September 21, 2011

Hello Kitty Watch : $2.27 + Free S/H

Hello Kitty Watch

Today: $2.27 + Free S/H
Was: $9.99
Coupon: EXS10OFF
Expires: Unknown

Features a scratch-resistant, tempered glass dial cover and stainless steel back.

  • Guest12345

    I bought 4 of these as gifts. They are actually really nice and the price is amazing. It takes a while to receive them as they ship from China (like 3-4 weeks), so keep this in mind. Also, the band is NOT leather, even though it is stamped “genuine leather” underneath. The watches arrive in individual plastic sleeves– no boxes. BUT… hey, a $2 gift that looks like you spent $20? I cannot complain. These are well made and a steal!

  • Cher

    I also ordered this watch and was totally shocked at the quality for the price! Am back ordering more for the nieces now and I know they will love them! I honestly cannot tell that the band is not genuine leather. It doesn’t appear to be vinyl. Beautiful pearlized face and I would see these costing at least $20 for sure. Thanks!

  • I received the three I ordered the last timethis deal was here. I am very excited how well quality the watches are!   Super cute and I am way pleased with them. I would encourage all to get one if you have girls in your house!!

  • Meredith Peters

    This  is on such a cheezy website that it just HAS to be a knockoff!

    • Is there an official Hello Kitty brand? The store is based in Hong Kong. I agree, it could use an update. One of my friends ordered this watch and I got to see it firsthand. It’s no Rolex but I have to say no one would ever guess it was just 2 bucks.

  • Diane

    When I entered the coupon code I got this message:
    This coupon is already overdue. Please input usable coupon.

    • Use coupon EXS10OFF. Thanks for letting me know the other one expired, Diane! 🙂

  • Kathy

    Karen, since you’ve seen the watch can you guesstimate the length of the band?  I’m thinking about getting it as a stocking stuffer for my teenage Angel Tree kids.  Do you think it’s big enough for them?  I checked the description, but “24*3.8*0.6 cm” doesn’t mean anything to me.  Also, can you explain what “PU leather” is?  Thanks!

    • Guest12345

      PU=Polyurethane leather+ fake leather. I bought these and would say they’d be an appropriate fit for a child 13 and up. They’d be too big for smaller wrists.

      • Kathy

        Thanks for your quick and helpful reply!

    • Guest12345

      *PU=polyurethane leather= fake leather. sorry for typo.

      • Kathy

        Thanks so much for your help!  No problem about the typo.

  • Cipeet

    won’t let you purchase without becoming a registered user

  • Lesashby

    I ordered these watches as a party favor for my daughter’s birthday 8 weeks ago and they have still not arrived!!! I have emailed the company several times and have gotten no response.  The party is in 2 days and I’m very disappointed.  I would not recommend this company!

    • That really stinks! I’m sorry to hear that. Please send me a copy of your confirmation email and I will try contacting them on your behalf.

      • I too order this watch on Sept 2nd and hadn’t received mine neither. I try to sign on on the website-but can’t remember my password, and I sent in a request for my password, and hadn’t gotten a email back. And can’t find my confirmation e-mail either.  But they made sure and charged my banking account for this watch!

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