September 6, 2012

Custom Pillowcase : Only $5

Custom Pillowcase

Today: $5
Was: $19.99
Coupon: PILLOW5
Expires: 9/15/12

Make sleep time more enjoyable with fun, fresh customized pillow cases. Add a unique touch to a child’s bed, or personalize your room’s décor to create a stylish flair. Shipping is $4.99.

  • abcdemommy

    hiyas, just wanted to let everyone know this is only for TWO pillowcases, i have 4 little girls, spent over an hour “making” them only to have the amount not add up…. i emailed them and that was their response.

    • If the coupon is one per customer, maybe someone else in your household can order the other 2. 🙂

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