March 14, 2011

Paper-less is more

Last week, I got a letter in the mail from my doctor’s office letting me know that their office has “officially gone paperless”. A few days later, I got an envelope stuffed to the brim with forms that I needed to fill out and mail back before my next visit.

Am I missing something here? I thought the whole point of going “paperless” involved less paper. Maybe they actually meant “paperless on your appointment day”, in order to keep things running on schedule. I’m stumped…and I need a new pen. Mine ran out of ink filling out all these forms.


  • Karen Logan

    my eye doctor has all my records on computer but they are paper records that have been scanned. That’s probably what will happen to your records.

  • Joyce

    I’d call the doctor’s office and ask for a list of replacement doctors because I don’t have time to fill out all their paperless papers! jmho

  • Sam Kidd

    Ridiculous. I don’t fill out half of the forms they hand me. I just sign them and give them back .They turn around and go right to the computer.

  • Gina

    I agree with KL. The office probably needs updated forms that they can scan into their database. I would call the office just out of curiousity though. 🙂

  • Joan

    Why do they have to update your records? The next time the doctor wants updated records I’m going to say that everything is the same as last time you ask me to do this.

  • lol…..I make my writing so sloppy that they never ask me to write anything…..ever!!!! Usually the Doctor or his assistance ask me the questions and THEY write my response. That way I know they are listening to me about my medical history.

  • Patti Nowak

    I wouldn’t fill it out as this is craziness! Do you think the doctor is going to use all those papers when you go in for a visit? You pay so much for a doctor visit and now they want this to make it easier……I don’t think so!

  • Barbara Sosnowski

    Ha ha. This made me laugh! Just tell the doctor’s office that if they truly want to go paperless, they should EMAIL you the forms, after which you email them back. They obviously haven’t figured out what “paperless” means but I do applaud their efforts!

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