October 28, 2011

What’s for dinner tonight?

*** upate *** congratulations to Liza in Huntington Beach, CA! She won the Amazon gift card in this giveaway.

Lemon Chicken Primavera

Tell me what you are having for dinner tonight for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Winner will be selected randomly tomorrow from entries here and on Facebook. You’ll get 2 entries if you post in both places!

On my menu:

Lemon Chicken Primavera
Scalloped Potatoes
La Brea Bakery Roasted Garlic Bread (so yummy – this is french bread with whole garlic cloves roasted inside!)
Peach Cobbler for dessert

  • Sherry England

    Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, asian vegetables. Facebook as Sherry England

  • Terri

    It’s Friday so something “easy”!! Chinese food would be great tonight!! 🙂

  • jayme

    I’m thinking easy…$5 footlongs from Subway 🙂 

  •  Chicken Enchiladas, fried rice, and apple pie for dessert!

  • Sara H

    the easiest and my favorite is just grill some marinated chicken and veggies 🙂

  • Annmarie W.

    For us, dinner’s going to be a hot dog or whatever else we can buy at the concession stand at my daughter’s swim meet!

  • Susan Hatcher

    Kroger rotisserie chicken, Mac & cheese, and green beans here.

  • Roast with potatoes and carrots.  Cooking in the crock pot right now!  yummy 🙂

  • Lifeisgood76

    Chicken Pot Pie, sweet potato oven fries, and some coconut yogurt for desert!

  • lasagna rollups salad  italian bread italian green beans  strawberry jello cake

  • Jerrilynn Atherton

    Fast Food Friday…whatever my hubby picks up on the way home from work!

  • Lghatton

    Veggie meat tacos!!!

  • SUzanne

    Rotisserue chicken, potatoes, salad and french bread. Fresh strawberries for dessert.

  • Julz

    Feeding the enitre Bonney Lake High School Football Team (120 plus coaches) Lasagna, caesar salad and garlic bread Before their last big game! Hows that for dinner!

  • Barbara H.

    Fridays are for leftovers – chicken skewers with pineapple, onion, bell pepper.
    Served over rice (yep, also leftover) and a nice veggie like broccoli. Ya just gotta love leftovers.

  • Freda Wright

    Friday night = A night out for momma….we’re going to Applebee’s!!  :o)

  • Dawn S.

    Your menu sounds great! I’m thinking take out since I didn’t defrost anything! 

  • Freda Wright

    Friday night = A night out for momma!  We’re going to Applebee’s!  :o)

  • London Broil in the crockpot, with cream of mushroom, onion soup mix, some garlic, potatoes and onion. Yumm.

  • Jbeniak

    Sushi 🙂

  • Um. Chicken with Kraft Philly Creme Cheese Sauces…

  • pork chops, mashed pototoes and corn

  • Becky7953

    Pizza night! No cooking here! I can spend my time thinking about the betula sandals I ordered for an awesome price…. Thanks to you!

  • Meghandana

    chicken and salad

  • Cherielbroadbent

    A night out after fasting….McRibs are back. Yum

  • Mgerzewski

    Little Caesar’s Pizza…a Friday night tradition !!

  • We will have a buffet of all the weeks leftovers…Friday nights are snack and go at our house.

  • Patleah


  • Llovlyldy1

    Taco Salad!!!!

  • Jsclward

    turkey cutlets!

  • Ruthh

    i usually decide that when i am hungry. but, i have leftovers from last night: rice, red pepper, mushroom, celery, soy chicken and soy crab. not bad for leftovers! hmm, i forgot to add the walnuts. just realized that.

  • Tamjohn75

    Just finished making a big pot of homemade vegetable beef soup.  It will taste even better tomorrow, when we are supposed to get snow.  Not even November yet.!!!!

  • Rmc517

    Chicken breast marinated in Italian dressing, rice pilaf with almonds and balsamic vinegar and olive oil roasted brussels sprouts. Apple Pie for dessert!

  • DK2244

    Hot wings!

  • Diane

    It’s cold here today so soup and crackers.

  • Sally

    We will have grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with tomato soup as we watch the 11th game of the World Series…with a Cardinal win, if all goes as planned!
    Not sure about dessert as we have been so excited about the games; it was hard to sleep last night! Go Cards!

