December 12, 2011

Recycled Mesh Workhorse Tote : $3.98

Recycled Mesh Tote

Today: $3.98
Was: $9.95
Coupon: MESH60
$4.95 S/H on any size order
Expires: 12/13/11

These smart, stylish, 55% recycled bags fold into their own compact pouch.  Made from super-lightweight, tear-proof nylon mesh. Designed to fit over checkout frames. Opens to full size bag that holds over 25 lbs!

  • Marcia Lafferman

    It’s kind of funny, I guess I was way ahead of my time, but I always bring my own tote bags.  From what I’ve been told it will either be mandatory to bring your own bags, or you will be charged for using their plastic bags.  After all, how many disposable bags does one person need to have?  Being aware, every little bit counts when it comes to being environmentally aware and then implementing those practices.  It’s the same thing with lightbulbs. I have been using the led ones for years.  Other people have told me they plan to stock up on the lightbulbs that have been sold for years and years.  I guess the only way some people will change is when the things they buy are no longer available to purchase.  I was born and raised in Md, but spent alot of years living on the West Coast, in a large part in CA.  Then moving back to Md in 9/10, what was once my thinking that Md was progressive Iam finding that is isn’t, sadly. What did I know, I only lived in Md for the first 18 years of my life.  Knowledge is power!!

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