April 18, 2014

Conscious Box : $7.50 + Free S/H

Conscious Box

Today: $7.50 + Free S/H
Was: $19.95
Coupon: BESTMOM (25% off any order)
Expires: 4/22/14

Achieve a healthier lifestyle without lifting a finger when you allow this personalized online subscription service to hand-pick and send you natural products. First, choose your box – options include vegan, classic, and gluten-free. Then comes the easy part: waiting for your box, which will ship around the 15th if you order at the beginning of the month. Limit 1 per customer, up to 1 additional as a gift.

  • kathy

    OMG I just ordered this, it is a voucher and you have to go through all kinds of hoops to get it, I still haven’t but have to put it off til tomorrow because of extreme frustration. I would suggest against buying this. And I got one as a gift also…gulp.

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