November 1, 2010

Generic 2GB MP3 Player : $13.48 incl. S/H (reg. $49.99)

Generic 2GB MP3 PlayerGeneric 2GB MP3 Player : $13.48 incl. S/H (reg. $49.99)
Price valid 11/1/10 only. Use code DCKAREN15 at checkout (valid for 15% off any order – 1 use per person). This product is NOT an iPod made by Apple. It is not compatible with iTunes.

Great gift for a kid that is not old enough or responsible enough for an iPod!

Plug & Play in Windows, no driver required except Windows 98 or earlier. Includes mp3 Player, USB Cable, Earbuds and Manual. Directly connect to PC/Laptop USB Port, charge and transfer files.


  • Denise

    Tried to order this great deal…they seem to be out of stock! Tried to order the Red one and then tried again for the Blue:(

  • I’m able to add all colors to my cart. When do you see the out of stock message?

  • Denise

    right at the end…I go through the purchase process(enter my visa #) and hit submit…that’s when I get the message”sold out” …I tried it again for the green and got the same message. Thanks Karen

  • Denise

    Here’s the exact message…. after I hit the place order button:
    The quantity you have requested is unavailable. We currently only have 0 left in stock and as a result your shopping cart has been modified

    I tried it through my Paypal acct

  • I talked to a rep at DailyCheckout and they said they have plenty in stock. Perhaps it is a cookie issue. They suggested clearing your cache and trying to checkout again.

  • T

    I was able to order it in black without any problem.

  • Brandi R

    I was having that same issue, and I went in and cleared the history/cookies/cache and my order went through.

  • Denise

    must be me then…tried again after clearing my cookies and still can’t order??? I am using Paypal maybe that’s the problem???

  • Linda

    I tried everything clearing cookies, etc. I even tried using a different browser, but it won’t let me order. Saying they are out-of-stock on every color.

  • Lynn

    Be glad you did not get one, it is a peice of crap, instructions make no sense and my pc will not recognize it, I got the green if anyone wants it.

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