December 7, 2010

Win a Brewbot from MyBargainBuddy and Tassimo!


The folks at Tassimo must have heard me gushing about my Gevalia coffee maker, because they asked if I would like to try out their new Brewbot and let them know what I think! But that’s not all, they also said I could give one away on my website!

I’m really excited about trying the Brewbot! I’m a sucker for kitchen gadgets, and that is exactly what this is. Calling it a coffee maker would be a huge understatement! Watch the video below to see what it can do.

If you would like a shot at winning one of these babies, here’s how. Share one of your favorite holiday memories with me. Yep, that’s all! Just click to comment on this post, share a holiday memory, and you are in the running. The winner will be randomly selected on 12/16/10 and if all goes as planned, the Brewbot will arrive in time for Christmas.

One entry per person/household, please. Scroll to bottom of this page for comment box.

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  • I will go ahead and start……

    About 6 years ago, my oldest daughter REALLY wanted a K’nex Roller Coaster. The battery operated kind that has a kazillion pieces. Well, I found one on sale, paired it with a coupon and snatched it up. Christmas Eve, my brothers, Russ and Andy, and I decided it would be much more fun for her to wake up to it running and ready to play with. So around 11pm, we started building the K’Nex Roller Coaster.

    Unfortunately for us, the instructions were horrible! It appeared as though many things were lost in translation. “Connect gray piece to blue. Hmmm by gray, do they mean green? I don’t see any gray!”

    Around 1am, we pondered taking apart what we had built and shoving it back into the box. But, we baked some tollhouse cookies, drank some more eggnog and kept on building. At one point, we were laughing so hard we were crying while making jokes about OSHA shutting down our coaster or the possibility of the train flying through the front window.

    We finally finished about an hour before sunrise. When I took a step back to appreciate the fine job we did, I bumped up against the not quite empty box it came in. Dumping it out, I said, “UGH! What are these?” Andy answered with a shrug, “Extra parts?”

    My kids were up an hour later, of course. And they were thrilled to see the K’nex Roller Coaster in the living room. Despite the “extra parts”, it ran like a champ for a very long time.

  • Michele Powell

    The year I got my Barbie Dream House (which was cardboard back in the day and the elevator had a string you pulled to make it go up and down) AND my Micky Mouse Club record!!! That was to coolest Christmas I can remember!!! I still have a picture of that house somewhere…. heavy sigh. I lived in a violent home so having this memory is extra special. We were just talking about this earlier tonight. LOL! How interesting.

    nedsped at verizon dot net

  • Matt Horn

    One Christmas morning back when I was around 6 years old my two brothers and me got up to open our presents and my younger brother found a bit of cotton that must of come off one of the Christmas ornaments. It was on the floor by the gifts. He told us that he thought it was a piece of Santa’s beard that must off came off when he was putting our gifts under the tree that night. I loved that Christmas because of this and I’ve always remembered it.

  • Summer Davis

    It was Christmas eve, we had alot of people at our house (only family with fireplace with a bad ice storm – 1970). People brought food, presents – all their Christmas items. There was singing, laughter and love.From fun to embarassment!!!!!!!!!!Somehow 1 of my presents (which Mom thought she had put up) got opened by 1 of my brothers. Of course here we were screaming open, open to everyone at their time. My brother saw something white and hollered out “these are mine and no one is to wear them!” (I have 3 brothers and no sisters) Low and behold – it was a bra instead of socks. It got so quit for a second and then the laughter roared. Still to this day (sometimes) someone will give him a bra and holler out – That’s yours and no one will wear it!.

  • Shannon Wagner

    When I was a kid , say some 20 yrs ago… my brthers and sister and I were sitting in the livng room on Christmas Eve. All of a sudden a knock at the door signaled the four of us to go see who it is… and to what did wondering eyes see…. Santa and his eight tiny reindeer (that were actually cows) in our front yard! Santa had a big red bag filled with presents for us all! I will never forget that day, and never figure out how it was pulled off or for that matter who Santa was (nor will I ask) but it will always be remembered as one of the best!

  • Dianna Thomas

    Every year,at the holiday season, we have to watch Chevy Chases’old movie “Christmas Vacation”–it makes us laugh at our silly family so hard.Our youngest daughter and Grandson were about three years old, when he had gotten into our Christmas tree,literally. The next thing my husband and I knew, was the tree was falls quickly. With a crash and crying, the two littlest children, were under the tree. All I could hear was one saying to the other “I think it got away,cause its not here,is it down there?” They were looking for the squirrel in the tree. Who knew the two little three year olds really understood what was on TV,or for that fact if it was real. It sure was to them. It is always a laugh when that comes on, and we always remind them about at the most prompt timing.

  • Sally

    It was Dec. 9th, 2004.

    I opened my email to find a long awaited msg. My “1st” son, that I had placed for adoption 28 years before, had sent me an email allowing a freeflow conversation to take place between us. Just months before he had requested his files be opened at Catholic Charities. That was a Holiday Season I will never forget. Christmas Eve as we left for Church I found out he had gone and met his great gramma in the nursing home with his adoptive mom, and he was “welcomed” into the family. He was willing to meet with me after Christmas! I think I was hanging on Santa’s sled as he flew around the world that Eve delivering presents. I remember trying to open my mouth to sing hymns that night at Church. I couldn’t speak or sing, tears just rolled down my face that whole service. I got the best gift ever. And 6 years later, it’s still good, the gift that keeps on giving for us. No “Returns” there !

  • Peggy

    Christmas Eve was a year long task for my Mother. She lived for Christmas Eve. You see, this is when we opened all our presents. We would take the kids for a drive to see the Christmas lights and when we got back, Santa had come. Well, getting back to my Mother… Every year she put an Angel on top of the tree as the tree topper. Not too many years ago, she couldn’t find the Angel…. she was very upset and didn’t know what to do… thinking on his feet, my brother picked up a stuffed Lamb Chop puppet (from the show Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop) and stuck it on top of the tree. Whn she came in and saw what he had done, it made her day! So, our tradition is now putting Lamb Chop instead of an Angel as our tree topper…

  • Shannon Robertson

    Once upon a time when I was barely 9, my parents could barely afford to give my younger brother and I Christmas dinner and gifts. They never asked for help, but Christmas morning a group of people knocked on our door bearing a feast and a truck load of gifts. I knew my parents were worried we would be sad, so when the blessing knocked at our door.. I smiled through tears knowing that my parents were happy! God Bless!

  • Nancy Munger

    My best Christmas was when I was 7 yrs old and my mom went to the hospital to have her fifth child…We didnt even have food in the fridge, my dad wasnt working and we were dirt poor, I was so very sad because my mom was away and we just werent going to have a Christmas..My little heart was just so broken, my tummy hurt because I was hungry and Lo and Behold, a big truck pulled into our drive and unloaded a whole bunch of toys and enough food for about a week..Wow I was so amazed, the toys were all used but it didnt matter to me, I felt like the richest most blessed little girl in the world..Thanks JayCees For helping my family find Christmas..

  • Sarah

    My favorite Christmas memory is form only a couple years ago. My siblings and I live in four different states an we get together every other Christmas with our families. I had always been the single one since I’m the baby but a couple years ago was my second Christmas with my husband and we were getting together with my family. All 15 of us piled into my brothers house for Christmas.We began like we always did singing Christmas carols. I remember my nephew who at the time was only 2 belting out away in the manger! So cute. Then we all gathered together and opened gifts. The kids were so excited about everything they got and the looks on their faces were priceless. The best memory is that we were going to play a joke on my husband that year. He always wanted to be in our family photo and so we planned that when my brother said we were taking picture #1 that we would all have straight faces and only my husband would smile. We had trouble with the camera and so we took picture #1 like five times and the best part was my husband was clueless. after a bunch of pictures my brother printed one off his computer brought it out and showed everyone the “best” picture. My husband looked at it and was like “Hey no one is smiling.” We all laughed about it for a long time and till this day that picture is still framed and will probably never be replaced. My husband is just hoping we don’t do the same thing to him this year!

  • KJ van Krieken

    My best Christmas was just 4 years ago. My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for several years and after 6 years and the miracle of science – we were expecting a baby girl on New Years Eve. Our beautiful daughter wanted to be here for her first Christmas however and was born mid December. She was the best present we could have asked for. That Christmas we had all our family with us on both sides, all our parents, siblings and spouses, 3 nephews and at the center of it all -our Christmas angel. She will be 4 by this Christmas and it is promising to be just as wonderful!

  • Emmes

    My best holiday memories are the ones I’ve spent with my sons (now 17 & 23). We would bundle up, grab the weenie dogs and head out to the Christmas tree farm to cut our own tree. We lived in Indiana, so it was always cold during the holidays .. which I love! Sometimes there would be snow on the ground. My boys, the dogs and I would walk through row after row, enjoying the smell of pine, the crispness of the air, and starting a tradition with my boys, as my mother had done with me. Once we found the tree of our dreams, we would drag it back up to be processed and while the “men folk” took care of the tree .. my sons and I would go into the cabin and have hot chocolate and steaming hot coffee with cookies. MMMMMMMM. Santa was always inside, as was a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The wonderful smell of coffee filled the air as we warmed our hands near the stove. I would love to have the Tassimo coffee maker for my home. I love the holidays!

  • Laurel

    I have a fond memory of my husband taking bites from cookies and nibbling on carrots so that our three year old son (who is now eleven) could see that Santa and the reindeer had visited. So cute!

  • Susan

    My favorite memory is the Christmas we sent my husband on a scavenger hunt all through the house looking for his gift. We would leave clues like “Go to the kitchen sink, which is where your gift is I think” It took a while to come up with all the rhymes. What was funny was that he had recently been in an accident and injured his knee so the poor guy had to hobble around up and down steps. The kids had a ball with this. He enjoyed it immensely despite the “handicap”. The gift was just the icing on the cake!

  • Isaac

    My most fondest christmas memories was when my mother baked a coconut and a chocolate cake. After playing all day with my toys it was time to eat. After the company had left I just had to get a piece of the coconut cake and it was delicious. The chocolate cake was even better with that chocolate buttercream icing. I have to this day have never tasted cakes like the one that my mother made for that christmas. I can still sort of taste it. Merry christmas to all and a happy new year too!

  • Rosie

    I love to be sentimental and romantic. A couple of years ago we had told everyone that we would not be able to go home to Buffalo for Christmas. We drove up and surprised everyone on Christmas Eve. All I could think of the whole way way is “I’ll be home for Christmas” and kept singing it in my head. It was a great trip!

  • SuzieQ

    Every year my family & I get together and watch Christmas Vacation!
    And EVERY year, laugh even harder!! I even got a squirrel bulb one year as
    a gift – it makes me giggles every time I see it “hiding” in the tree!!

  • Jennifer O

    My favorite Christmas memory was 12/25/03. My brother had been in a coma following a car accident. Although doctors thought his chance of survival was very minimal, he miraculously started to regain consciousness on Christmas Day. This led to a full recovery. That was the best Christmas gift I could have ever hoped for.

  • Mary

    The year I had my first grown-up job and bought my mother a family ring, she was beaming with pride and never took it off!

  • Joan

    One Christmas Eve, when we traditionally have our children and grandchildren over for dinner and presents, we had a visit from Santa! While we were downstairs in the family room, we heard footsteps and a hearty “HO HO HO” from the living room! We all ran upstairs, and my grandchildren, who were ages 7, 5, and 4, ran to the fireplace! There was a package in the fireplace with a note from Santa! It was addressed to them, and said that they had been such good children all year that he was leaving an extra special gift for them. A Karioke Machine!
    The oldest grandchild went to the patio door and looked out and said “I saw him, I KNEW it was HIM”. My middle grandaughter started crying! She was scared! And the youngest grandchild asked me to read the note over and over and over! What a wonderful memory for all of us! (We still have the letter and read it every year)

  • Michele

    Mine is actually from 2 days ago. My 6 year old son opened his Chanukah gift – a “Make your own monster puppet” kit. I bought it over the summer, when he still seemed “little” to me. But he’s changed and grown so much in the past few months that I had begun to think he would not like the monster and call it “too baby” for him.

    Well…. my fears were quickly put to rest! He ripped off his wrapping paper with the same fury he always does. And I saw his face LIGHT up and a HUGE ear to ear smile! He could read the label (which made me proud!) and declared, “A MONSTER KIT! I CAN MAKE A MILLION MONSTERS NOW!” In a very short time, there were ‘monster pieces’ all over the table and he made about 20 different monsters – all with different voices, dances, names, etc. We played with this monster for about 3 hours! Neither of us realized that it was past bedtime, that our favorite tv show was over, or that the candles had burnt down!

    These are the types of memories I always try to make for my son. I hope he remembers this forever, like I will. Thanks for the chance to write this down – even if it was for my own sake to enter a contest! 🙂 I hope whoever wins enjoys this and has a million more happy holiday memories. Peace to all.

  • kirsten

    My favorite christmas story is when I was around 8 and my mom said sorry we can only have food for Christmas no toys not enough money. And then around noon there is a knock on the door and I saw the policeman and started to hit him and said dont take my mommy she is all we got. He hugged me and said we arent going to take your mom and brought in a big box filled with toys for everyone, even my mom. That turned into a great year. But all I wanted was my mommy.

  • Angela Ball

    My husband sleeps with the TV on all night, (took yrs to get used to) but I woke up one night about 1 in the morning to the Casting Crowns singing I Heard the Bells on X-mas Day. My daughter was 8 yrs and starting to question about Santa. We were living paycheck to paycheck and I was just so worried how we were gonna do this Xmas at such a critical time in my daughters eyes. That program in the middle of the night was just so beautiful….Well, it just gave me this fuzzy feeling. I just knew from that point everything was gonna turn out fine, I didn’t know how, but I knew. Of course it did, and to this day every time I think of that night I still get that warm still makes me smile.

  • Kimberly Alumbaugh

    One Christmas when I was young my parents put us 4 girls to bed on Christmas Eve and when we awoke Santa had come, but while there was snow outside, there were also snow prints in our house of where Santa had walked and filled the stockings and
    put the gifts under the tree, it was so magical and amazing….there was no doubt “there was a Santa” after that.

  • Liz

    When I was growing up, I lived within minutes of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Every year we would celebrate the holidays together. My favorite memory from all the gatherings is just laying on the couch with my younger cousin, falling asleep on Christmas Eve, while the adults stayed up in the dining room just talking and laughing.

