March 26, 2012

Anti-Bullying Video

My 14-yr-old daughter made this video for a school assignment. I think she did a great job expressing how verbal abuse is hurtful to everyone. Please share!


  • Welder854

    Definitely an A!!!  Great job.

  • Wnhnoconnor

    That was great I am going to show my 13 yr old son and my 12 yr old son!  You have every reason to be proud of her.

  • Great job.

  • Bettye Gobbelet

    Way to go…………..great video!  😉

  • Anonymous

    Great video! Should be shown in all schools!

  • sandi

    You did a excellent job and that should be shown in all schools, maybe someday kids might understand that verbal abuse does hurt

  • HeathergarciaOC

    awww, I love that song, makes me cry every time. She did do a great job. The babies are adorable!! Precious!

  • Coffeycutie

    Excellent!  This should be viewed in all schools nationwide!

  • Lorisfreebies63

    I am on spring break now and in Florida, When I get back to school in Ohio I will pass this on to share with the students.
    I hope she got an A. 

  • Sam Kidd

    I see Hollywood in her future. This is prime.

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