December 24, 2010

Save up to 85% off retail at Ink Grabber

Ink GrabberSave up to 85% off retail at Ink Grabber + get an extra 20% off your order with code FALL20 (coupons not valid on recordable discs & OEM cartridges). $4.95 flat rate S/H or Free S/H on $55 or more.

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  • Emmes

    Purchased two black and one color cartridge for my KODAK All-in-One printer and the color cartridge is “not recognized” by the printer. Annoying, even though I did as the instruction stated and “scratched a portion of the chip” off .. the colors were not high quality either. Hope someone else has a better experience than I had. Won’t buy these again.

  • Sorry you didn’t have a good experience with the cartridges you ordered. I’ve been ordering ink for my HP printer from here for years. Never had a problem.

  • Missy

    I have ordered black & tricolor “remanufactured” cartridges for my HP PSC. They would not work at all. I reordered thinking I had done something wrong. Same problem. I have not tried the HP cartridges, but they are almost the same price as I can get them locally. Will not order again.

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