  • Lois

    I remember when I was in single digits, we had our annual children’s Christmas program at church. I struggled to sing songs and get through my lines in front of the whole church because I was and still am, so very shy. It was so cool to be in church at night, with candles lit and everyone dressed in their Sunday best in the colors of the season. When we got done performing, the deacons would come out with huge shiny bowls of red apples and small boxes of candy and everyone. That tiny box of candy and bright red apple was so worth going through the “butterflies-in-your-stomach” performance. My sister & I still talk about it today, more than 50 years later, and we both thank God for those simple pleasures and memories of our youth.

  • Jackie Burns

    I’d have to say the best memories I have is of my own kids when they were little opening up their gifts. They would race from one gift to another opening them. Each gift would be picked up and brought over to my husband and I to admire. After eating breakfast the kids would go back and play with their gifts. With all the excitement and drama of the morning usually one of the kids would fall asleep amidst the wrapping paper, bows, and gifts.

  • Kaylee Salser

    Christmas time has always been such a magical and wonderful time for me. My favorite memory as a kid is just remembering the feeling of pure excitement as we got ready for bed on Christmas Eve. Mom and dad told us that if we were awake and saw Santa he wouldn’t come to our house anymore. So I would squeeze my eyes together and sit in bed with my heart pounding with complete excitement. When I had to get up and go to the bathroom I would walk with my eyes all squeezed together hoping that if Santa WAS there that he would see how hard I was trying to NOT break the rules and accidentally see him. So now as my own kids are age 8, 6 and 2 yrs…my heart still pounds with anticipation and excitement on Christmas Eve as the kids are giggly and restless with anticipation of the day to come. Even better yet we always jingle “sleigh bells” near their window about 10 minutes after we put them down to bed…and each year they wake up telling each other stories of how they heard Santa. LOVE the excitement of this time of year!

  • Ellen Shullaw

    One of my favorite Christmas memories was the year we called “Chimp” my kids were young and fell in love with a really ugly stuffed Chimpanze in the toy department. Since money was tight we decided that we wouldn’t get it for them because they wouldn’t play with it as much as other things. M husband knew how much I wanted the kids to have him, on Christmas morning there was a mystery gift to me under the tree. I will never forget the laughter, tears of happiness and joy that chimp brought our whole family not just for a day or day but for many years to come. Whenever there was a time we needed a good laugh someone would bring him out from the toy box and laughter would start. Thanks for letting me share a memory that had be long forgotten, but even today it makes me smile to remember the joy of something so simple as a stuffed toy.

  • Lonne Sotkovski

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  • Kathy

    My best Christmas memory is having had 6 missionaries at my house to share our Christmas dinner.

  • Elizabeth L Owensby

    My favorite holiday memory…deciding on Christmas Eve 2005 that we were ready to start trying for baby #2. Our daughter was almost 4 at the time and ready for a sibling. My husband and I had a good night talking and praying about our future. And just a few short weeks later we were pregnant with our sweet boy. He was the best Christmas present I could’ve ever asked for.

  • Heather Poborsky

    My favorite holiday memory was Christmas last year when Santa brought my girls a trip to Chicago and the American Girl Store. You should have seen the smiles and heard the screams of delight. We took the train for the first time and stayed in a really nice hotel. They had an amazing time picking out their first American Girl dolls and talk about the trip and fun all the time!

  • Donna Arcand

    My favorite Holiday memory.. well.. way back in 2010.. i won this brewbot off of oh wait..

    in 1987, my son Jon was born on Dec 19th.. My favorite Christmas was having my 2 year old Steve getting to know and play with his new baby brother Jonathan..


  • Rebecca Nichols

    My best Christmas ever was last year – our kids are gown and my father in law is newly widowed. I didn’t pull out a single decoration. We fried a turkey on Christmas Eve – had a traditional dinner then packed up theleftovers and headed to the mountains for a week. It was a glorious, peaceful, wonderful time

  • Joe Troutt

    I can’t choose. Every year I spend the holiday with my family. We get together at Mom’s house and have a wonderful time, walking down memory lane and remembering silly times, sad times and happy times. Then we eat a fabulous dinner and open gifts.
    They’re all magical and memorable. I love them all.

  • Judy

    The last Christmas I spent with my Dad….he had been diagnosed with cancer and even though I was technically an ‘adult’ renting a small house behind theirs, he and I went out to a local tree farm to harvest my very first tree for my very own home. We found a short round one….kinda like me….that decked out perfectly. Dad always preferred live trees but back then they weren’t selling the potted live trees yet. I know if they had we’d have had our own small pine forest at my childhood home. Love you Dad, you are missed much after all these years.

  • Tammi Braudaway

    My favorite holiday memory was the year my mom put mine and my brothers Christmas present out early and they were huge. Being from a single parent lower income home our Christmas presents were never huge so this gift had me dreaming and wondering for weeks before Christmas. My brother and I debated for many hours over what they could be. Christmas day finally arrived and we opened our big boxes. Inside were tons of small gift wrapped presents. At first we were disappointed then we realized how many presents we got and it was great opening them all instead of just one.

  • gennaro

    I was home for Christmas when I was in college and my mother was thawing the frozen turkey in the hall bathroom bathtub in a few inches of water. I was asked to “watch” my 2 neices (ages 4 & 6) who were dropped off by my older brother as he needed to do some last minute errands. I agreed and was reading the newspaper in the next room when I could hear all kind of laughing and commotion. After several minutes of this I decided to explore the activity and found my brothers kids had stripped naked and gotten in the tub with the turkey and were “dancing ” with it, splashing around and making its wings flap. My mother swore me to secrecy as we had no choice but to cook the bird and later eat it. I always think of that story this time of year as it was hilarious 😉

  • Linda Jenkins

    I’ve had 64 wonderful Christmas’s but my favorite has to be 4 years ago when we had our first Christmas with our new yorkie puppy Cricket. Children and grandkids are great, but this little one has made our life complete. She has a Santa treat stocking where we give her a biscuit each morning of December counting down the days until Christmas -after only one morning she knew to go ask for her treat where it’s hanging!

    Also, since our grandchildren are now 11, 15 and 20, she is the only “child” in the family now and makes our Christmas time so special -she even is great friends with my daughter’s two greyhounds (well after letting them know who’s boss first:)

  • Bruce Richardson

    I have fond memories of Christmas mornings at my house. I’m the oldest of five boys so you can imagine the chaos. But we were allowed to open our Christmas stockings before breakfast, and then waited for my dad to wake up and our grandparents to arrive before we opened presents. Best part was each year we’d take turns being the Santa, passing out presents. We felt like we were Santa!!! And then the spread my Mom and Grandmother put out for us to devour. It was great!!

  • Carolyn

    My favorite times are of on Christmas morning, when the 2 grandchildren will call to see if Nana and Papaw are up so we can celebrate together. Both grandchildren will sit on Papaws lap and read the Christmas story from Luke chapter 2. We will then open gifts and it is such a joy to see their faces light up as they open their gifts.

  • Karri

    Best holiday memory? Each Christmas that my husband is home 🙂 He’s active duty Army, and the holidays are just not complete without him here. Thankfully, this Christmas, we are all together 🙂

  • Stacey from KC

    My best Christmas ever was the year my daughter had broken a figurine of a seal that belonged to her grandmother that she liked to hold. This figurine had been purchased YEARS before and was just a run of the mill dust collector but my daughter loved it so.
    Her one wish from Santa was for the elves to replace the seal….(YEAH!)

    I was able with the help of EBAY to find that exact seal…UNBELIEVABLE.

    We placed it on the mantle right in front of the fireplace…that next morning she KNEW there was a Santa!

    That moment was the best ever!

  • Robin

    It has always been a tradition Christmas presents are opened on Christmas morning. My daughter liked getting up in the middle of the night to see if Santa had arrived.. One yr she did this and there were only a few presents under the tree, she woke me up and asked if I thought Santa had forgot her, I said probably not he’s just running late. Just before she got up that morning, I had to rush like crazy to get all under the tree. The look on her face was priceless.

  • unclesamhain

    My wife and I would only a little time At the Dixon Christmas Reunion and I had ask my brother-in-law to cut me a small cedar tree for a Christmas Tree for us to take home that same evening. We get there in time to eat and exchange gifts and no tree cut! Lazy azzhole. We took the saw and went to a field of cedar trees and I wander out into it and find a tree and cut it. I look around and I have no clue which way I had come with a clear cold sky. I used the moon to keep orientated to the edge of the field and worked my way around to the road. I ruined my dress pants and socks in the briers and was exhausted. I never asked my soon ex- b.i.l. for any favors.

  • Tami Stapleton

    My favorite Christmas memories are of the times that my cousins from Tennessee came to spend Christmas with us. It was such a festive time with the house buzzing constantly with family coming and going. My Mama always made lots of goodies, my favorites were the sausage balls and M&M cookies. The adults had fruitcake bites, coffee, and eggnog. It was so exciting and felt like magic that time of year for us children~

  • Kirsten Noll

    My Favorite Holiday Memory: When I was a little girl we always went to my Grandparents house for Christmas. I loved going there because she was an incredible cook and hostess. She would make homemade rock candy that was to die for, she always made them in different colors and flavors. My Grandma was the best! She was so talented in the kitchen, the aroma’s that filled the house, the Christmas Music and her White Artificial Christmas Tree that had the rotating color lamp shining the primary colors on it! I loved sitting down for Christmas Dinner at her big dining room table that sat over 20 of us. I will never forget my Grandmother. She passed away 6 years ago of Alzhiemers and yesterday was her Birthday! Happy Birthday Grandma and thank you for all the wonderful Christmas memories!

  • LO

    As a child I would look forward to my mom and dad putting up the silver christmas tree and all the beautiful glass decorations. Then she would bundle us up and walk around New York City to see all the wonderful decorations, my favorite being Macys.

  • Jennifer King

    Last Xmas I bought 2 marshmallow shooters and wrapped them up with no clear idea of who would receive them. Should it be the kids (my kids, my nephews & nieces range in age from 25 – 8) or my brothers (ages 48 – 40) or maybe my father?

    Packages were piled high, but everyone was worried about the 2 w/o names on them. After the gifts were opened I said I brought 2 extra cause I was afraid somebody was bad and didn’t get anything. I asked who had been bad & my 2 youngest brothers immediately confessed! The mystery gifts were opened, the brothers took aim & chaos ensued – marshmallows, wrapping paper & hilarity! We found marshmallows for about a week! Some kids NEVER grow-up!

  • Angie

    I remember the year that I was a total brat. I was 13. All I wanted, all I asked for, was a camera for Christmas. Specifically, a Canon Sure Shot.

    Christmas morning, I begin opening my gifts. A cute stuffed dog. Some clothes. A real diamond necklace. No camera. So like the spoiled teenager that I was, I gathered my gifts and went to my room. A little while later, a knock on my door. Sulking, I said “Come in.” The door opens and there’s my dad – snapping my picture with my Canon Sure Shot.

    I learned a lesson that day that I have never forgotten.

  • Angela Hardgrave

    One of my favorite Christmas memories was the first Christmas after we adopted our daughter, Lily, from China. Seeing the Christmas celebration through the eyes of a two-year-old child who had never experienced anything of that kind before was amazing. Watching her open present after present knowing that she had previously had so little touched my heart. Beyond the gifts, food, and festivities, however, was the fact that Lily, who only months earlier had no family, was surrounded by so many family members, each who loved her unconditionally.

  • Kimberley Hanson

    My favorite Holiday memories are of my husband coming back from his deployment in December 2000. We had scheduled our wedding for January 1, 2000 however he called me from the ship the 20th of December and said he didn’t want to wait any longer. He arrived on December 21,2000 and we had our wedding on December 23, 2000 in front of our Fireplace with all of the Christmas decorations lit. It was everything I had hoped for. Romantic and simple with just our family and close friends there. Not a lot of money was spent yet it was beautiful.

  • Tara

    My favorite Christmas memory is not actually mine, but has been told again and again by my Father. He was 8 years old Christmas of 1941, his Mother had to go to Pennsylvania because her father was dying, his father had pneumonia and was very sick, and my Dad and his three sisters (all under 10 , at the time) didn’t have money or any food in the house other than some bread his Grandmother had left them. They were really scared and sad. Then Christmas Eve, The Goodfellows ( charity) showed up at there door with a Christmas tree, full Christmas dinner and a dress and doll for each of the girls and an outfit and a wind-up Pluto dog for my Dad, he said a neighbor had told someone at the newspaper about them, and they in turn contacted the goodfellows , who saved their Christmas. I love that story and my dad still tells that story every year, only now to my son, who is 7 years old.It reminds me what Christmas really is about and to think of those who are less fortunate.

  • Laura Klouzek

    Christmas with 5 children was always loud and chaotic. When my 3rd child was about 6 she was opening a gift. I wanted to see how she liked a certain gift, so I said “Kelly, what did you get in that present?” She ripped some more of the paper off the gift, looked at the box, and said “It’s a Made in China, MOM!!!!!!!” We got it on video, and it still brings lots of laughter—made in China, what a gift.

  • Lyza

    When I was about 8 my mom and step dad left me and my younger brother in Florida with her best friend who we called Titi (Aunt) Maria. They went to New york City to look for work and an apartment and were suppose to send for us by the end of the summer. The summer turned into the fall and we had to start school in Florida that year. I remember in one phone call from my mom that she promised we would be home for Thanksgiving. Things were hard for them and they couldn’t find work let alone an apartment so we were still with Titi Maria come Thanksgiving.

    Years later I was told that the plan was to have my mom and step dad send $50 to Maria to buy us Christmas gifts, but again, this did not happen. Anyway I remember my Titi Maria crying into the phone one morning making a lot of calls. A few hours later we were in what I remember as a school gymnasium in a really long line straight down the middle of the gym. She has me and my brother and her own three kids with her. Finally it was our turn and a nice woman with a clipboard sent me to the girls box and my brother to the boys box and I saw the most adorable stuffed puppy with a red heart and the name Clara written in white on the heart. I fell in love and grabbed it.

    When we got home my Aunt put two wrapped gifts under the tree, one for each of us. When Christmas morning came my brother and I both had Two gifts to unwrap. One from the nice lady in the gym and one from my Aunt. But I can’t even tell you what they were because all I had eyes for that Christmas and for many years to come was my Clara Doggie. because I was so young it never occurred to me that the dog was not named Clara but that he had once belonged to another little girl whose name was Clara. 🙂 Ahh youth.

    Anyway, now with the commercializing of Christmas and the fact that kids these days (mine included) seem to feel so entitled and are hardly ever satisfied with small token gifts, I fondly remember that Christmas and my favorite Dog, Clara. A simpler time indeed.

