December 3, 2010

Marshmallow Shooter: Bow and Mallow : $14.99 + Free S/H (reg. $24.99)

Marshmallow Shooter: Bow and MallowMarshmallow Shooter: Bow and Mallow : $14.99 + Free S/H (reg. $24.99)
Launches Marshmallows 30 Feet!The Bow Mallow, the newest addition to the marshmallow arsenal, is sure to hit the mark. As the name implies, this new toy takes the form of a Bow and Arrow. With each pull, the bow string hurls mini-marshmallows up to 30 feet. Magazines from the original Marshmallow Shooter can be used interchangeably with those of the Bow Mallow to give even more rapid fire action.

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