June 26, 2012

iPhone and iPod Battery Backup : $4.49

iPhone/iPod Battery Backup

Today: $4.49 + Free S/H
Was: $19.99
Expires: 6/26/12

Keep your iPhone or iPod powered up at all times. Simply connect the Ultrapower Backup Battery Charger to a power source to charge, and you can slip it in your bag or pocket to give your iPhone or iPod that extra battery boost, wherever you are.

  • ncsmommy

    My mother-in-law bought three of these the last time they were on sale and we have not had luck with them. One didn’t work at all and and the other two only added about a 30% charge to the battery. It would only be useful in an emergency situation where the battery is dead and you need to make a phone call. I would not purchase these if you want to use it to add a full charge to your iPhone or iPod when away from home.

    • Did you contact the company that you bought it from? They may be able to send replacements.

    • Franklin Sheri

      I bought one and keep it in my purse.  It holds a charge for a very long time and is very convenient when my phone is about to die.  I like it and I ordered two more.

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