January 12, 2013

Up to 85% off Retail on Ink Cartridges + Extra 15% off

Save on Ink Cartridges

Today: Up to 85% off + Extra 15% off
Expires: Unknown

All products come with a 1 year guarantee and 90-day money back guarantee. $4.95 flat rate S/H or Free shipping on $75 or more. Coupons not valid on recordable discs & OEM cartridges.

  • Linmau

    This coupon isn’t working on my genuine HP 60 cartridge.

    • Sorry, they don’t allow coupons on “genuine” cartridges, only the generic or remanufactured ones, which is what they specialize in.

  • Dkimari1

    Didn’t work on mine either.  It shows it on the checkout sheet, but it comes up as a zero discount.  🙁

    • Unfortunately, coupons cannot be applied to genuine (oem) cartridges. I have an hp photosmart printer and buy the knock offs here all the time. I’ve never had a problem.

  • Kim

    Thanks Kim!!!  Worked like a dream for me.  I was just sick thinking of buying more ink.  This time of year between bookwork, Christmas cards & everthing else we seem to go through so much ink!  Again thank you so much for the coupon code.
    ~Kim C.~

  • Jim Moore

    I wasted my money. The “black” ones would not work, and I almost bought a new printer. My son told me to try one of the same brand as my printer, and it worked fine.

    • If you got a cartridge that didn’t work with your printer, you should return it. They back their products 100%. 🙂

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