November 22, 2012

TV and Video Game Timer : $3.33 + Free S/H

TV and Video Game Timer

Today: $3.33 + Free S/H
Was: $30
Coupon: BH351 (Free S/H on any order)
Expires: Unknown

The ultimate solution for teaching kids that gaming and TV are privileges, not their 7-hours-a-day right! This easily hooks up and uses a token system to activate electronics, so kids learn quickly how to earn entertainment time, and use it wisely.

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  • Holly N Kevin Avery

    sounds like a GREAT idea! i use an egg timer and the kids only get 15-30 min of time at a time. but this idea seems pretty cool!

    • Karen Hoxmeier

      When I saw this, I thought any kid would hate this gadget! lol It would be worse than getting coal in their stocking.

  • Stacey

    Who said this is just for kids???? How about the ‘ol man that does nothing but watch t.v. ~ even when not in the room? I think it’s time he pays for his time :)

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  • thebramble

    Ho, Ho, HO .. love your evil comment on your email about this gift!

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