July 2, 2012

Metal Stylus Pen : $1 + $2 Flat S/H

Metal Stylus Pen

Today: $1 + $2 Flat S/H
Was: $9.99
Expires: 7/2/12

Free S/H when you buy 5 or more items! The Touchscreen Stylus Pen is designed to emulate the touch of a fingertip, allowing you to navigate through your tablet or phone’s menus swiftly.


    Thanks for posting I scored 2 one Red one Purple plus I also found iPad 2/3 snap on shells with the same huge assortment of colors for only $3.99  so I bought 2 of them too, One Red One Purple. They also had what they call Dots to dress up your iPhone/iPads for $3.95. I had a blast shopping those great deals .  Of course shipping was free because I bought 5 items which was fantastic. The total I bought was 2 stylus, 2 iPad shells and 1 set of decorative Dots all for a grand total of $13.93 and now I can change out my iPad when I get bored of the color and give it a bit of my own personality.  Thanks Karen ~!

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