April 19, 2011

Universal USB Travel Charger Adapter : $3.69 + Free S/H (reg. $19.99)

Universal USB Travel Charger AdapterUniversal USB Travel Charger Adapter
Now: $3.69 + Free shipping
Was: $19.99
Coupon: S0418VCQV
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Expires: 4/24/11
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Fits all electronicss that use a USB charging cable. In order to use this with your iPhone or iPod, you will need to pair it with the USB charging cable that came with your iPhone or iPod.


  • Hal Phillips

    OK. First, I had to create an account, then log in. Then, I ordered the item, filling in all required fields. Finally, I entered the code your site provided in the order field, and received the message “Does not apply to your item.”

    So far, I have about half an hour invested in this dead end. Just thought you ought to know, as this is not the first time I’ve followed a link your e-mail offers provide to have it turn out to be dead or incorrect.

    Thanks for trying.

  • I’m sorry you had trouble with this one, Hal. Their site can be a little finicky. Try taking the item out of your cart, adding it back and then entering the coupon code. The same thing happened to a few people on this deal.


  • Denise Spaulding

    Just purchased this item using your link. No problems at all. I did have to register with the site, but no problem there either. Also shared my purchase on Facebook, and got a 3 dollar off coupon!! Thanks!

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