November 29, 2011

Foodsaver Bundle : $7.99 + Free S/H

Foodsaver Bundle

Today: $7.99 + Free S/H
Was: $39.97
Coupon: W1FEEEE
Expires: Unknown

Add 1 set of the deli containers to your cart then go to checkout and enter the coupon code. Other items will be added to your order automatically as Free gifts. You get a Handheld Foodsaver ($19.99 value), Portion Pouch Roll ($11.99 value), and 2 FoodSaver Deli Containers ($7.99 value).

  • Anonymous

    I just bought this however the 2 free deli containers were already gone.  I figured for the price it was still a great deal though.  Thanks

    • This promo code used to include a free set of deli containers but those ran out. What you get with the coupon is everything I mentioned in my post above. You are paying $7.99 for 2 deli containers and getting the Handheld Food Saver and Pouch Roll for Free.

  • magnoliamae

    I talked to CS.  The vacuum sealer is rechargeable, but the charging base is not included.  The charging base is $2.00, and the AC Adapter is $3.00. These items are not listed on their site.  Also, you cannot use the 11″ portion pouch roll freebie with the handheld vacuum.  She said many customers already have the bigger electric vacuums that the pouch roll goes to.  Bummer!

  • Debcoe2001

    Went to site and this is what came up when I put in the code. Just wanted to share:
    ‘We’re sorry, code W1FEEEE is no longer available for use. Please verify the code was entered correctly. If so, the code may be expired, you have not qualified for any discounts or the offer may no longer be available.’

    • Guess they pulled it. Thanks for the heads up, Deb! Sorry you missed it. 🙁

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