  • trent

    all good….thanks for contest

  • Debbie Meeks

    Back in 1970 – my brother, David (who was a Down’s Syndrome child) was getting very excited about Christmas – he was 12 at the time. My husband and I hired a Santa to go to my parent’s house and visit David – we even put some gifts outside the house for him to put in his toy sack. When he arrived and rang the doorbell – David went to open the door – the look on his face was priceless!!!! He was so shocked to see Santa standing there – he was speechless – which was NOT normal at all!!! Santa stayed and visited with David for about 30 minutes – David had a blast talking to Santa – listening to his stories – then opening the actual gifts that Santa brought him!!! After that visit – he talked about Santa all the time – like Santa was his best friend… David passed away when he was 17 – we are so glad that we were able to do this for him – till he died he talked about Santa and his visit. Still miss him ALOT – especially at this time of the year – Love you, David!!!

  • Martha Lehmann

    When I was a little girl we would spend Christmas in NYC at my grandmother’s apartment. Family friends took me with them and we went down early from my home in upstate NY. I stsyed with my grandmother for a few days before Christmas. She decorated her tree with cholate wreaths and marzipan candies in traditional holiday shapes. it was all very magical! Christmas morning came and the rest of my family joined us. Beside the tree was a cage with a parakeet in it. She decorated the cage and had kept it at a neighbors so that I would be surprised. And, I was!

  • Heather

    my favorite memories are pretty simple. Just spending the holidays with my kids, making christmas cookies and having hot chocolate and having the kids decorate the tree. I hope my son makes it home for the holiday this year- he just graduated boot camp a couple of months ago and is not sure yet if he’s going to get to come home. I hope so… that would sure add to my holiday memories.

  • sharon huffman

    With 2 brothers and 2 sisters Christmas was always a blast. One year we had opened every presents and left the small front room a hugh mess when we heard crying. Low and behold her comes the most adorable puppy. Of course always wanting to be first I rushed to pick up the puppy and the little guy was so happy he pee all over my barbie p.j.s. Well the other kids couldn’t start laughing and still do every Christmas….

  • Nancy

    while family Christmas get togethers can’t be beat, one of the most rewarding things is to surprise those less fortunate with gifts for their children. I try to find a family who is struggling to put gifts under the tree each year and make special Christmas memories for their children. Santa-like deliveries of gifts done annonomously is the best.
    Happy Holidays to all!!!

  • Raquel

    Well my favorite Christmas memory would have to be when I was 9 years old. My parents would never let us open presents on Christmas Eve, but told us this year was different! So we were allowed to open one gift, but they (the parents) would choose which one. So they picked a gift for my brother and I and we were so excited to open it!! When we opened it, we saw that they were shirts. Now being 9 years old and having a 4 year old brother, the last thing we wanted to open were shirts! But as we continued to open, we realized that these shirts had a message on them, that said “You are the big sister, again” and “you are the big brother”. It took a bit to understand, but soon we figured out that our newest little brother would be born the following year! Our shirts were the best Christmas Eve presents ever and something we have never forgotten!!

  • Jennifer Chapa

    My favorite holiday memory was from about four years ago. My whole family was getting together for Christmas which is difficult to do with our different jobs and living in different towns. The evening everyone was to arrive we had the first snowfall that my town had seen in about 100 years. It was nothing compared to what people get in the north, but we had a good 3 feet and it snowed all evening and all night. It was beautiful.

    Needless to say, my brother, sister, their families and I ran out and played like we were kids again. We laughed so hard and had a magical evening. We thought it would disappear by morning and that it would just be a happy memory.. but we woke up to what looked like a winter wonderland.

    The snow stuck around for several days and many snowmen were made!

  • Becky Elliott

    My fondest memory is seeing my Mom’s smiling face. She always loved Christmas. I always helped her decorate the tree…. decorating the tree wasn’t one of her favorite things. My Mom passed away 6 years ago. I cherish the memories I have and am glad that my Mom got a chance to spend time with my kids.

  • Crystal Perry

    One of my funny memories of Christmas was in 2004. We had just moved from Spain and were staying in a hotel in New Orleans (our next duty station). My daughter was 5 months old and I wanted to get her a excersaucer from Santa. I went out and bought one not thinking about how we were going to get it together. My hsuband called the front desk to see if somone had a screw driver. No one did. So, my poor husband put it together with a pair of tweezers. It took him forever but she did get her excersaucer.

  • Charlotte

    I’ll never forget the Christmas that I walked into town (about 10 blicks) when I was in the 7th grade to do my Christmas Shopping. It was the day after Thanksgiving. I purchased a large, tall plant for my mother (like a rubber tree plant), and then had to hide it and take care of it in my bedroom until Christmas. I look back and this memory fondly and say to myself, “What was I thinking?”

  • Patti Neill

    One of my favorite and funniest Christmas memories happened when I was a child. My brother, sister and I were playing around the tree when my sister wanted to be an airplane. My brother started swinging her by her leg and arm as she screamed with delight. He lost his grip on her and she went straight into the tree. My mom was in the bathtub and came running out in a towel with her hair dripping wet.
    This was one of the rare times I wasn’t in trouble.

  • Kelly V

    I just love when my kids wake up on Christmas morning and the magic comes to life in their faces.

  • Chet Dingler

    One year when I wa sixteen, and had just begun to drive. My grandmother and I went to cut a Christmas tree. We lived in a small town in Texas, so we drove a few miles outside of town on a small county road, whemy grandmother asked me to pull over. She had spot tee the tree she wanted. In the past we had cut trees fromm the land owned by my great uncle, but this land was not owned by family. At my grandmother’s direction I began to chop down the tree. A couple of minutes passed when up the road came a slow driven truck, and out popped the owner lf the land, catching us in the middle of chopping down his tree. My grandmother turned beet red! I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t very well continue chopping down his tree. Suddenly, the landowner, an elderly man, reached for my axe, and said sopmehting along the lines of “now here’s how to handle this.” he chopped down the tree in about thirty seconds, tied it on top of my car, wished us a merry christmas, flashed a big fin, and was off!

  • Pam Hallman

    Every Christmas one of us would take our little son outside before bedtime to listen for Santa and his reindeer while the other one of us would go out back and do the “Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!” off in the distance. Our son would get SO excited and then be ready to hit the sack in anticipation of Santa’s arrival. Well, guess what? He was growing up and was beginning to question Santa’s existence. I got smart and it worked! We recorded my husband doing his “Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!” allong with the sound of jingling bells and left a little part of the beginning of the tape blank. When the time was right, I slipped into our back bedroom, opened the window and turned the tape player volume up and pointing out of the window. We then ALL went out front to listen as son had requested. He was feeling the ‘I got them now’ feeling and was just about to boast when all of a suddes we heard bells. He got really quiet! But when the “Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!” came from the distance….he fell on the ground in absolute shock! Hehehehehehe He’s sixteen now and will not let us forget what a good one we pulled over on him.

  • Mical

    I have memories of my Dad playing Santa. Around midnight, xmas eve, he would dress up with his boots and cotton beard, running outside around the house, ringing a bell yelling ho-ho-ho. Then he’d come in with his pillowcase full of gifts. This became tradition. He did this for his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Fond memories!!!

  • Chet Dingler

    I meant flashed a big grin! IPad editor strike again.

  • jennifer grover

    When I was little, around 4, one of our family friends called me on Christmas eve and pretended to be Santa Claus. He told me that he was on his way, but that he was concerned about the ice and snow on our roof. He suggested that maybe I ought to get someone out to deal with it. Of course, that someon was my dad and I was not about to take NO an an answer and risk Santa not coming. I didn’t care the temperature, our roof was going to be clean.
    Not sure what pay-back my father ever had to that neighbor, but I’m sure there was one

  • Kateryna

    one of my favorite memories are opening up presents in the morning with the whole family around the beautiful Christmas tree, as simple as that 🙂

  • Karen Cudney

    One year, when we were very young, my 8 brothers, sisters and I pooled our money to get our Dad a lined raincoat for Christmas. When he opened it he teared up and put it on. The rest of the day he wore that coat even while carving the turkey at dinner. It is a memory that all of us treasure
    and although we lost Dad 15 yrs ago it is a Christmas past that comes up in conversation every year.

  • Deb

    We keep chickens for eggs and as pets. One year we decided to buy a tree and put it in the middle of the cathedral ceiling of our dining room, so it was about 15′ tall. Christmas morning we woke up to one of our Bantam roosters crowing to announce the it was time to get up – from in the tree! He had snuck into the house sometime during the afternoon and unbeknownst to us had roosted in the tree!

  • Tina Kennedy

    My favorite thing about Christmas growing up was that my parents kept the spirit of Santa Clause alive for so long….it kept the mystery and fun of Christmas alive for us. We have kept this tradition alive for our daughter as well. She never knows what she is getting for Christmas because until “Santa” comes, she only has a couple of gifts under the tree. We love doing this and the surprise on her face when we come home and all those gifts just magically appeared under the tree.

  • Karen B

    Christmas 1964. We drove to my parents home in Duluth, my brother and wife flew in from Louisiana and my grandparents by train from Pennsylvania. First and only time all of us were together – wonderful memories!

  • Robin Dewolf

    My favorite Christmas memory comes from two years ago. I always tried to make Christmas special for my husband. He came from a family with 5 stepbrothers and 2 sisters. His father and stepmother did the best that they could, but many years there was very little celebration. They didn’t have a Christmas tree and presents were practical and few. Tim was a Christian and understood the true meaning of the holiday and said that presents weren’t that important, but was the biggest kid in the house on Christmas morning! Two years ago he wanted a martin house. At 100$ it was expensive for us, but I wanted him to have it. The joy in his eyes on Christmas made it worth any sacrifice. Tim is gone now, and I’m facing my first Christmas in 9 years without him. He died last summer after a short bout with cancer. I will always treasure every memory, but watching the light in his eyes on Christmas mornings was always the best!

  • Barb

    My favorite Christmas memories take me back to childhood, when decorating the tree was a family event, my parents, myself, some help from the St. Bernards Bernie and Gypsy, the feline kids playing with non glass ornaments jumping in and out of the boxes, climbing the tree (no icicycles used). The beautiful glass ornaments from my grandparents always at the top, some handmade ornaments, the kitty friendly ornaments at the bottom, it was my job to put on the tiny ornaments I loved, I’d put on a ton of them. We always enjoyed that time spent together so much.

  • Christina

    Too many great memories to pick just one. The kids reactions to getting the gifts they wanted are priceless every year. One of my favorite quotes from my 8 year old a few years back was “is this day for real”. So cute! Happy Holidays from our family to yours!!

  • Liberty

    The best Christmasthat my family and I had was actually last year. My husband was in a job that made him very unhappy and decided that he was going to start his own business. This now left our family of 5 with one income. Our children were 19, 17 and 15 at the time and like most teenagers had a huge list of “wants”. I sat them all done and explained to them that because of the financial difficulties that we would now be facing that we really couldn’t afford to have a Christmas like they were used to. I told them that I would be doing something small and from the heart for each of them. They were really quite good about it but nervous at the same time about not having a room full of presents to wake up to.
    I spent a solid month and a half make a fleece blanket and pillow for our daughter with a pattern that had words that decribe her on it (sweet, thoughtful, princess, loved, etc), a wall hanging for our 17 year old son that was his name made out of cardboard 3d letter that I then wrapped in aluminium foil to give it a unique look, for our 19 year old son a basket of cookies, cookie mixes, soup mixes, brownies and hot cocoa mixes (he does not live at home anymore), and for the hubby a scrap book of picture of our realtionship from the beginning titled “Once Upon a Time”. Every present was made with love and real thought put into each choosing something personal for each of them.
    On Christmas morning, the smiles and the thank yous were genuine and I think more sincere because they all knew that their gifts were made with love. Since we were watching our budget we did not have the traditional Prime Rib that we usually had but my husband spent the day making us a truly delicious lasagna and then we all sat around the living room and watched The Hangover and laughed until we were crying (remember my kids are older). It was the best Holiday/Christmas we have ever had.

  • Jill Miller

    One Christmas morning when I was about 8, a tiny black kitten appeared on our back porch. I got her inside, warmed her up, and named her Mary….”Mary Christmas” to be exact! She was a part of our family for many, many years –and one of the best “presents” I ever received.

  • Cheryl

    When my 2 kids were little we took a trip to see Grandma/Grandpa for Christmas. We lived in Florida at the time and they lived in Arkansas. We brought with us a jacket for each of us which would have been fine except it snowed while we were there and the kids wanted to play in the snow. So…we put socks on their hands and over their shoes we put plastic bags and bundled them up with extra layers of clothes under their jackets. We had the most fun ever…and lots of photos of them playing and their cold little red cheeks. And GMa/GPa enjoyed the visit so much.

  • sandi kowalski

    I recently lost my husband this past April in which im really trying to adjust. This brings me to one of my fondest memory. When we got married we didnt have much money to spend on expensive rings. We had bought some bands and this was good enough for me just knowing we became one. This past Christmas my husband surprised me with a diamond Ring after 20 years of marriage. In March i was thankful to have had my last vacation with him which was Las vegas. This is where it all began and had gotten married. This will be my first Christmas without Bob and I will remember the look on his face when I opened that gift from him. It wasnt the diamond, it was the whole meaning behind the ring he bought me. I love him and will always remember last years special Christmas.

  • Ellyn Stephens

    My favorite Christmas memory was when my fiance (who was stationed in Hawaii) surprised me by flying back to Connecticut to see me. Now we have been married 16 years 🙂

  • Traci

    I have always loved Christmas. As a child I would start at about 3 a.m. asking my parents if we could get up. This continued every half hour until they would finally give in somewhere around 5:00. Now that I have a daughter of my own, I am still counting down the minutes until it is time for her to get up.

  • Cassandra Welling

    Each year my brother and I would wake up Christmas morning and find a note from Elves Elwood and Eloise. This note would give us a clue that we would have to figure out which would lead us to another clue which would again, lead us to another clue. Eventually we would find our stash of presents that Elves Elwood and Elwood left for us. We lived on acreage so our gift hunt covered a lot of area..very challenging at times!!!

  • Gianna

    I remember when we used to stay up late, go to midnight mass and play bingo & uno. Fun times.

  • Cyndi

    One year, right before Christmas my mother re-carpeted her house. I begged her not to go with her color choice which was white! I told her how hard it would be to keep it up etc. but she insisted. About a week later at our family Christmas gathering at my mom’s house, we all gathered around the Christmas tree in the living room, on the newly installed white carpet. My four year old daughter was the “elf” that year and was passing around the presents from under the tree. She grabbed one and just as she said “This one is heavy” the bottom broke out and a large bottle of Kahlua fell out. It hit the edge of the carpet and the tile in the hallway, and broke. Brown Kahlua seeped down into the carpet and saturated it with a huge dark chocolate stain! We had warned my mother not to get the white carpet, and although her “kids” were grown and gone, she still had the grandkids! Needless to say, the white carpet is now gone.

