May 4, 2010

Juniors Levi's Jeans : $6.80 (reg. $40)

Use code THANKS1498 at checkout (valid for 15% off any order) 99 cent S/H per item (exp. 5/9) Get $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend + Free S/H on $50 or more with code HOME50FREE. (Free S/H code and 15% off code can be combined!)

Levi's 524 Skinny Jeans Levi’s 524 Quincy Skinny Jeans : $6.80 (reg. $40)
Slim design flatters your figure. Zippered pockets add a trendy touch. Stretchy denim construction ensures complete comfort.
Levi's 524 Bootcut Jeans Levi’s 524 Bootcut Jeans : $6.80 (reg. $40)
Bootcut styling balances your proportions. Low rise sits on the hips for a modern silhouette.

Sold out

Levi's 524 Cruiser Skinny Jeans Levi’s 524 Cruiser Skinny Jeans : $6.80 (reg. $40)
Faded and distressed details offer a vintage vibe. Stretchy soft denim construction ensures all-day comfort.
Levi's Black Skinny Jeans Levi’s Black Skinny Jeans : $6.80 (reg. $40)
Slim fit offers a stunning silhouette. Stretchy denim construction ensures absolute comfort.
Levi's 524 Straight-Leg Jeans Levi’s 524 Straight-Leg Jeans : $6.80 (reg. $40)
Faded and distressed details offer a well-worn look. Low rise sits on the hips for modern appeal.


  • Jamie

    Excellent deal! I even got some summer clothes for my daughter! I just can’t believe I got two pair of jeans for 15.00!!!! Very worthwhile!

  • andrea

    karen great deal !!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andrea

    karen, please tell me why they are ringing up $8.00 instead of $6.80 ? thank you !!!!!!!!

  • andrea

    dear karen, the customer service was closed last night just called now told them they should be $6.80 and they refused to sell them to me for that price. i explained to her that you are an affiliated site for khols and would not lie. i was asked to do a survey afterwards and said i was not satisfied so the customer services’ supervisor will get the failed score because the rep thelma consulted him. she was very nice.

    andrea burns

  • The jeans were $6.80 after you entered the coupon code. “Use code THANKS1498 at checkout (valid for 15% off any order)”. That code was supposed to expire last night, but I just tested it and it worked. Also, they dropped the S/H to 99 cents per item.

  • andrea

    dear karen, thank you for your response. i called back and got a great customer service rep and she used the code and $.99 shipping so i was able to get them for the $6.80. i got 3 different pairs that were in my size. please karen i wish to thank you again for the great bargain !!!!!!!!!!! i hope things went well for the good in alabama and it is great your little boy is learning the state capitals with the puzzle also with your help !!!!!!!!!!

    faithfully yours,

    andrea burns

  • andrea

    thank you karen again i found some more bargains !!!!!!!!!!!! for $29.00 i bought a pink levi jean jacket, vigoss white jeans, fang purple plaid fleur de lis blouse, a self esteem white hoodie with neon green detail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so thrilled !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lorri

    What a great deal! Got myself 3 pairs.
    Thank you, Karen.

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