September 3, 2012

What is the best coating for fried chicken?

Fried chicken is a family favorite over here. There are so many different ways to coat it. Some of my favorites include instant mashed potato flakes, crushed Ritz crackers, and French’s Fried Onions (separately of course!).

First, I soak the chicken in an egg wash – one egg + 1/4 cup of water + 1/2 tsp of paprika and a dash of fresh pepper. Next, I coat it in flour or bisquick, then dunk the chicken back in the egg wash. Last, I press it into a dish of the crunchy topping. The chicken pictured above got the Ritz cracker treatment.

While you can oven bake or pan fry chicken, there is really no substitute for cooking it in a deep fryer.

What do you like to use for fried chicken coating?


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