November 17, 2010

Snuggie for Kids w/Free Slipper Socks : $4.79 (reg. $14.99)

Snuggies for Adults, Kids & DogsSnuggie for Kids w/Free Slipper Socks : $4.79 (reg. $14.99)
Use code DLCR01 at checkout (valid for 20% off any order). S/H is just $3.95 on any size order. Be sure and uncheck the box labeled “priority service” at checkout. It is unnecessary. Click the Snuggie banner on the top of their homepage.

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  • Gloria

    Got a bunch for office gag gifts. Great deal!

  • Debbie Floyd

    After placing my order online for 7 of the Snuggies I got to thinking about it and called to make sure all of them were coming with booklights and this rude rep told me nope only two were coming with a booklight. This is misrepresentation for them to advertise they are and then tell me that no they are not. I have emailed them about this and about their rude customer service rep and hope to hear back from them pretty quickly saying they do come with booklights.or I will be cancelling my order. I know the book lights are nothing really expensive but it is the principle that they advertised them to come with them and then say Nope they don’t…Just two of them do…It is a great deal but I want what they advertised…

  • Debbie – The free booklight comes in the box and is provided by the company that makes the Snuggies. They all come with a booklight. Not sure how the person you spoke to came up with the idea that you were only getting 2.

  • Linne Dodds

    I just ordered one each for me & my dog . Got both for the store price of 1 . I know because I saw them in CVS in early October . I think $14.95.My order is $15.48 .
    I wonder if the booklight comes with the dog snuggie too .
    I also wonder about folks who complain about how it doesn’t close or the sleeves are too long . Fold the sleeves up & tie on a belt or sew on a few bits of velcro already .
    I am glad I can at least do basic sewing .
    Thanks for posting this.I have wanted one for a couple of years but hadn’t wanted to spend $15 & certainly didn’t want to order from origianal offer with ruinous shipping .

  • Laurel

    I ordered one of the Snuggie for Kids on 11-5 through your site and mine did not come with a booklight. It came with non-skid slipper socks. Just wanted to let people know.

  • Thanks for the heads up, Laurel!

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