  • Nancy

    I remember when my young daughter got an American Girl doll – Samantha – for Christmas. She was so excited that she was literally speechless!

  • Craig Mathison

    Santa used to ring our door bell & leave a bag of presents at the front door. I guess I was about 6 years old, waiting for santa to come. Mom had bought me a nice new vest with the big gold metal buttons. I had the vest all buttoned up & was anxiously awaiting for the presents to come. Well the the doorbell rang, I was so excited I pulled my vest open popping off all of the buttons! The excitement of Christmas for little children is wonderful!

  • Doc Poteet

    When we found out that my mother was dying of brain cancer, we wanted to make her last Christmas so very special. She was one of those kindergarten teachers that everyone loved. She wore every macaroni necklace that any child ever gave her and made each child feel special and loved. We put an ad in the newspaper and invited all of the “kids” she had taught over the years to come for cider and cookies….the house was filled laughter, and the scent of cinnamon and cloves and a special glow of warmth and love, the likes of which I have never experienced. It still makes me cry just thinking about it. Those people could never have given her any better gift….unless you count the macaroni necklaces :0)

  • Cheryl

    One of my favorite Christmas memories goes back to when I was 9 years old and my younger brother was 6. It was Christmas eve, the house was beautifully decorated, the tree was lit and there was a fire going in the fireplace. Being the youngest two of four children, my brother and I were being sent to bed around 9PM that night. My little brother was so excited and was looking so forward to Santa making his way to our home. Rich (little brother) place a plate of homemade cookies and carrots next to the fire place, along with a glass of milk. Rich then looked at my mother and started to cry, as he realized that because the fire was still going, Santa would not be able to get down the chemney. Before we could explain to him that the fire would be out before Santa got there, he ran to the kitchen and got a large pot of water that happen to be on stove. He ran back into the living room and throw the pot of water (along with the pot) into the fire in an attempt to put the fire out. Of course the fire did not go all the way out, but he was very proud of what he had done. Nope, he did not get in trouble at all. We all had a great laugh and my folks assured him that the fire would be out in time for Santa’s arrival.

    My little brother died when he was 28 years old, but we still tell this story every year around Christmas. Merry Christmas all and Happy Holidays. I hope you all make lots of loving memories to take you through your years.

  • Irish Pietz

    Christmas as a child was always magical, but the best Christmas memory was last year. Decorating the house inside and out and seeing the little eyes of our grandchildren get so BIG when they saw everything lit for the first time and seeing the magic in their eyes, that is the best memory!

  • gayle

    Usually on a family skiing holiday, I remember waking up very early to be greeted with a steaming cup of hot chocolate with melting marshmallows…

  • Michael

    I would have to say my favorite memories of Xmas are yet to come. I remember my own childhood memories of getting up early to see what Santa had brought, but now I look forward to my own children’s reaction and enjoyment more than anything.

  • April

    I have many fond childhood memories. The hardest thing on Christmas is where my parents are divorced and I have to try and visit both households in one night. I feel my time is pulled short at one home and its very hard. But a fond childhood memory is when my mother took a very large box and put a few bricks in it, then she took another box put inside that on and so on, so on.I had to unwrap each box then once i got to the end there was only a letter. the letter had directions to go here, there, and ended up outside in the Horse barn, wher a large red/brown 4wheeler sat with a large bow and the keys were for me, the best Christmas ever!

  • carly garrsion

    Christmas of 2000 is one I will never forget, my daughter’s father had left for basic training in October and I temporarily moved to California because my grandfather was terminally ill. After my grandfather passed I did not know how we were going to make it through christmas. It was my daughters first Christmas and her daddy was going to miss it and everyone was sad because of our loss. This turned out to be one of the best Christmas’s of my life because my boyfriend surprised us just days before christmas by showing up unannounced and on christmas morning he asked me to marry him. We have been together for nearly ten years now and that was my favorite!

  • Judi

    I grew up in a Jewish household and always loved Chaunukkah, but I have a memory of my first Christmas when I spent a Christmas at a friend’s house. The warmth of the family, the glow of the tree and the spirit of the season filled me with the best feeling… I’ll always remember that wonderful, cozy moment from my childhood… filled with love, fun and joy!!!

  • Megan

    I miss the Christmases of past when my now grown daughter was little and still believed in Santa Claus; there is nothing better than seeing a child’s face on Christmas morning thinking that Santa magically gave her all these presents.

  • Robin

    My favorite memories of Christmas focus on the those moments early on Christmas morning when the kids are eagerly awaiting the chance to open their gifts. The kids help read the tags and hand out gifts and everyone watches as each gift is opened. Those that are not able to join us get a call and being able to talk to everyone on Christmas is just one more gift that I appreciate each year.

  • Judy Allen

    My favorite memory is when I was a child and my adult brother walked in the front door on Christmas Eve, dressed exactly like Santa Claus, carrying a bag of goodies! Needless to say, I was thrilled to death. A sweet memory from Christmas past that I won’t forget.

  • Cindy Huston

    I remember being soo very excited that i couldn’t sleep on xmas eve. I t felt like the longest nite of the year to me. ( of course i was a youngster). I would leave a note for Santa and food for the reindeer and Santa never let me down. The xmas that stands out the most was one were we had about 3 or 4 feet of snow and I thought that xmas was going to be canceled because of the snow. It wasn’t but i really wanted that snow to just stop for one day so I could have my xmas. I found out that the weather doesn’t stop this holiday, it just made it more difficult for all to get together, so dinner etc was postpone for one day. This was fine with me cause all i wanted was the toys. Dinner wasn’t my main concern, it was my mom’s. This coffee maker is like a new toy for me. I to love kitchen gadgets so this would fit in with my STUFF collection. merry Christmas….

  • Christy Dixon

    My favorite holiday memory just happened this year! I thought it would be my grandson’s first Christmas but he is three years old now and this is HIS year. Riley was showing me the ornaments on his tree this year and he pointed to his “baby’s First Christmas” ornament and said “This is because I was born and it was special just like baby Jesus.” Suddenly I thought “He gets it!!” We wonder how to teach our children and grandchildren about the true spirit and meaning of Christmas and that it isn’t about the tree or the ornaments or the gifts but this small child took all of that and put it together and explained Christmas to me! I will always cherish this special Christmas Memory as the moment that GRANDMA “got it.”

  • dniseyl

    I can’t pin down my favorite xmas memory, but I can say that the best ones are never material. I love the memories of my father when he was alive in the morning passing out xmas presents. I don’t remember what I received but I sure remember the breakfast afterward with my whole family around the table, laughing and having a great time. Then we would get the house ready for the extended family to come and celebrate a big xmas dinner. As time has gone by and some of the relatives have passed away, it’s the times together that live on in my memory and make me realize we too need to be there for our kids to make special memories for our own families.

  • Leigh Ledner

    My favorite memory is when I woke up one Christmas morning (I was 6) to see my new baby sister actually “under the tree”. Mom and baby had come home the night before while I was asleep! It was the best Christmas ever…..

  • Wendie Lather

    One of my fondest Christmas memories would have to be when I was 11 yrs. old. My mother always made chili and eggnog, not the best combination, thankfully years later my sister created a new tradition of a Christmas eve party.
    Anyway, that Christmas I got my first stereo, it was a turntable, am/fm radio, and 8-track tape player all in one, kind of an ancient shelf system…oh I was so happy! That was back when getting music at your disposal was not an easy feat or cheap, lol. Imagine how happy I would have been if they had ipods and itunes back then.

  • Traci Boom

    My mom has always gotten the kids a “gag” gift for Christmas. Not the oh my gosh kind, but the you got me what for Christmas kind! One year my son, whom had been taking 2 to 4 cans of tuna from my mom’s house evertime we visited, was so excited when he could barely lift up the box from granma. As he opened it, I could hardly contain myself. I was already having fits of laughter! When he at last got into the box and saw what was there he literally did a back flip! A BIG CAN OF TUNA? YES! Was what he yelled! He forgot all about the other gifts as he begged for us to open it NOW! We did nothing but laugh even harder as his excitement grew at the possibilities of eating tuna all night long!

  • anne

    My favorite story is when my sister and I were in our early 20’s and she had her first apartment. She invited me over for dinner for Christmans. She made a turkey and I could hear her arguing with her boyfriend and crying out in the kitchen. She was so upset because the turkey he bought was nothing but bones- no meat at all. I politely turned it over. She cooked it upside down and was trying to carve the bottom. All ended well!

  • Kimberly Ripley

    My favorite Christmas memory comes from nearly 50 years ago. My favorite childhood days were spent in the company of my great-grandmother whom I called “Mimi.” Mimi and I used to walk to the local A&P since she didn’t drive. One year…just a few days before Christmas, I begged her to buy a real Christmas tree from the lot outside of the store. We always decorated her tiny table top silver Christmas tree, but for some reason I really wanted a real one that year. She gave in to my begging and paid for what I imagine must have been about a 4-foot tall tree. She dragged the tree all the way back home. As I sit writing this I realize at that time she must have been well into her 70’s and the distance we walked must have been close to a mile. At 56 I can’t imagine having the fortitude to drag a 4-foot tree to my next door neighbor’s….let alone for a mile on snowy city streets. That Christmas remains my favorite memory. Mimi’s elderly cousin, for whom she kept house, went into his woodshop and within a half hour emerged with a homemade tree stand. We decorated with paper chains, paper snowflakes and long chains of paper dolls that Mimi cut with great patience. I always knew how much Mimi loved me, but now as a grandmother (not a great-grandmother for many more years!) myself I understand the sacrifice she made for me in the name of pure and unconditional love. And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

  • Sharon

    Oh my, it’s hard to pinpoint just one. I’d have to say that one of the most wonderful memories is when we adopted our pet rabbit and had her under the tree Christmas morning. To say that my daughter was thrilled is putting it mildly.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! Happy Holidays!

  • CindyHolt

    Favorite memory is returning home from shopping with my mom to find that while we were gone Daddy had really gotten into the Christmas spirit! He had spray painted all the lampshades in the living room bright red and then hung bright gold garland around them. Mom had a hissy fit! We were pretty poor and replacing those lampshades after Christmas would be impossible.

    Sadly the above happened on 12/4/1971…..Daddy died in his sleep a little after midnight on 12/5/1971. I somehow know that he would be so happy to have left a whizz bang special memory!

  • Anna Harris

    Our Children always and often do things that parents never forget, My 3 year old at the time (now 24) was in a Christmas play at church.They were all playing angels who each had diffrent personalities..the younger ones in one scene had to have there winter coats, hats, scarfs and mittens..As they were singing a song the music was a bit on the rock and roll side.My son takes his scarf from a round his neck and starts swinging it around like a lasso, well this wasn’t part of the plan but the audience was roaring with laughter, my son then proceeds to take the scarf and and placed it around his back side and begins moving it back and forth….more laughter.the poor play director had all she could do to keep the others on task as she was trying to remove my sons scarf from his lil hands…He wouldn’t relinquish the scarf at all. He was enjoying his new found fame. My son finally tired of his little game and sat on the stairs of the stage the director was trying to get him to stand but he decided that laying down would be better.more they sang Away in a Manger my 3 year old fell asleep on stage.God Bless him.He was deffinately a shining star that night and it made one of my best Christmas memories for me and for several others as I still see some of the members and every year around Christmas they speak of the little angel who put on quite a show..Merry Christmas & Happy New to all

  • tina mcnicholas

    As a child growing up my father was always the joker in our house. There was 9 of us kids and my father was a mechanic. He owned his own shop and we always had plenty if “junk” cars sitting around. He and mom thought one year, the best place to hide our Christmas presents would be in the trunk of one of these many cars. Good idea, except on Christmas eve he forgot which one he put them in course, he found them but not after spending part of a very cold night looking thru junk car trunks! We were not aware of it at the time, but thru the years as we got older this became one of our favorite Christmas stories. Along with the one about him always telling us, “I think I hear Rudolph out there, look quick!” We would always run and look and he’d say “oh, he heard you and left. Better go to bed so he’ll come back.” Except the one year we all looked out and there stood a live, wild deer in our yard!! I’m not sure who was more surprised, us kids or Daddy!! We lost this wonderful man nearly 25 years ago, but these are always memories we kids share of him when we get together!

  • Lynne Foster

    one of my favorite holiday memories was “resuscitated” just last night. I had gone to my old grade school to watch my nieces sing in the Winter Concert. Walking through the halls after the concert was over, I saw the “display cases”. Each room in my grade school had a recessed dispaly area with several removable shelves, covered by a lockable sliding glass door, just outside the entrance to the room. At Christmas time, our teachers would let us decorate in those displays, and also decorate the bulletin boards in the room. I suddenly had a very vivid memory of cutting out silhouettes of paper buildings with all kind of towers, minarets, etc……what we imagined a “skyline” in Bethlehem would have looked like, cutting out a huge and intricate star out of yellow paper (folding it like you would when you make snowflakes) and then having cotton “fluff” on the bottom of the case and setting up a Nativity set (my mom let me take ours to school). It turned out quite nicely, and we were so proud! It made me so happy to recall that, and reminded me how blessed I am to have had such a good childhood in general, and fond childhood memories of Christmas in particular. The older I get, the more precious those all become! Merry Christmas to all of you!

  • vikki parman

    I have so many fond memories of Christmas. My routine is to have a nice cup of coffee before the madness begins of opening presents. The kids have to stay in their room till the coffee perks (LOL). funniest time was when my son swore he saw Santa the night before eating the Butterfinger we put out for him, and he heard the sleigh on our roof.

  • Katie D

    My favorite Christmas memory was when my Christmas gift was forgotten for an extended family Christmas gathering. My Uncle felt so awful that I had nothing to open. So he went out and found the only thing open on Christmas Eve which was a gas station. he bought me one of everything:notebooks, pens, candy… I remember his thoughtfulness way more than whatever gift I would have received.

  • Lisa Dixon

    We had a very large family. On Christmas Eve Santa would come to my Grandma’s house. While we were waiting for Santa to come, We, all my Cousins, Brother and Sister and I would pile into my Aunt’s Huge closet and wait for Santa to deliver our presents while there was a lot of present building going on by the parents in the living room. Anyway to pass the long, long time it took, we would listen to my Aunt play the Ukulele, sansongs and told stories. At some point she would tell us the night before Christmas and we would look out the window to see rudolf’s nose blinking in the distance. Funny, we never noticed the radio tower antenna in the distance blinking that red light any other time of the year.

