Makes a great gift!

  • CSmithGSC

    I’ve seen this deal several times before.  Has anybody ever actually ordered one?  Are they nice?

  • Holly Greer

    Is there a code to use for the free shipping?  They are trying to charge me $17.95 for shipping

    • @2d5119ac2c67ad6bb28a9704c5e0f2f6:disqus  Actually, shipping is not free, the product is. They charge $14.95 for shipping. There may also be sales tax.

  • Christine

    I have ordered from this company several times, most recently for pictures from my recent Wedding.  I have never been disappointed and this makes a great, affordable gift.

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