September 19, 2016

Karen’s Vegetarian Southwest Soup

Vegetarian Southwest Soup recipe


2 cans of low sodium vegetable broth (I use Swanson)
1 can of fire roasted diced tomatoes with garlic (I use Hunt’s)
1 can of unsalted corn (drained) (I use Del Monte)
1 can of low sodium black beans (rinsed and drained) (I use Bush’s)
1 cup of salad macaroni (cooked according to pkg)
1/2 tsp of ground cumin
1/2 tsp of chili powder
1/8 tsp of black pepper
a sprig of fresh basil or cilantro


Add all ingredients (except cooked pasta) to a large soup pot and simmer for 15 minutes. Add warm pasta immediately before serving (if you add it too soon, it will soak up all your broth). Serve with cornbread.

My oldest has been a vegetarian for many years. Cooking dual meals isn’t always easy. I like this soup because it has a great homemade taste, is made with canned goods that I usually have on hand and cooks in minutes.

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  • Jackie

    I would use frozen corn & whole grain pasta or brown rice to make it a little healthier & higher in fiber. Also using canned tomatoes with chiles give it more of a kick!

  • Judith Stewart

    It is so very snowy and cold here and this sounds so good…I, too, am a vegetarian and can’t wait to try this..Thanks, Karen

  • clayton

    very good added brown rice and chilli flakes

  • Susan Householder

    I would love if you would start posting more soup recipes,

  • Darlene Martin


    If you boil your pasta separately it won’t soak up your broth and it only takes minutes if you have a Fasta Pasta cooker available at QVC.

  • Gloria Marino

    Sounds easy and delicious. Thanks, I’ll try it.

  • Trish

    This soup is quick and yummy. I substituted rice for the pasta and added fire roasted green chilies, plus a little more than a sprig of cilantro.

  • Jenny

    I add onion, canned tomtoes with chilies, left out the cummin, chili power. ” Tasted great”. Husbsand said where’s the beef!

  • Cynthia Hric

    I would add a little lime juice for a bit of tang—goes especially well with Mexican/southwest dishes!

  • charlotte

    Soup is so good for us.And great this time of year.
    Love you are doing recipes too.
    So hard to find really good ones.
    I like this recipe.
    But what about greens or cabbage in it,
    Although I like beef broth better usually.
    Thanks Karen

  • Becki

    Karen, this recipe sounds delicious……esp, happy about the use of low sodium ingredients. My husband is having cardiac issues and we are living and eating more “heart healthy”. Keep up all the good work and I would love to see more recipes. Thank,Beclo

  • Diane

    I added brown rice instead of the pasta. Then I used Del Monte Zesty tomatoes with mild green chilis and Del Monte french cut green beans instead of corn. tasted great.
    Thanks for sharing your receipe.

  • Gloria

    Sounds really good. I love soups. I will cook this one tomorrow

  • Nancy

    Karen, I have ordered the 14 lbs. of kitty litter 2 times now and am very satisified with the product and the service!

  •  The recipe sounds really good.

  • Bettye Gobbelet

    Sounds great to me as I’m mostly vegetarian myself.  Gonna try this one next week……………thanks………..Bettye  😉

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