  • Tressa Turner

    When we were first married, we had our first three children before I was 21 years old. Both my husband and I worked full-time, but money was as tight as could be. I can remember scraping together money for a $10 tree (a rather nice tree I recall) but we had no decorations. Those early years found me in a rocking chair stringing popcorn and wild red berries. One year when I was making the Christmas cut-out cookies, I made gingerbread men to put on the tree as well. We didn’t have a camera back then, but I can still remember the beautiful tree rich with holiday scents.

    Almost thirty years have gone by and our tree today is full of ornaments, some made when the kids were in school, most store bought. The digital cameras create pictures for the screensavers on our laptops. But for some reason, the memory of those early trees make me all misty.

  • barbara hite

    Last Christmas, my “crusty” husband whom grumbles and frowns- except when I am in his sight or his grandkids are. To see him holding them one at a time to give them “papa Jesse” time and a little snuggle. We lost my love in March and still to this day the grandkids hug and kiss “papa Jesse’s” picture every time they visit me.

  • Erin

    As a child, I loved opening the presents under the small tree that Santa would put in our bedrooms in the morning before we were allowed to go down to the tree.

  • gaby

    Being the older sister. my brother and I went to great lengths to keep my little sister believing Santa was real as long as we could. One day, when my Mom was reaching for something in the closet. a huge roll of wrapping paper fell to the floor. My inquisitive little sister just stared in disbelief…Mom was using the same wrapping paper as Santa..coincidence????

  • Michelle

    My favorite memory was when I was 10…my younger brother was 8 and my older brother 17.
    We came downstairs to a weight lifting set and a mini bike sitting in the living room. (Older and younger brother gifts) I needed to participate in a scavenger hunt which led me outside to my new pony. 🙂

  • Brenda Tallent

    I remember when I was really young, we had a big snow, and Santa’s big footprints could be tracked from our door to the street!

  • Irena Goss

    This is a story I’ve told many times and it still makes me smile. The year my husband and I met, we celebrated our first Christmas together. While sharing memories, I explained that although, we hung stockings growing up, they were merely decorations and were never filled. That year my husband surprised me with a 6 foot stocking filled with 28 presents! One present for each year I never had a Christmas stocking. I was so touched and will never forget the way he made me feel. In June, we will celebrate ten years of marriage and my stocking is always filled with thoughtful gifts each Christmas.

  • Kimberly

    My favorite memory is my brother and I getting up at the crack of dawn to see what Santa left us. Then eating breakfast together as a family and then breaking open one of the new games Santa left us and the whole family playing and laughing. We are both so blessed that we both live close enough to our parents that we can pass this tradition down to our children. We gather our families up between 5:30-6:30 and head over to my parents so that everyone can see what Santa left them and laugh and play games until it’s time to serve lunch when the rest of our extended family arrives. It is an amazing time for family togetherness.

  • Ali

    My Grammy made pop overs every year for Christmas breakfast. She’s passed now, so I make them for my daughter 🙂

  • Judy Taylor

    I know this is kinds weird but, my family as a kid loves stuffed green olives. We would fight for them at the dinner table so my parents had this bright idea. Instead of oranges at the bottom of our stockings we always had a jar of green olives. And, you better not get into anyone else jar. My kids love Jerky, so every year they get a package of good quality jerky in their stockings and Santa better not forget or he is on the notty list.

  • Karen O.

    My best Christmas memory was from last year when we got a beagle puppy for my daughter. She had wanted one for her b-day, but we could not find one and unfortunately my husband had been laid off and we could not afford to pay the outrageous price that a pet store wanted. I had searched the internet for months and finally found one and we picked her up before Christmas and it was the best present she has ever received to this day. Let’s just hope this year she does not want a pony. Merry Christmas everyone.

  • Brenda C

    When my sister and I were little, we would go to the candlelight Christmas Eve service at our grandparent’s church. After the service, we’d head back to their farm, and every year, while we were getting our hair combed for pictures, Santa would arrive and leave our presents! 🙂

  • Lori S.

    Santa always came to visit our house when we were in the bathroom getting our hair fixed for pictures. One year my sister and I rushed right past the biggest present that was sitting right out in the open (a table and chair set) to get the presents under the tree. It was like we didn’t even see it!

  • Liz

    My favorite memory was last year. It was Christmas day and everyone was hanging out after the presents had been opened. The kids were playing and I was sitting at a chair missing my dad who had passed away a few years ago. Suddenly the computer (that had been recently revived after a nasty virus and had been out of commission for a very long time) started playing a video of my dad from before he got sick. I hadn’t seen the video since before he passed and it was perfect timing. I felt like he was and is still with us. It was the best Christmas present ever.

  • Linda Hodges

    I remember the first Christmas we had our 2 daughters home from Russia. They had only been here 3 weeks. The excitement and joy on their faces as they opened gifts was priceless!

  • Virginia Walker

    My favorite memory of the holidays is going with my dad {who has passed away now} to our woods and cutting down a real cedar tree for our Christmas tree and 1 for the one room country school My sister ,brothers and I went to. We always put on a play and sang Christmas songs for our familys at the Country school and each student recieved a gift from Santa. Oh what fun it was.

  • Suzy

    It was always a surprise to wake up on Christmas morning and see that Santa never failed to bring me my favorite doll (unwrapped) under the tree. One year he wrapped it and left it under the tree. I cried my heart out when I hopped out of bed and didn’t immediately see a new doll under the tree! Mom and Dad were quick to point out a beautiful package that I needed to upwrap.

  • marcia

    On Christmas morning many years ago my Mother opened all of her presents and recieived some beautiful jewelry, a new nighty and many other treasures. I remember her being so happy that day. As the morning wore on and all the cooking started and guests arrived, my Mom wanted to show relatives her gifts. we couldn’t find them anywhere. We tore apart the house looking for them. Finally , my Dad realized that he had thrown all of the Christmas trash into the outside incinerator, never checking the all the wrappings and inadvertantly had burned up all of her presents. She never forgot that and over the years we laugh at that memory. My Mom died last year of a brain turmor, and I wish more than anything that she was here this year to laugh at it again.

  • Shannon Barlow

    My best memory is actually really sad but happy at the same time. My mom was really ill when I was about 13 or 14. She had been in the hospital for months due to cancer. It was getting really bad and I knew she didn’t have much longer to live. I prayed that she would atleast survive through the holidays and she did. I wished that the only thing I got for Christmas that year was for her to be able to come home atleast for a couple hours on Christmas day. When she found out what I wanted, she made sure I got my Christmas wish. She was able to come home for atleast a couple hours that day and it was the best Christmas ever. I know it took everything out of her to do it, but all she wanted was to make sure her family was together. We were even willing to go to the hospital to celebrate with her, but she made sure she came home. She passed away a few months later but the day before she passed away we went to see her and she kept talking about that Christmas and how it was the best one ever. When I start to get down at holiday time, I think back to that particular one and it gets me through. I love and miss you so much mom. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

  • Andi

    Our family always enjoyed a “meal” of hot chocolate and cling peaches when we returned home from
    midnight services on Christmas Eve. The beautiful peaches were my Dad’s tradition –
    a reminder of having them be the only “gift” they had during the depression, except for handmade clothes
    from their mother, and handmade greeting cards. If I win the Tassimo, I will give it to my Mom, who is in her late 80s, so she can easily enjoy her hot chocolate this Christmas Eve and for many days beyond. Thanks!

  • Alex

    I remember the happiest Christmas being the one where my brothers and I received the “Star Trek” bridge and transporter set. This was the 6-inch Mego action figures, mind you, not the little ones they sell these days. We had lobbied Santa pretty heavily for this. When we opened it Christmas morning, we shrieked with laughter and excitement. We loved that toy above all others–so much so we wore it out! Thirty years later, in a low point in my life, I wanted to get that feeling back. I found the same set on Ebay and bought one. I couldn’t help but shed a tear when I opened it and was “transported” back to the days when my brothers and I were Kirk,. Spock and Scotty. We were happy then, and that silly toy made me happy again.

  • Rachel

    I have a brother 2 years older, and a sister 2 years younger. I was always the only one to sleep in on Christmas. I would wake up around 8, and my siblings would have been up since 6. One Christmas, when I was 6 or 7, we lived in a house where my brother and I had bedrooms upstairs, and everything else was downstairs. I sleepily walked down the stairs (we have this on home video, ha), stopped in the middle of the staircase, and just stared, half-awake, at the Christmas chaos below me. My grandma and my parents were sitting back on the couch opening their gifts but mostly watching my brother and sister, who were tearing into a pile of gifts. They both shouted at me, fighting for my attention to show me what they got, including some joint gifts like a Barbie Corvette for me and my sister. It was just an amazing sight. Doesn’t sound like much as I tell it, but it’s a great memory. 🙂

  • Diana Bierer

    My favorite Christmas memory as a child was opening our packages on Christmas morning.. and then getting ready to go to Grandmas house 🙂 . All the cousins and Aunts and Uncles and various other family friends got together fror an unbelievable meal.. with the kids all showing off their new STUFF..and of course it was even better if there was snow, then we got to try out our new sleds!

  • Anita Knox

    I remember the ONLY Christmas I ever asked my husband for help with gifts. He and his brother, Uncle Trav, were to assemble the Little Tykes Cube Slide for our two toddlers. With about 5 big snap-together plastic pieces, of course they didn’t need to read the instructions. They finished it in record time (or so they thought) and seemed truly offended when I suggested that the almost straight up and down slope of the slide seemed a little extreme for toddlers. Trust me, those things are WAY harder to get apart and put back together the right way. Fifteen years later, all five of our kids know this classic “Daddy” story.

  • Kimberly Brown

    Hello Karen! My favorite holiday memory would have to be the year my brother and I were determined to find out if “Santa” was real! We decided to place a cookie tin full of confetti on the top of my brother’s bedroom door-we knew the slightest touch would send it crashing down on whoever attempted to close it-we even decided to “sleep” in the same bed so that one of us could “keep watch.” Well, needless to say, when my father tried to shut the door (in order to sneak presents down the hall) BAMMMM! Right on top of his head! My brother and I had both fallen asleep, but waking up to see the look of surprise on our father’s face was the best! ha ha I will never forget THAT Christmas! Happy Holiday’s Karen:)

  • Jennifer

    I think my best Christmas was my daughter’s first one, when she was 5 months old. It made me realize what the holidays were really about, and gave me the joy of celebrating it with my own family.

  • Pam Diedrich

    My favorite Christmas was when I got my first rocking horse. I was around 4 years old. It was the one that has springs and way off the ground. I remember it was a brown horse and I rode it constantly. I also remember receiving my Chatty Cathy and Suzie Smart(both dolls talked). I had a good child hood and am truly blessed. That is my childhood memory about Christmas.

  • Clifford Robbins

    I remember the Christams I was in 6th grade. My father was out of town for work and would not be home until Christmas Eve. My mother took me with her shoppin and I had to help pick out the presents for my brothers and sister and my own. I veiwed Christmas morning very differently woundering how my siblings would like their gifts and not as concerned with my own. I learned that the joy is truly in the giving.

  • Senaida Tapia

    My favorite memory is of my daughter being born on Christmas eve. She was early so we had to stay in the hospital Christmas day. My husband brought his old plug in Christmas tree. We had a nice dinner and enjoyed our new baby.

  • Ann

    There was just one single Christmas we were able to provide 13 gifts for each of our 4 children. I can still see the draw dropping looks upon their faces! Priceless!

  • Carol

    My favorite memory was when my mother was alive. Watching her watch us open our presents. My parents could not afford many presents, but what they gave us were family values, love and kindness. My brother, sisters and I use that practive everyday. If we were all kind and helpful, what a wonderful world we would all live in.

  • Nancy Ramsden

    When I was 5 years old, I learned that peeking does not make Christmas more fun – Mom went next door and I snooped until I found my presents – oh boy! – then on Christmas morning I had to act surprised and it was not all that great!! Learned a big lesson about the fun of surprises. =:D

  • Shelly C

    One of my first and favorite memories is going with my family to downtown Chicago to see the stores window displays on Michgian Ave for the holidays. We would travel there on the CTA train and my Dad would point out on the train ride different “family landmarks”, the block he was born on, the building where he had his first job, the local hangout where he met my Mom. I loved hearing the stories and being able to see the memorable places of my parents past. While walking down Michigan Ave., we would drink hot chocolate and munch on roasted chestnuts bought from the street vendors. Seeing the beautiful animated window display of Marshall Fields was always our favorite.
    Now that I have children, we travel downtown every holiday season too. Although, the window displays are not as elaborate as I remember them being when I was a child, I still like to keep the tradition. Unfortunately, my parents are no longer able to travel with us because of their age, but I keep my Dad’s memories going as I point out each special memorable place to my children.
    For me the holidays would not be the same without at least one visit to downtown.

  • patty whitsett

    In 1996, in Ardmore, Oklahoma the Iron Riders Motorcycle club with the Toys for Tots program gave us much more than the toy they delivered to my young granddaughter’s hospital room. Several days before, we never dreamed that our plans and thoughts for Christmas would be drastically changed. Only 11 months old, Kailee was hospitalized with a severe baterial infection within her bloodstream. Gone were any plans of celebration, she was fighting just to live. As we prayed around her bed, there were no thoughts of gifts, only of a chance to survive.
    As were prayed, a young man came into the room with a small gift for her. He thought she was 11 years old, not 11 months and the gift was for an older girl. It was one of the fashion plate paper dolls where a child colors/designs the clothing. Well, our little one loved to color and draw. When she saw the gift, her eyes opened wider and she reached out for it!!!
    I think at that very minute, that gift brought a miracle of hope and healing! From that point on, she began to improve! I think of this as the Gift that Saved Christmas!!!!

  • Gregg

    My favorite memory and one that still makes me laugh today is when my friend Debbie, is a fit of rage, picked up the decorated Christmas tree and threw it against the dining room wall. I don’t remember why she was so upset, but we laugh about it still.

  • Keli

    When my sisters and I were little we would spend hours writing and acting out a Christmas play for my grandpa which we would perform on Christmas Eve. My poor grandpa sat through every one with the biggest smile on his face. It was a wonderful bonding time for all of us. We still go back and watch the old tapes of our plays 🙂

  • Jennifer M.

    Anytime I think about a holiday memory, my mind goes directly to when i was about 5 yrs old and I came down the hallway to the living room. My mom always had everything decorated and Santa had left his gifts in front of the tree. I got a play kitchen with a avocado green metal refrigerator. I loved that refrigerator!!

