December 28, 2009

Save up to 75% storewide at Hickory Farms

Hickory FarmsSave up to 75% storewide at Hickory Farms
Free APO/FPO S/H. Sale prices not valid with any other discounts.


  • n sender

    there is no free shipping per hickory farms. talked to hickory farms today

  • Barb

    I used this last year and have been waiting for it this year … great buys!

  • Shirley

    I haven’t talked to HIckory Farms but I can’t imagine that they don’t have free shipping to troops since they state they do right on their website.

  • Shirley

    I just called customer service and asked if they have free shipping to APO addresses for the troops and she said they don’t. I said, “Well, it says right on your website that you do.” She responded with “I guess if it says so on our website we do.”

    What a ridiculous excuse for customer service this is.

    There is a tab for Military Gifts. I used that.

  • LISA

    No free shipping at Hickory Farms

  • Janet

    Very disappointed! I ordered lots last year and there is almost nothing left. I put nuts and a ham in my basket and the shipping was $23, so I cancelled!

  • Chris

    Last year’s deals were much better. I did, however, order a few things. I’m confused because in the order confirmation, I did not recognize the 4-digits from the credit card or expiration date! I hope I get my stuff!

  • Free shipping is for APO/FPO addresses. That means to military serving overseas.


    Total for All Gifts to One Address:

    $0.00 – $9.99 = $5.99
    $10.00 – $19.99 = $7.99
    $20.00 – $29.99 = $9.99
    $30.00 – $39.99 = $11.99
    $40.00 – $49.99 = $13.99
    $50.00 – $64.99 = $15.99
    $65.00 – $79.99 = $18.99
    $80.00 – $99.99 = $20.99

    ***In support of our troops, we offer FREE SHIPPING to APO/FPO addresses.***

  • I ordered a bunch of stuff for our troops (click on military gifts to see what can go overseas). If anyone is interested in sending gifts to the troops, you can get mailing addresses here:

    Click on a service member’s name in the left column and you can request their APO address.

  • Saint Lenny

    Very poor selection of sale items; compared with last year’s choices.
    Misleading info re S/H. Prices for the items offered were great,

  • Not sure how “Free APO/FPO shipping” is misleading. Sorry if you were confused by that. APO/FPO means overseas military.

  • rebecca

    disappointed if this is all they’re offering this time. last year had lots of meat and cheese. hope they have another sale soon with that stuff on it. all i wanted was the meat and cheese packages again.

  • Linne Dodds

    Total Bummer .really looked Forward to this for some Good Cheese . No order from Me this year either . With 75% off I wasn’t really concerned about the Shipping Price .But the only Meat & Cheese box was with Turkey Sausage which I don’t like . I’m very Glad I grabbed a Summer Sausage at WalMart from Hillshire Farms .Velveeta ,Bread,”Miracle Whip”& $store honey mustard will make Nice sandwiches .They did have good customer service Last year because I called them about a 12 ounce block of smoky cheese that tasted like cleaning chemicals smell & they sent me 1 pound of apple pie cheddar . Which is the Best Cheese I’ve ever tasted .
    I also called because I only got half my ham & they sent me the rest very quickly .

  • Jen

    I, too, was looking forward to ordering again, being that I got a HUGE box of meat, cheese and other goodies for CHEAP (for a Super Bowl party) last year. Was very disappointed to see that there’s pretty much nothing left but nuts. I was a day late, but it doesn’t sound like there was much more to begin with.

  • Jen

    Like a previous poster, I’ve gotten the summer sausage (24 oz. for $4.88) from Hillshire Farms at Walmart. I’ve also gotten a “Yard-O-Beef” from Hillshire Farms at Sam’s Club for about $7.50.

  • Shirl

    Thanks for posting prices for shipping. Thought they were great buys. Just got to pick and choose favorites!!! thought shipping was appropriate pricing.

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