  • tl

    hamburgers with fried onions with jalapenos and egg salad made with yogurt

  • Leifester

    We are on a very healthy eating plan.  On tonight’s menu:  Broiled fish and a green vegetable.  Hubby has lost 36 pounds and is off insulin and 2 oral meds plus his blood pressure medication.  I am eating healthy with him, so the foods we cannot have are not in our house.  The grandkids are asking, “When are you going off this diet?!!”

  • Pam

    It’s Friday & we live in Wisconsin so we’re going out for a fish fry!!!!   🙂

  • Robinswood

    Having pizza from Pizza Hut and rooting for the Rangers!

  • DW

    Having left overs from earlier in the week. Either a crab casserole with potatoes, or a pasta dish with kale.

  • Emily James85

    Making spaghetti hotdish with pepperoni, and some homemade garlic mozz. cheesebread. Yumm…

  • Usacountrylady

    We are having goulash tonight.

  • Jessele

    Homemade chicken and noodles for my sick hubby.

  • Renee

    Roast Beef
    Zucchini Casserole for desert

  • Leftover roast chicken
    A dish of pinto beans and corn (also leftover)
    Homemade applesauce with a spoon of homemade yogurt stirred in

  • connie

    Making fried chicken, buttered noodles, green beans and homemade bisquits.

  • Penelope

    It’s Friday and we both have a long weekend list of chores so………………
    Homemade Cheese Burgers and sweet potato fries……..
    Dessert  could just be a slice of Birthday cake (sneak preview)

  • Frogz60

    It’s Friday night date night for the husband and me, so it may be Mexican at a favorite TexMex restaurant with a nice frozen margarita!

  • Fridays are pizza and  movie night at our house!!!

  • Christina51878

    Chicken fettucine alfredo

  • pizza!

  • carmen

    pizza and salad.

  • Jrb351

    nachos…and spanish rice

  • The best and the easiest! Pot luck social at my church with me making and taking Corn Casserole. The best of two worlds and not much cooking.

  • Lalitha9

    Will be pumpkin soup and Salad with garlic bread.Great on a cold day .

    • Judybrittle

      Going out for dinner and having buffet. So lots of stuff.

  • Anonymous

    chicken and sausage gumbo with potato salad and french bread

  • Anonymous

    chicken and sausage gumbo with potato salad and french bread

  • Orange chicken and rice.

  • Stacey Faulkner Mcnally

    steak, french fries, and salad–YUM

  • Laurel

    Catalina chicken
    Brown rice
    Steamed green beans
    Green salad
    Apple crisp for dessert

  • Brandi Thaden

    I’m making Ruebens
    Chips and salsa

  • Taco Ring 🙂

  • Jan

    Pizza!  Friday is always Pizza night! 🙂

  • Sharon

    Pancakes, sausage, and scrambled eggs.

  • Angie

    Logan’s Roadhouse….got an email coup BOGO! 😉

  • Friday is also Wineday……and we’ll have beef and chicken soft tacos to go with it……..

  • Carol Bryant

    Home cooked hamburgers with all the fixings and homemade french fries.

  • M23boyz

    Beef and cheese sandwiches with grilled onions and mushrooms and my homemade potato soup

  • Marydawn

    Venison Pot Roast!

  • Gimikisses3

    We are having Fireside Pizza. (I hope) Its been a loooong week and time for this mom to put her feet up before getting up at 3:30am to do a pancake breakfast for our local fire department!!!!

  • Angie Boschee

    Kids school carnival so it will be hot dogs, cotton candy And popcorn. Yours sounds solo much better.

  • silitalia


  • Rebecca Ferguson

    Lasagna, homemade breadsticks, salad, followed by Birthday cake

  • Auntilorry1999

    Meatloaf, rice pilaf and baby carrots

  • Norfolk912

     Chinese food: vegetable dumplings with soy sauce, glazed boneless spare rib tips and broccoli with garlic. Yummy!!

  • Roberta

    Chicken Marsala, salad, steamed carrots and garlic bread

  • Petunia410

    We will be having what ever looks appealing on the menu.

  • Kspinelle

    Making Pub-style Juicy Burgers with buffalo sauce and blue cheese toppings…yum

  • Anonymous

    Tonight’s menu will be pot roast with carrots and celery with garlic mashed potatoes and rolls…and if I have time, apple crisp with vanilla ice cream for dessert. 

