February 13, 2011

Cool Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic Barnes & Noble book signing

I introduced my kids to the musical stylings of Mr. Alfred Yankovic when they were very young. Music parodies have always been a common occurence in our family, especially on long car rides. As my kids got older, they started making their own videos set to Weird Al’s songs. Their favorites were Amish Paradise and The Saga Begins.

When my oldest daughter found out Weird Al wrote a children’s book, “When I Grow Up”, and would be holding a book signing at a Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles, we had to go!

After waiting in line for a little over 2 hours, we finally got up to the table. Weird Al was very polite. He thanked us for coming and signed the 2 books we bought, as well as 2 LPs and a photo my daughter printed off the internet from his Eat It! video. Then he posed for a picture. My daughter started to ask, “Is it ok if I use your hair as a moustache?” and before she even got to the word moustache, Al said, “Sure, go for it! Do whatever you want!”

It was obvious the employees in charge of the book signing wanted to hurry people through as quickly as possible, so we weren’t able to get more photos with the Weird One. However, we are very happy with the one we got. Weird Al was such a good sport! He even made a funny face, as if to say, “What the heck are you doing, kid?!”

And for anyone that is curious, my daughter said his hair smelled very nice and was a lot softer than it looks. 😉


  • Missy

    Awwwww…how cool!!!!

  • Wow. I haven’t really been to your page in years. With Facebook I don’t need to but dang Girl! You have come A LONG way since I originally found you some 8 or 9 years ago! And the kids are big now!! Good for you!! It’s great that a local is doing so well! (You are local still, right? S. Riverside County to not be to specific.)

  • Chris

    Well worth the two hour wait!

  • David

    Love it!

  • christine

    Perhaps he will write a song about this!!??Love the pic

  • Melinda

    Love the pic, my girls too met Weird Al a few years back at Fort Hood, he is very nice and acts silly in pictures! We have a good one too!

  • Mindy S

    What a great pic! It’s nice to hear when a celebrity is nice and not a diva.

  • paul

    My sister went to high school with him.

  • Lori Sauriol Cosgrove

    Karen this pic is precious as are your girls. What a great time! 😉

  • marylou

    OH I know they had soo much fun –wtg this is swell
    thank you Karen for everything

  • Pene

    COOL!! Thanks for sharing Karen! HE is a multi-talented entertainer!

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