  • Onegreatsmile

    I had just gone on a blind date, set up by my MOM and really liked the guy. He surprised me with Limited Edition Mama and baby Gund white polar bears on Christmas day, after two dates. I kept them for 20 years!!



  • Jackie

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is when we were driving home from a family party on Christmas Eve and my sister and I where in the backseat, who was about 5 at the time. We were talking about Santa and when he would make it to our house, we looked out the window and saw a falling star, she was convinced it was Santa, we had to hurry to get home and get in bed so he could stop at our house! The excitement filled the car, we could hardly contain ourselves!

  • stacey kirk

    My favorite Christmas as a little girl was the first Christmas we lived in Norco, Ca. (horse country). I was 6 years old. I walked out of my bedroom to my parents room early in the morning to wake them to see what Santa had brought. There in the hall way outside of their bedroom was a saddle. My parents led me out to the backyard and there was my white Welsh pony, Smokey, with a red bow tied around him. Imagine that!!! What a spoiled brat huh??? Good ol’ 70’s! Wish I could do things like that for my boys.

  • ewhatley

    About 20 years ago, during my workaholic days, I realized I was bored during the holiday season. My friends were married and had kids, I was single and childless, so the traditional festivities were not a thrill for me. I would visit with my parents on Thanksgiving and Christmas and we would just sit and stare at each other. So on Thanksgiving day, after I had an early lunch with my parents, I went to work as a volunteer and served food to the needy. I cried all the way home and into the night after seeing so many who were not as blessed as I was. I learned to really appreciate what I have in my life and since that day I serve every holiday and other times throughout the year whenever possible. It’s the best gift I ever received and it just keeps on giving.

  • Emily

    My mother-in-law and I were discussing how this Christmas wouldnt bring the countless gifts that past Christmas’s had. The economy has been rough on many families and it was the children we were most concerned about. Would they understand? Then we began sharing memories of when we were younger and Christmas wasn’t so commercialized, and it was really about the ‘little’ things. For instance, I shared the Christmas our entire famy, aunts and uncles, sisters and brothers, cousins and the next generation were all under one roof at Christmas. I was much younger and of all the Christmas gifts over the years that I can recount, this one little gift stNds out most in my mind…a yellow, plastic, porcupine-shaped pencil holder with about half a dozen pencils to stick in it. Special pencils though; the kind with the holographic shiny wrap. I was estatic. So why, among all the much more expensive gifts received over the years, do I remember that silly yellow porcupine… Because we were together and that made everything more special and that is priceless.

  • Karen Maumenee

    Christmas was always Very Special when I was growing up and Santa was VERY Creative at my house! You never knew WHAT surprise he might have in store for you on Christmas Morning… One year he got a BIT TOO Creative. 😉 That particular year what I wanted more than anything was a Sled… I got up and was quite sad to see LOTS of presents – but NO SLED. I opened all my gifts and was thankful and happy to have them – but still sad that there was NO Sled. After all the gifts had been opened and we were going to have breakfast, my father said, “What in the world is that?” “What?”, I asked. “There seems to be something ODD in the middle of the tree.” He exclaimed. Well – there, in the middle of the tree was my SLED! I was SO Excited! … However – my MOTHER was not very Happy with Santa’s Creative Idea when her tree and and good bit of ornaments got Ruined as my dad and I tried to get the sled OUT of the middle of the tree!
    It was a really neat Christmas in the eyes of a Child – but Santa was a “little less creative” over the next few years of my childhood… and my Mom’s tree stayed intact. 🙂

  • Monsie Sanchez

    a favorite christmas memory is every christmas. there is not a one christmas i can say is better than the other. i cannot choose because christmas every year is with family. it wasnt what i got for christmas but the the conversations we all shared what happened during the past year drinking hot chocolate and eating warm cookies straight from the oven that i enjoyed oh sooo much. i wish more of these to come for the upcoming christmas years. merry christmas my bargain buddy!!

  • Rachel

    The last Christmas is always the best. Last year the house was filled with EVERYBODY; our 3 children and their spouses, along with 8 healthy grandchildren. Love flowed and I laughed to tears when I opened my present: a goat given in my name to a family in an impovrished country to help feed them and to have extra goats’ milk to sell. How thoughtful of my family since Papa and I are so blessed and don’t need another personal gift.

  • Patricia Marine

    It was my Dad’s last Christmas with us. My son had wanted a “C.H.I.P.S” set that consisted of the helmet, hand cuffs, little belt, toy gun. I really wasnt happy about Santa bringing it. My Dad, however, surprised the little guy with this set. How happy my son was and how happy his grandfather to see the joy in his grandson’s face. That is, until my son put the handcuffs on his grandfather and then when it was time to sit down to dinner we found out that the keys for the handcuffs were missing. It took about a half hour of jiggling, prying, laughing, before were were able to loosen the cuffs enough for them to come off.

  • Leah Brislin

    My favorite Christmas memory is from our second Christmas together as a new family. Money was tight, so we didn’t have much planned. Someone dropped a Santa bag at our door one evening. They Wouldn’t tell us who sent it, and we’ve never found out. We each had a special gift. The Santa bag still sits under our tree every year.

  • Rachel Carol Thornton

    When I was six, my family who lived in Arizona at the time, made the long drive to Indiana to spend Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. That was the one and only Christmas my grandparents had with all six of their children, all their children in law and their fifteen grandchildren. Grandma had cancer and didn’t know how long she had. She had spent the entire year and and what little money she had crafting beautiful quilts for each of her children, ceramic dolls for each of her grandaughters, and a gift for each grandson. My uncle dressed as Santa and handed out the gifts. My siblings and I never believed in Santa, but for that brief day we were believers. That Christmas was so beautiful and magical, we couldn’t help but believe.

  • Pam Krocak

    It snowed in Houston on Christmas Eve five years ago when my husband and I were singing in three services at the church. When they told us after the first service that it was snowing out, the entire choir when outside in our red choir robes to throw snowballs and make mini-snowmen on the cars in the parking lot – what a hoot!

  • Christine

    My most favorite memory of Christmas as a child is watching my Mom pop popcorn on the stove, then we’d string the popcorn while watching my favorite Christmas movie, The Christmas Story. It seemed like it took forever to string the popcorn and all those countless pricks to the fingers from the needle. LOL. When we were finished stringing popcorn, we’d put them on the tree.
    I miss those precious times spent with my Mother. I would give anything to share those times again with her!

    Merry Christmas MyBargainBuddy!

  • Keith Dugas

    One of my holiday memories is going home to visit my mother. I met up with my sister prior to going home so we could arrive together. My mother went through great lengths to prepare for us including getting a Christmas tree herself and decorating it to the hilt. I will never forget that as we walked through the front door, we heard a loud crash from the living room! The Christmas tree had fallen and just about every ornament had broken including some very old ones handed down. It was a sad moment then but one we still cherish because of my mother’s hard work in preparing for us to visit.

  • Julie Cohn

    One of my favorite Christmas memories was the year I was the children’s choir director for my church. What started out as a tedious task that I was “roped into taking on”, became such a beautiful, magical experience.

    In teaching the children the words to the songs, and listening-really listening to the beautiful melodies, I really had to dive into what the songs meant, and together, we realized what the true meaning of Christmas was.

    Then, to hear those little voices singing those words on Christmas eve? Oh my! You know how every parent thinks their own child sounds like Andrea Bocelli? My heart swelled with love and pride for every single one of those twenty-five kids when they sang. To me they were angels on earth, and thankfully my own son was amongst them.

    Unfortunately we moved away, so I did not have an opportunity to do it again, but maybe someday!

  • Lyle Guidroz

    My first Xmas away from home, my roommate decided to take me to Disneyland in Anaheim to make the day special. We went to the top of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse to watch the sunset, and it was there that I met the love of my life, doing the exact same thing. Truly the most magical place on earth for me and a Christmas day I will always remember. (Maybe I should sell this story to Disney?)

  • Diana Ratliff

    One of my favorites is the year we got a record player for Christmas! I was in my early teens I think and can still picture it next to the tree on it’s shiny stand…

  • Rhonda

    A few years ago I was struggling with money and was a little upset that I had not gotten my 2 young boys very much for Christmas. As I wrapped their presents and set them out I was so worried they would be dissappointed. Christmas morning much to my surpirse was the best…they loved everything they got and did not even miss the extra gifts. It really made me realize that it is not how many gifts they receive it is all about the season and quality of spending time with family and friends.

  • Jane Patterson

    It was 30 years ago but I’ve thought of it every Christmas since, walking down to the beach, in shorts of course, on a nice warm, Christmas day. We lived in Dana Point, CA at the time. The weather out there is the best!

  • Debbie

    Going to candle light service at 11:30pm Christmas Eve at Church. I enjoy the beautiful candles and a wonderful
    Christmas Service. What a great way to start Christmas Day !

  • Adrienne

    My best Christmas memory is getting the long awaited Barbie Jeep. I walked down the stairs so excited and it was topped with a bow. Such an amazing day until about 4 hours later. My older sister decided to take it for a joy ride in the front yard. Unfortunately she went a little wild and crashed it into a ditch breaking the beautiful pink lusted mirror. I was thoroughly upset to say the least, crying to my mother. Eventually I got over it and continued to drive it around town mirrorless. It is funny now to get down on my sister about it. A Christmas I won’t forget. 🙂

  • Donna

    One of my most favorite memories of Christmas is when my children were 6 and 7. We bought a play structure complete with an elephant slide for outside. We set it up in the basement until spring arrived. We did the footprints of santa made with baking soda and they led to the basement and the play structure. When the kids got up on christmas morning they followed the footprints to the basement and the play structure. The look on their faces was priceless. They spent many hours playing in the structure. I sure do miss little ones in the house at Christmas. Waiting for grandkids to arrive.

    Merry Christmas

  • Andrea Provenzale

    My favorite Xmas memory was putting up our silver aluminum tree with a color wheel that would light up and rotate and shine on the tree to make it turn colors. We used to stand in front of it so we would turn colors too. My second memory would be putting real tinsel on the real tree. You couldn’t just throw it on, or put it on in clumps. I was the little sister, so sometimes my big sister Harriett would have to fix mine and “re-apply”. She had more patience than I did, and could place it on a strand or two or three at a time. It was so lovely when it was all finished. I guess that these were my favorite times because my grandparents, and other family members were all together then, and that was the most important thing to me. Missing them right now…

  • dee perez

    About five years ago we managed to get everyone together for Christmas. Instead of individual gifts, everyone decided on having a grab bag for the adults in order to cut down on expenses (everyone but me). It was so much fun watching with anticipation as each person opened their gift and tried to guess who it was from. I had the most fun because they each had called me for gift suggestions and I was the only one who knew. The best part was that each one of them had called me to try and get me to divulge who their secret Santa was. It was hard but I am proud to say I was able to keep the secret but it wasn’t easy.

  • Arlene Fricker

    When I was a child I would always be a Midnight Angel at our church’s midnight mass on Christmas eve. One year, the priest was heavy with the incense and I fainted dead away at the altar rail. To this day, I am wary of any type of incense!!

  • Patsy Wilson

    My best memory is the year when my daughters set up our Christmas tree and other household decorations as a surprise for my husband of 39 years (and their DAD!) while he was in the hospital, recovering from two surgeries within 4 days of each other. They took pictures of their handywork and brought those pictures to the hospital so he could see what was waiting for him at home. He had always been the person who did all of that work so he was thrilled that they had done that for him! That was on Dec. 1st. On Dec. 5th, he passed away from a blood clot. As upset as we were, my daughters were happy that they had done something so special for their beloved DAD!

  • Antoinette

    One of my favorite memories of Christmas is watching my Aunt’s chihuahua, Amigo, searching under the tree for his present, a green pepper wrapped up just for him. He LOVED green peppers and was always so excited and delighted when he found his little box. He would quickly bring it to my aunt for her exclaimed approval of what a good boy he was and then proceed to tear open the wrapping and thorougly enjoy devouring it. Ever since that we have put unwrapped presents under the tree for our cats and dog. Blessings to you, Antoinette

  • Peggy V

    When we were children in South Dakota, my mom and dad always had Santa at the house who was heard, but never seen. We had Santa on the roof, Santa in the house, muddy foot prints….All that occured when my mom and dad were in the room with us. Who was that man?? To this day – as adults – we still don’t know who it was. Mom and dad still say it was Santa. We have carried this tradition with the grandkids…. they still don’t realize that grandpa, uncles, dads have all been Santa and we still won’t tell the older ones that it’s anyone else, but Santa.

  • Wendy Joffe

    Being Jewish, Christmas is a time of great fun, as Hanukah is SO somber. I was with my friends & their family, & soon it was time to open presents. We had drawn names for stocking stuffers, & I got the Mom. while she got her husband. Somehow, the presents got mixed up unbeknownst to any of us! I opened MY present to find a “Weener Kleener” completely surrounded with mistletoe, with a note saying she hoped it would fit! I almost died laughing, as did her grown children, as her husband was ready to “deck” her. They tease me to this day about the fit, seeing that I am a woman! And still ask what I hung it on!!!
    Thank the Lord for friends & laughter.

  • Naomi Knudsen

    My best Christmas memory is of our two sons helping us decorate the tree when they were small boys; it was always quite a circus especially when the dog would get into the act dragging a string of lights across the room or getting tangled in a strand of garland.

  • Priscilla Farrell

    One day my son, then about 10 or 11 years old came running in from the school bus and said, “Mom, my friends asked me if I believed in Santa. I told them of course there’s a Santa…my parents aren’t rich, they couldn’t afford all of those presents!”
    I remember thinking…thank goodness for discount shopping, layaway, and fixing up preowned ski gear to look new.

  • Tara

    I have many great memories from Christmases as a child but nothing has compared to spending Christmas with my own children. It has been so fun to watch my daughter burst with excitement on Christmas morning as she opens her gifts. She can barely contain herself! This year we have a baby to add to the mix so I have a feeling this will be the best Christmas yet.

  • Diane

    One of the best memories as an adult was when we lived in Minnesota. Our bedrooms were upstairs, and just before dawn we heard “hoofsteps” on the roof. My kids were certain it was Santa and his reindeer. It was probably just squirrels, but the magic they felt was contagious!

  • Jessica Brua

    My favorite Christmas is this year. I have 2 children and one with a disability. My disabled child is delayed, unable to talk, and has autism. He has not really paid attention to Christmas in the past and really did not get excited or understand it much. This year as soon as we put the tree up with lights, he was fascinated. Of course we don’t have many decorations on it as he would pull them off, but we have a few at the top and some tencil on it. Well since we didn’t put ornaments on it, my son thought he should decorate it his own way. He love eating food and he was eating a waffle and took a bite of it and went over to the tree and put it on it. that was his way of decorating the tree.

