March 4, 2012

Music & Stars Turtle Nightlight : $9.99

Music & Stars Turtle Nightlight

Today: $9.99
Was: $49.99
Expires: 3/4/12

Soothing stars project onto the walls and ceiling of your child’s room in red, blue, yellow or green color modes. There are also 4 different musical selections to choose from.

  • Julia

    I just ordered this and wanted to make sure that I get the pink turtle. My little grandson has the green turtle and sleeps with it every night. The pink is for my new granddaughter coming in April!!!!

    • Unfortunately, they are just sending them at random and you can’t choose the color. 🙁

  • Pnutservr

    If this is the same turtle that i ordered a few weeks ago, RUN DO NOT ORDER!!  It is a piece of junk.  It is a hard shell on top with rough edges, the box is written in the worst English possible, the music is only one volume LOUD, scary creepy music and the lights just sit there on the wall, no directions other than the box.   I bought 3, 2 for my own kids and one as a gift.  I am currently working with the site for a refund.  Complete total rip off!! 

    • I’m sorry to hear you don’t like it. My kids are too old for these, so we don’t have one. Most of the other reviews are positive. To tone the music down, maybe you could cover the speaker with gauze and duct tape. I did this with one of my Xmas decorations that plays music. 🙂

  • Kate

    I must agree with Pnutservr – DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT.  I didn’t notice any rough edges, and the lights were just as expected — however, the music is completely unacceptable.  My 15 month old enjoyed pushing the buttons to change the color of the lights, but as soon as she hit the music button, she burst into tears.  It is extremely loud and is indeed, scary, creepy music!  I could not find a way to tone down the music or disable it.  I put it away and purchased a different brand in a local store.  Unfortunately, it was $28, but at least it’s usable.    

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