August 28, 2009

Why I should stick to shopping online

Wednesday evening, my kids and I were doing some shopping at a Super Walmart. I had a fairly long list of random things we needed and spent about 45 minutes criss-crossing the store looking for them.

When we finally got to checkout, I noticed a pack of jumbo-sized crayons in the cart. My kids outgrew jumbo crayons 8 years ago! Just as I started to ask, “Ok, who threw these in the cart?”, my field of vision expanded a little and I saw another item I didn’t pick up….then another, and another, and another! Then it hit me! My kids weren’t playing a joke on me, I grabbed someone else’s basket!

So like an archaeologist, I started digging through the layers to figure out where the swap might have occurred. I determined it was in the school supplies section and sure enough, there was our original cart, lonely and abandoned, sitting by the $5 clearance backpacks. Like a team of jewelry thieves, my kids and I quickly transferred our stuff from the stolen cart and got the heck out of there, whistling our way to the registers.


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