  • Colleen

    WoW! I really want one of these but am too shy to ask my husband for one for Christmas. My favorite christmas memories are of spending lots of quality time with my family. And of course, enjoying warm frothy beverages, yum!

  • gay

    i guess one of my favoritest christmas moments was when the kids came downstairs for christmas and found they had not one but two new puppies. It was a shocker for me christmas eve to see the puppies since hubby has been against having an inside dog and now we had two

  • Bill Ridgeway

    My best memory is one Christmas eve sitting by the fireplace with my grandkids 2, 3 and 5 reading the Night before Christmas just before bedtime. Just finishing the story we heard a noise on the roof ( my son and his friends ). You should have seen 3 boys head for the bedroom when I told them it must be Santa. Its one Christmas none of us will ever forget.

  • Bill Ridgeway

    Merry Christmas to all and may God bless everyone.

  • Carmen Gem Irving

    My favorite memory is waking up on Christmas morning to the site of a beautiful lite fireplace and the smell of bacon, eggs, grits and biscuits my Grandmother had prepared. We would open our gifts while watching the parade. I miss that,

  • Sally

    It was in the early 1960’s and, as ever, my only sibling, an older brother and I were far too excited about the gifts
    that were wrapped under the tree to think of much of anything else. So, without a real plan in place, we were up
    on Christmas eve night after our parents were fast asleep. There were two small boxes that were expertly wrapped
    and the contents were unknown to us. Sooo…we proceeded to very quietly and carefully open those presents, one
    for each of us, to see what we would find. We each found a lovely Timex watch and tried them on and eventually
    realized that we did not have too many hours before our parents would be awake! So we carefully re-wrapped each
    of the presents with the same paper and ribbons. And we knew that when the Christmas morning arrived, we would
    need to be actors worth of Academy Awards. AND WE ACHIEVED JUST THAT!!! Our parents were not aware of our
    little ruse and we had acted shocked and thrilled with our lovely watches.
    Not until many years later, after our father was gone many years, did I share with my mother what we did and she
    could barely believe what little sneaky children she had raised!
    Merry Christmas to All and may God bless America!

  • Debbie Ellis

    My Christmas story is: I am battling with cancer this year and was so worried about Christmas turning out, you know the gifts being bought and the cookies being baked and the dinner with the whole family (I have 4 children with spouses and 9 grand children) This season is very important to me. Well my oldest son, told me to stop worrying about it all, that as long as we were all together it would be just fine. Christmas was about other things than just presents. He made my day and I will never forget it, for ever how many Holidays we share.

  • Frank Peele

    One of my family’s favorite Christmas memories comes from the year we moved during the holidays. Enroute we visited my Mom, who was experiencing her first Christmas as a widow. She had bought the spindliest Christmas tree any of us had ever seen. Even after we decorated the poor thing, it radiated the spirit of a Charlie Brown tree, so that’s what we called it. To this day, every year as we gather for the holidays we joke about that Charlie Brown tree and it brings back fond memories of a time together.

  • Gloria Marino

    My favorite Christmas memory is the year I came home from work and found that my 12 year old son had walked 2 miles to chop down a Christmas tree in the woods. I was a single Mom and working two jobs so with just two days until Christmas, my son stepped in to save the day.

  • Barbara J

    One of my favorites would have to be: Watching my almost 1year old (at the time) grand baby (my first) enjoy and marvel at her first Christmas. She went from one gift to the other, testing out each one. In the end (hours later), her favorite seemed to be a fisher price kidproof drum set, and gift wrap. She just loved making her own confetti. It was something to behold as she ripped paper into pieces and let them fall, giggling all the while.

  • Adele Vincent

    One of the best Christmas’s I remember was the year my two youngest nephews were still young enough “To believe” – and they’d stayed over the house the night before…
    Well for once in my life I was awake before them – (And their Grandparents were well awake by than and in the house with them) and I was out in the yard with a pair of old crutches making “reindeer tracks” through the fresh fallen snow. Than I had to backtrack around the yard from the street and step in my own bootprints to make a few sled tracks as well.
    Oh yes the purpose of the backtracking? Well the crutches gave me a few feet of distance between my bootprints and the tracks – making it much more believable that I’d “Gone out and seen them for myself already!”.
    The expressions on their young faces made all my crazy behavior through the yard (What were the poor neighbors thinking? We’ll we explained later…)… well worth the effort!

    I think we all continue to “believe” to one extent or another – but the years when it’s a gut-level belief that makes your eyes pop wide and your mouth fall open? Those are really precious – and we should all make the most of them.

  • Tiffany

    First off, let me say this thing looks awesome! I’ve been asking my hubby for a Keurig for Christmas, but this might have to go on my list instead!

    As for a favorite holiday memory, I’d have to say this Christmas has been the most memorible. My husband is in the Navy, so for the last 5 or 6 years it has been really hard to spend Christmas with any of our family. We have a 1 year old and a 2 year old, and we recently got stationed in Georgia about 30 minutes away from my mom and an hour away from the rest of my family! We just bought our first house in October, and we were able to eat Thanksgiving dinner with my mom, brother, and his wife. The day after Thanksgiving, we put up our Christmas tree, my mom came down and we all sat in front of the fireplace making smores, laughing and just enjoying each others’ company 🙂

  • Kelly Burt

    Growing up mom and dad were in college, so money was real tight. One year I woke up to the sound of something in the basement. I went downstairs and peaked at my dad working at midnight. He had been home from college for maybe an hour.

    That Christmas I kept the secret to myself (rather hard for a six year old) but we were given a kitchen set to play with. A stove with sink and a refrigerator. Dad had scavaged scrap wood from work and built that at night while we slept. To this day I remember the love that went into that kitchen. It was so well made it survived the play of three girls and my brother.

  • Vivian

    I’m greatfull for my beautiful grandbabies , and children who have been a great blessing to me and my loving husband, Ray . This year I have been unemployeed and looking constantly for work . I am so blessed with my family support and the support and guidance from God . I’ve been thru some tough Christmases in the past but this year will be a time of looking forward to brighter times in the Lord . And praising God for bringing this family closer together.

  • Pene

    Wow, this is a very nice Coffee Maker!
    The best Christmas present I ever received at about the age of 4 or 5, was a Kitchen Set. This wasn’t an ordinary “Little Tykes” set like the kids have today.. It was made out of a very rugged cardboard. It had a refrigerator,stove and an actual working sink (with a plastic basin and pump like faucet). It was even PINK! My Dad had spent all night putting it together, no wonder why some Christmas’s he was a little tired and cranky in the wee hours of the morning. I played with that set for a few years until it got wet from a flood in our basement. I will always remember every Christmas being special even to the now present..

  • Lisa F.

    Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, especially as a child. My family was especially close, and we always had grandparents, aunts, uncle, cousins and more extended family around throughout the year. But Christmas was different. Everything from decorating the house and the tree, to baking all different kinds of cookies became a huge family event. Our house was filled with music, laughter, storytelling, fun and wonderful smells of delicious food. Even though my brother and I couldn’t wait for Santa to bring presents, and Christmas Eve and Day were the biggest days for celebrating, the preparation and anticipation in the weeks before Christmas were always a lot of fun.
    Now, many years later, I have a daughter of my own. My husband and I have carried on the tradition of inviting family to decorate, bake, and just have fun with us while we prepare for Christmas. There is something very special seeing Christmas through your own child’s eyes. And hopefully, someday, when she has her own family, she will have the same wonderful memories of Christmas that her mom does.

  • Kent

    Looks good Thanks for the contest.

  • Leslie

    There is nothing like the joy of Christmas morning! My favorite part was the gifts in the stocking – with the tangerine stuffed in the toe of the stocking! We would sit on my parents’ bed in our PJs and there was always a lot of laughter!

  • Denise

    Last year was the first Christmas I got to spend with with my 6 yr. old niece. Her older sister recieved a video camera from me and her grandma ( we do gift exchange on Christmas eve). Me and my niece went outside with her new video camera and happened to see a red light going through the sky. She videoed it and we came up with a great story about santa in his sleigh. Had I not recieved anything else for Christmas the look on the 6 yr. olds face was enough of a present to last a lifetime. We are spending this year with them again and I am sure it will be just as magical and full of love this year as it was last year.

  • Mindy S

    I remember how much my grandparents loved to spoil us on Christmas Eve. They put thought into every gift and pretty much bought us everything that we circled in the Sears Wishbook. We had a huge dinner before we opened gifts and I remember how it seemed like the dinner lasted for hours. Most of all, I remember how much our grandparents loved us and how everyday with them was special. 🙂

  • Theresa Lindberg

    Six years ago my mother had gotten a new kidney right after Thanksgiving. She had to stay in Denver, Colorado near the transplant center, so my sister who lived nearby was taking care of her at a condo my mom had rented. I had flown in from San Diego to take over as caregiver and we were able to spend Christmas eve together- Just the three of us. No kids or husbands, just us girls. The condo was decorated, there was snow on the ground, and wonderful Christmas smells inside. My mother had received the gift of life with a kidney from a perfect stranger at her church and now has become close friends with the family. I will always remember “Christmas in Colorado”

  • Hannah B.

    My parents were very poor and one Christmas things were so bad that we couldn’t even afford a Christmas tree and I was very sad. But, on Christmas Eve, my father came home with a tabletop tree that was so scrawny that noone wanted it, so he got it for 50 cents! I didn’t care; I was just happy to have it and I always thought of it as our “Charlie Brown Christmas tree.” I’ll never forget that prayers are answered somehow.

  • Stacey Faulkner McNally

    My favorite Christmas memory is hanging the lights on the outside of my childhood home with my Dad. As a teenager, I thought it took too long, was such a hassle, but when we turned them on, every year I felt like a child again!! As an adult, I would come back, and I helped my Dad hang up the lights with the assistance of my 2 children. As I watched my children, I would relive my childhood. This is the 5th Christmas without my Dad, but I still hang lights, my teenage children still help,&I still remember the Christmas Magic. Merry Christmas Daddy!!

  • Rick

    I remember I was around 7 years old and my mother told me to go down in the basement and bring up some potatoes for Christmas dinner. I didn’t want to right then as I was having fun playing with the toys I had opened earlier. She was persistent and insisted that I go now and get the potatoes.
    Unhappily, I go down to the basement so I can get back upstairs and continue playing with my toys.

    When I get down there I see my Dad standing around a big piece of plywood watching an electric train going around the track. The Lionel train set was a gift I will never forget. And to this day I try and think of some unique way to hide/give my child one of his Christmas gifts.

  • Lana

    Some of my most memorable Christmas’ was at my grandparents house. My grandpa would grate fresh nutmeg on our eggnog, and I thought that was the most elegant thing I’d ever seen done! Of course now that I’m all grown up, I’ve had even better memories, but that particular memory has always stood out.!

  • Darlene

    Its really hard to pick the most special memory… I can tell you the memory that I hold close to me and that has made me such a huge advocate of creating memories with my kids with most everything we do as a family:
    I was all of about 7, living with both of my Parent’s and a house full of siblings! Everyone was happy, healthy, and together. My Mom loved to bake and she and I would bake together (well, she baked, I licked the beater!): She was the best cook I’ve ever known. She would always singing around the house, and at Christmas time, she would sing carols- Our living room was always decorated to the hilt- tinsil was even strown around the walls with ornaments hanging. We have a big family, so there were presents lined up forever. My Grandma would spend the night and wake up with us Christmas Day. My Dad made his famous Chidney’s (crapes). We were together, all of us!
    This would mark the last Christmas we celebrated together and I treasure it the most I suppose because as I started my family, I marked it after these traditions and memories and try my hardest to create memories often where ever we are so my kids have these times to reflect on as the years go by.
    My Mom is my hero and is the center of who I am. Now she is celebrating with Jesus, and I can’t help but be envious.
    What a magical time, Christmas is!

  • joseph kalena


  • Carol Donnermeyer

    I was about 8 years old and standing outside by the garage waiting for my family to come out so that we could go to my grandmother’s house for christmas eve. As I was standing under the starlight night enjoying the snow and the cold, I heard sleigh bells and I remember thinking that Santa was delivering gifts to someone who was already in bed and that my turn would come after our family holiday celebration. We piled into our old 1950s sedan and went to grandma’s house and then home. Christmas morning I was right. Santa had delivered my gifts. My 4 brothers and sister got their presents too. Made me really beleive there really was a Santa Claus.

  • Joanne

    My favorite Christmas memory was 3 years ago when we brought our sweet baby girl home. Not the most conventional pre-holiday celebration to be in the hospital recuperating from a c-section but looking back, it was all so worthwhile!

  • Tina Henry

    My favorite Christmas was 1979 when I had my first baby boy. It was a special Christmas because my husband was there also and not stationed overseas, yet again. Being in the military, one learns to appreciate the times we are all together and be thankful for all our blessings.

  • Allison

    My favorite holiday memory is celebrating Chanukah with my family every year. As a child, we would light the menorah and then my brother and I would immediately lay down on the floor on our stomachs and close our eyes in anticipation of the gift that was to come. Although most of the gifts were small, the anticipation was exciting not to mention fun! This went on for all 8 nights of Chanukah every year.

  • Linda

    The year we put big bows on our 3 sheep and they all peeked their heads in through our living room patio door and I snapped a pix to capture that special moment.

  • Patty

    We always let our church know we are anxious to help any family in need at Christmas. One year, on the afternoon of December 24th, I got a call asking if we could provide two bikes for a family. I couldn’t believe it, and I was really somewhat out of sorts over it – how was I going to make that happen?!! I raced to Toy ‘r Us and was able to buy the bikes and we worked like crazy to get them assembled. At midnight, we drove to the family’s home to sneak them under the tree. I was taken aback by their circumstances, but they had managed a “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree. Absolutely no presents though. They were lovely parents and all my earlier agitation turned to an incredible thankfulness that we had been called upon to share in making this family’s Christmas wish come true.

  • Mary Taylor

    When I was in 6th grade my girlfriend and I would start practicing Christmas Carols around Thanksgiving. Then the 2 weeks before Christmas we would go out as soon as it got dark and carol thru our neighborhood. Over those 2 weeks we hit just about everyone in our subdivision. Any money we were given was donated to the local food bank. When we got in high school we stopped. Neighbors would call to ask why we were no longer coming around, they missed us.

