December 1, 2009

Guitar Hero Aerosmith Bundle for PS2 : $19.99 + 99¢ S/H (reg. $89.99)

Guitar Hero Aerosmith Bundle for PS2Guitar Hero Aerosmith Bundle for PS2 : $19.99 + 99¢ S/H (reg. $89.99)
Includes Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, a wireless guitar controller, an Aerosmith custom faceplate and a collector’s edition Aerosmith tour book.

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  • Michelle Tellez

    I am trying to buy this product “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith” and when I click on the product it will take me to the best buy store website, but says the product is not available for shipping and no store has it. Is there something wrong with the link?

  • Sorry. Looks like it sold out online. 🙁 People are really snatching up the bargains! Seems like everything I post isn’t lasting very long.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    i bought and paid for this on dec 2nd. i still haven’t gotten it – got an email to say it’s backordered, then AFTER Christmas, got another email saying order will be cancelled in 5 days. I called the Best Buy number and was told i’m SOL and then got disconnected. I called back and another attendant extended my order until APRIL.
    This was a Xmas present for my boys. It’s already late and April would be RIDICULOUS. I would like a comparable alternative and would behappy for them to make up to my boys for this atrocious disaster.

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