    • Paula smith

      That sounds so wonderful!!  Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow! (O:

  • Linky99

    Veggie burgers! We are off to the 1st of 3 Halloween carnivals this weekend!

  • Renee

     Correction: I said that we were having Zucchini casserole for desert, I meant to say Zucchini Cobbler.

  • Becca

    Beef and noodles, bread and broccoli

    But I want some of your bread, that sounds so yummy, there is nothing like that here in Indiana

  • Crockpot 🙂 Roast, carrots, celery, onions, potatoes

  • Paula Smith

    We are having Progresso Italian Wedding Soup – it’s a little cold outside and that will be so warm and yummie!! 

  • Julie Jerome

    Roasted chicken and potatoes…yum

  • Hvnonirth

    Meatloaf with mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans.  Fresh pumpkin bread for dessert!

  • Dawn Rodgers

    just sandwiches because it is high school football night

  • Wines60

    Shrimp Etouffe !!

  • Margaritachic

    Subway and then taking our daughter to a Halloween party!

  • Ellen Dean

    I am having Asian Beef Wraps made with lean ground turkey instead of beef. So, I guess I should have said turkey wraps lol.

  • Tamara B.

    I am making Chicken Enchiladas for the family tonight

  • Going out to CiCi’s pizza with the brother in law and his fiance.

  • Norma

    I am thinking hometown buffet cause is Friday and I hate cooking on Fridays !

  • Linda

    Shrimp and grits tonight!

  • Golfgirl131

    We are having Grilled Chicken Breast,mash pot,gravy, and fresh broccoli and cauliflower.

  • Bettye Gobbelet

    Tossed green salad and eye round roast of beef with gravy, mashed potatoes, fresh broccoli and fresh carrots and baked apples with whipped cream for dessert.

  • Sammygal1

    Tacos tonight!

  • Warpeddude12

    We stopped by a friend’s house earlier and gave them a hand cutting some tree limbs, we scored a free dinner. They’re taking us out to eat at a Chinese buffet! Boo Ya!!

  • Tami Stapleton

    we’re having Vegetarian Burritos and Mexican Rice~
    Apples for Dessert

  • We’re having my husband’s favorite:  Chile Relleno!

  • Valndoogie

    Flat top Grill!!!

  • Aimee

    Shrimp and Salad sounds sooo good right now…just waiting on my better half to get home 🙂

  • April

    Bar-b-que Ribs, honey gold potatoes and broccoli slaw salad.

  • Carla Jacob

    Turkey burgers with fried onions and baked french fries. Healthy and oh so yummy!!!

  • Kreesha21

    Lamb Shoulder with baked potatoes and brussel sprouts! yum yum!

  • Barbara Boucher

    Mixed Spring Greens with tomatoes, red onion and pine nuts with sesame ginger dressing
    Black bean, butternut squash, swiss chard chili
    Home made crackers
    Big glass of Zinfandel !!

    **I miss LaBrea bread since moving back east 🙁

  • Cindyg0919

    Really? Dinner? W just wrapped up a school Hallowen party and we are getting ready to leave for a swim team Halloween bash. I will be surprised if my kids can ever eat again! Oh wait,,,they’re kids…big Saturday a.m. breakfast planned!

  • Ranee Krocker

    I am having pizza rolls and tossed salad tonight.

  • Bonnie

    We are having roasted chicken, potatoes, fresh string beans and salad!

  • Vegetable beef soup and swiss grilled cheese sandwiches!

  • Ranmel

    we’ll be having veggie stir-fry with cashews and seasonal veg like winter squashes and a curry flavor bent that is spicy!!  ty for the chance!

  • Ingrid Jackson

    We’re having homemade vegetable beef soup and cornbread made from scratch.

  • Niknota

    Pizza for us tonight, but sometime this weekend I’m looking forward to my homemade hamburger patties on the grill.

  • Rcohn

    beef stroganoff made in the crockpot and served over egg noodles! Yum!

  • ria

    Mac ‘n cheese and fried chicken


    New york cheesecake pancakes.

  • Rosemary Simm

    Scrambled eggs with green peper, onions and ham diced into it.   Hearty nutty whole wheat bread toasted and cherry jam.   Big glasses of cold milk.

  • dave

    barbequed chicken,mashed potatoes,homemade dumplins,homemade biscuits,andgreen beans

  • MIKEY3676

    Yes will be having first artisan pizza delivered from domino’s

  • loveme

    cheese and crackers!!

