February 3, 2010

Globe Plant Watering System : $3.99 incl. S/H! (reg. $29.99)

Globe Plant Watering SystemGlobe Plant Watering System : $3.99 incl. S/H! (reg. $29.99)
Offer valid only while supplies last!


  • Lynn Malter

    I have these globes and I can tell you they don’t work. We travel alot and thought these would be ideal for when we go on trips – they clog up – very hard to fill up with water – opening is very small – I was very disappointed.

  • Sharon Avinger

    I agree with Lynn. I tried to use mine on hanging baskets. The water leaked out of them very fast and they were empty in a day or two. They do clog easily, too. Mine are going in my next yard sale! Worthless.

  • kirk redmond

    They are hard to refill,but they work.If you fill in the house you get all the dirt that fill into it when you stick in a plant and that goes down the drain.It`s not worth the trouble.

  • Margaret

    I agree with everyone else’s comments. Don’t waste your money!

  • Cindy

    I ALWAYS wanted to try these to see if they REALLY work. Well, they had them at the Christmas Tree Shop for $.79. Haven’t tried it but $.79 was a good price for a try.

  • Gloria

    TJ Maxx has these for a $2.99 regular price. The last time I looked they were clearanced out at $2.

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