  • we r having homemade pizza with pepporoni,onions,mushrooms and ham. yum yum

  • Chris

    Nothing, Ate too much all day long.

  • Lgowran

    Italian canned tuna (tonno in olive oil) sauted w/garlic and blended w/Francesco Rinaldi’s marinara sauce

  • Carol Klaman

    Super salad with everything plus sweet peppers, artichokes, avacados, sunflower seeds and crushed fried onions, with pasta and baked stuffed clams

  • Carol Klaman

    Super salad with everything plus sweet peppers, artichokes, avacados, sunflower seeds and crushed fried onions, with pasta and baked stuffed clams

  • Bexmg

    Smothered pork chops with mushroom sauce, rice, green beans & peach cobbler. 🙂

  • Nancy

    We had Beef Stir-Fry with vegetables , rice, bread, and mandarin oranges for dessert.

  • Magstoria

    Mmmmm….garlic smothered pork chops, baked sweet potato and fried green tomatoes!

  • Wood Kimberly64

    I made chicken fingers and Ore Ida Crispers. Just needed a simple supper as we had to run a few errands earlier in the day.

  • Saranna

    no kids tonight, hubby and I are finning for ourselves. I chose chefboyaree, he went with campbells.

  • Dee457

    We’re going out for dinner after a long hectic week. He’ll have Perch and I’ll have the Pollack. Yum-Yum!

  • Rusty

    I’m having a delish chicken caesar salad.

  • Mcblaroya

    having parmesan crusted salmon fillets.

  • Debbie

    tuna noodle casserole and salad

  • Cindy

    Chinese food.

  • Lori Thomas

    Beef Roast, Baked potatoes, Green Beans

  • Marcia

    Pork chops, Rice, Broccoli, Applesauce

  • Big Red

    Portabella mushroom topped with ham and a poached egg and then Hollandaise sauce, sweet potatoes o’brien and fresh cantalope.

  • Elkaye

    Beans & salsa

  • Bpagano

    applebee’s, my daughter came up to visit

  • Anonymous

    Tortellini, salad, garlic bread.

  • Dawn

    Tomato soup with roasted red pepper and grilled cheese sandwiches!

  • Daveshomenowadays

    hot cajun pizzahomemade

  • Jen Landers

    A big green salad, shepherds  pie, and triple berry cobbler. YUM!!

  • It was warm today so we are using the grill: New York steak from Jim’s fallbrook meat market, woodland Hills and acorn squash

  • Anonymous

    Dinner was soup with homemade bread tonight. We ate heavy meals all week and wanted something lighter.

  • Turner_mc

    Dinner tonight was a cup of coffee and chex mix…lol..long day

  • kalia57

    Dinner for tonight was rotisserie chicken, rice, and home made hummus. Thanks to my wife!

  • Got a Winn Dixie store deal. Buy two red Baron pizzas, get chicken nuggets, pizza rolls, ice cream and 7-up free. So it was a pizza night for us.

  • Liza G

    Chicken stir-fry with celery, carrots, onions, snap peas, zucchini, mushrooms, baby corn, water chestnuts, bean sprouts, cabbage & green onions over white Japanese Calrose rice.

  • Mindy

    Took the kids to IHOP for free Scary Face Pancakes.  I had the pumpkin pancakes – yum!

  • craig

    Rigatoni with meatballs & cheese casserole. Its easy to make & the kids love it!!

  • Wendy

    Venison stew with squash casserole, fresh garden salad, herbed french bread, & chocolate tapioca for dessert!

  • Sandy

    I am having homemade chicken salad and homemade pimento cheese…two of my favorites

  • Renee


  • John


  • Marilynn

    I am visiting my parents, and she is making spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread

  • Heidiblastick

    Homemade Chicken Parmesan!  Yummy!

  • Debbie

    Crockpot Port Carnita’s!

  • Debbie

    Crockpot Port Carnita’s!

  • gonna cook me some chicken thighs, as they were on sale lol. i have some onions and potatoes i may use too. hubby is working.

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  • Onenonly29172

    Turned chilly here so good time for the Homemade Chili /a salad /brownies 

  • Magieperdu

    Gotta admit it. . .Pizza Hut $10 deal!  Too fried to cook! 😉

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