  • Geoff K

    I would definitely say one of my favorite Christmas memories would be the time my dad had a family friend dress up as Old St. Nick and pay our house a visit on Christmas Eve. He knew my older sister and I would inevitably sneak downstairs after my parents had gone to bed to sneak a peek under the tree, so he set it up so that “Santa” would be in our living room putting the presents in place when we found him. I still remember the shock and awe we felt when we saw him there (we were both young enough to both believe in him and suspend all disbelief), and he simply put his finger to his lip to prevent us from screaming out and whispered that we should get back to bed so he can finish his job. Of course we couldn’t sleep the rest of the night out of excitement and amazement, and when we woke to find a letter from Santa, that just sealed the deal on that special night.

  • Sandy

    Having Christmas dinner with my Dad, I wish he was still here, but he lives on in my heart.

  • Mary Craig

    I would have to say last year was one of the best,my husband has been handicapped for 20 years and we always lived close to our kids.We had to move away for financial reasons about 6 years ago,but always managed to be together on christmas with them, last year my husband was helping me around the house and by just changing a light bulb re-ruptured some discs in his neck,and that stopped our plans for christmas,he couldnt travel and was bacially ib bed it hurt too bad to set in a chair he injured 5 discs,it was so close to christmas he couldnt have surgury till feb. My two kids and myself planned and kept everything sooo quiet,knowing how bad he was feeling about not seeing them and his mom, but would not tell him they all planed to come here for christmas,when my son walked in jim cried and then tiff called and said how sorry she was that she couldnt come and about an hour later here she came, we pulled it off and he didnt even know anything, we had to do it cause it would have been our first christmas without family in 31 years

  • Cheryl Johnson

    My Grandma’s would ask me to stay overnight to help them get ready for Christmas dinner. We would go to late church. Learning how to cook and spending special times and special memories with them was a great gift I will always cherish. Even though they are gone, those Christmas memories come back each year and I know that was the greatest gift of all.

  • Linda Brown

    I’m new to this sight My Bargain Buddy and would love the Brewbot under our Christmas tree.. The Christmas I remember most when I was little was my beautiful bride doll and the awesome blue bike.This bike was a standard bike ,the best bike in the world. My room was kitty corner from our living room and I was sure I was seeing Santa putting Christmas presents under the tree for my brothers and I Christmas Eve.Watching your children and grandchildren when there small and each an every Christmas through the years is a gift to treasure.

  • Becky Wood

    My favorite Christmas memory was from when I was about 10 years old. We never had much money so my sister and I would ask for several things and hope for one! I had asked for a slot car track, an electronic football game (the board vibrated) and a Monopoly game. I was quite the tomboy! I was hoping to get the racetrack the most and when we ran out to the living room on Christmas morning, I could see a race track set up in one end of the living room. I ran over to it and was so engrossed in it that I didn’t even look at the other end of the living room. My mother got my attention and lo and behold, there was the football game AND the Monopoly game! I have no idea what mt sister had asked for but I am sure that she got all of her wishes too!

  • L Johnson

    My favorite Christmas was 2 years ago when my now husband proposed to me on Christmas Eve….. He put my ring in an ornament inscribed with the date, it was so romantic!

  • Melissa

    Most years my grandma would come over on Christmas Eve and spend the night so that she could be there in the morning when we woke up. Grandma is about as bad as the kids on Christmas, so she was usually up even before we were. My parents weren’t as thrilled about being woken at the crack of dawn to open gifts, so we had strict instructions not to open anything before they were downstairs. So the three of us kids would circle the tree, touching and shaking every gift with our name on it. One of the gifts that I touched that year started talking and crying….and it was killing me not to open it!! When grandma couldn’t stand it anymore, she went running up stairs, with the three of us in tow and began jumping on my parents’ bed! I can still see her jumping up and down in her robe and slippers! That got them out of bed!

  • Kris Lacroix

    My first Christmas with my husband he got me the most adorable Yorkie. He saw him in the pet store and had to have him. He was so sweet and cuddly we couldn’t put him down. When we brought him home we began to see how his sweetness quickly turned into NAUGHTY! He began terrorizing the kids (as all puppies do) and the kids started running from him yelling “Look out for the Christmas Attack Dog”. It was so hilarious watching my 8, 7, and 6 year old running around wildly from a 3.4 oz puppy. It was a great Christmas except for the present the “Christmas Attack Dog” left for US under the tree!

  • Joni Lunsford

    One of my favorite Christmas’s actually may not have been for my children, but I think they enjoy also. Two of my three children came down with the chicken pox right before Christmas so we were forced to stay at home instead of going to all the relatives. Santa came early that year on Christmas eve and brought the kids their toys so we all had fun playing with everything instead of running around from relative to relative.

  • Sheryl

    My favorite Christmas memories are from when my mom would buy me a new ornament every year for my future tree. I have carried on this tradition with my boys to give them a great memory for their future.

  • Alex Montana

    As a child, my best holiday memory is when my grandfather went to Chicago for a livestock sale, and came home with a solid white collie for me. Her name was Lady and she protected me from the mean old goose that liked to chase people and peck at them. She was my best friend for many years.

  • Stacey N.

    2004 – I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter – due January 10. On the 26th, my husband and I had dinner and I went into labor at 2 am the next morning. She joined us on the evening of the 27th. An absolutely incredible gift when I was told I’d probably never have kids!

  • Iris Schmitt

    My parents live in Texas and my family and I live in Ohio. In 2004, my Christmas present to my parents was a round-trip flight to spend Christmas with us. I hadn’t had a Christmas with my parents since 1985. It was wonderful spending Christmas with my parents who were in their eighties. The only glitch came when my teenage son and I sat down to play Scrabble with my parents. I’m still not sure where my mother heard the word, but when her turn came and she asked how to spell a very obscene word, my son, my father and I were laughing so hard that we couldn’t speak. Mom looked confused and said, “That is a word, isn’t it?” And my father said, “That is a word, but not one we use in polite company, or in the presence of our grandchild.” My son told me afterward that he never expected he would have so much fun playing Scrabble with old people.

  • Shannon

    My favorite holiday memory. I thought I was pregnant with our 2nd child but I kept it to myself. I went out and bought a test on Christmas eve, when I woke up Christmas morning I took the test. I was so excited! I WAS PREGGO!! So I got to tell my hubby he was going to be a Dad again and my oldest child a little sister or brother.


  • Laurie

    This is my favorite memory. When my boys were 2 and 4 years old, I was up very late wrapping the rest of their gifts that Christmas eve. When I finished, I started getting ready for bed. A thought hit me. I turned off the lights and grabbed
    the jingle bells we had on a leather string and went to their door. I jingled the bells for about 30 seconds and then in the deepest voice I could muster, I said, “HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS!!”
    My room was right across the hall, so I jumped in bed real quick. All of a sudden their door opened and my oldest poked his little head out, and in the most wonderful, innocent voice, I will never ever forget, he exclaimed, “Santa!!!! It that you???!!!!” My heart leaped out of my chest and tears came to my eyes. My little boy went back to bed with a sweet story to tell the next day, and I was given Christmas once again through the eyes of a child. Makes me smile every time I think about it. I’m smiling now!

  • Geralynn Ross

    When I was 8,we were snowed in at my Granmas’ trailer. My Mom kept me busy by having wrap presents, blank boxes with name tags she wrote herself. what I didn’t know was every single 1 of them was for some one else than the tag said!! We were all scoping out the gifts ,guessing what they were ,when they weren’t even ours!! Christmas morning was the best ever that year!!

  • jill cayrol

    One of my good memories is the year my mom sent my dad out to go buy the tree. I went with him but he didn’t want to spend the ten dollars or whatever so he went to some patch of land (I can’t imagine where– the side of a highway or something? sheesh!) and cut down a tree himself, a small scraggly one. We brought it home and my mom was like, NO WAY! She said it was too small, too scrawny, too ugly, too pitiful and on and on, and she wanted him to get rid of it and go get a new one but I went nuts crying, NO NO, I LOVE THIS TREE!! And being a sappy, sentimental little one, I just cried so hard for this sad, lonely little tree until finally my mom caved and we kept it. I decorated the heck out of it too and still remember it thirty years later! Kind of like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, I guess. But oh how I loved that runty little tree — I can still see it in my mind!

  • Stacey Hood

    My brother was 12, I was 8, and my sister 6. We woke up on Christmas morning, snuck down the hallway, and very quietly peered around the corner to look at the tree and presents in the family room. All of a sudden, my brother said “WHAT?!” and ran into the family room. My sister and I listened very intently and said “WHAT?!” and ran after him. There, in a big box, was a beautiful blonde cocker spaniel puppy with a big red bow around her neck! That was the best Christmas ever, and we enjoyed our darling Buffy for eight years.

  • Carla Rubin

    My son was born Nov.30th 2005, almost a year after my grandmother passed peacefully away and 5 1/2 months after my sister gave birth to her second son. We went to my sister’s house for Christmas–we are Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah, but her husband isn’t and they celebrate both holidays–and enjoyed a wonderful day of celebrating the miracle of life.

    My favorite picture is of my son asleep on his cousins high chair tray–two babes, so innocent. I now have a daughter born in January of 2008 and couldn’t be happier! My life is truly blessed.

  • Kathy Kartheiser

    This sounds great.

  • Darlene Taylor

    Mom and Dad would dip snow boots in talc and make “snow” prints from Santa. We really believed!

  • Alainore Stallard

    When my daughter was a baby we decided to teach her that Christmas is all about Jesus and try to make Santa and presents a little less important. We must have been doing a good job because her second Christmas (she was 18 months old) I took her to my in-laws house to help decorate the tree. Her Gramma pulled a Santa decoration out of the box and my daughter got really excited. Gramma said, “Oh, do you know who this is, honey?” My little one nodded her head, clapped her hands, and proudly replied, “JESUS!!”

  • Kelsey Frost

    My favorite holiday memory was when we got our Christmas tree after an icy storm. All the trees were covered in ice and finding that perfect tree was not very easy. Since I live in the city the trees are pre-cut and with the ice covering them it was even harder to determine the quality of the tree. We finally picked one and put it in our kitchen to melt away the ice. When it finally left a pool in my kitchen we saw that the tree was right out of a Charlie Brown Christmas story. One section was empty with no limbs. We laughed at our misfortune but still enjoyed our misshapen holiday tree.

  • Cheryl Schantz

    We ( my 2 brothers and 1 sister ) always would go out after opening gifts and make our snow angels.

  • Cheryl Shelton

    For the past 15 or so years, my girls and I have baked and decorated Christmas cookies on Christmas eve. We used the beautiful cookies to make cookie trays to give to 8 or so of our neighbors and drive around Christmas Eve delivering them and looking at Christmas lights.

  • Lauren Dees

    My Christmas Memory is putting the special ornaments on the tree. Unfortunately we had a flood and a lot of them were lost.

  • andrea burns

    happy christmas karen and happy new year. thank you for all your hard work sending me the info on all the great bargains !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have bought the best thanks to you over all these years !!!!!!!!!!!!!! love your stories about your family and funny experiences that remind me of similar ones i have had too !!!!!!!!!!! the coffee pot looks very interesting. please i would like to try one thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! tassimo is one of the best on the market !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    When my son was 3 we had my parents fly in to our new home to celebrate Christmas. We were up all night assembling prepping making everything perfect….looking back way to much effort for a toddler, but I am sure we would do it all over again.

    In addition to the entire toy store, Santa brought my son a train table complete with very cool tracks and lots of trains.

    Well he came down the stairs…with open mouth saw the table….and Christmas was over…..he wouldn’t open a single gift, not even peek at his stocking and threw a tantrum when we tried to feed him. For days he stood at that table wheeling trains around and around saying to himself…”chug a chew, chug a chew”

    My parents left town leaving behind all the unopened gifts they were so excited for him to open….it took us about three weeks to get him to open all the gifts…but they all paled compared to the train table!

  • andrea burns

    happy holdays to you karen, family and moderators !!!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote more stuff but it did not submit so lost it all. please may i win the coffee maker thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Connie Williamson

    The very first Christmas that I knew my husband, I figured out pretty quickly that he loved the Beatles. I researched and searched and found an obscure CD, The Beatles Christmas songs. Every Christmas the Beatles would record a holiday song for their fans, and you couldn’t get it in the United States; it had to be imported from England. (Of course this was before the internet and iTunes!) Anyway, I got it for him and he was thrilled! It was a thrill for me to see him so happy and excited, too. I look back all those years ago and can still see his face in my mind. 🙂

  • Laura Klassen

    The first Christmas after my divorce looked bleak and lonely. Then, like a miracle, I went home for lunch one day (something I rarely did at the time) and there in my yard was a little dog, dripping wet in the rain and looking as lost as I felt. Lucy and I spent that Christmas together and 11 years later, she is still the best present I have ever received.

  • Maxine Bell

    My best Christmas present ever arrived on Christmas Eve , 1977. His name is Jeffrey and he was my third son and last baby. Every year for 33 years now he joins his 2 brothers and the rest of the family and we all celebrate his birthday. I just love this because Jeff was 3 weeks late in arriving and did so on this day.

  • Colleen O’Shaughnessy

    I grew up in Chicago during the 50’s and 60’s when we had 3 feet of snow on the ground all winter. My father hated Christmas (BAH HUMBUG!), so he put off buying the Christmas tree until the last minute, much to the dismay of my mother, brother, sister, and me.

    When I was three, we had an ice storm followed by sub-zero arctic temperatures. On Christmas eve, my father finally bundled us up and took us out to get a tree. They only had one or two left and they were bound with string. When he untied our tree, all the branches fell off because they were frozen solid! It made the Charlie Brown tree look positively full and sparkly! Also, my father decreed that a real green tree would never enter our house again!!!

    The following year, my parents purchased a silver tree, which was very popular at the time. My mother even worked out a geometric pattern for the new ornaments and we, as children, never got to decorate a tree again because it had to be done perfectly according to her design. It was pretty, but it wasn’t the same as having a pine tree with the goofy hand-made ornaments that kids love to make and display.

    When I was 10, my brother and sister died and we didn’t celebrate Christmas again until after my father left when I was 17. When I was 18, my mother was dying. I went home from college for our last Christmas together, not knowing what to expect.

    Somehow, my mother had gone out and gotten the biggest, fullest real Christmas tree I had ever seen! She also gave me the violin I had been asking for since I was a kid (I was a music major in college).

    That last Christmas together was so amazingly special! I spent hours putting the tinsel and all of the old ornaments on the tree – the antique and hand-made ornaments that had been under the house since I was three. It was absolutely the best Christmas I’ve ever had because my mom and I got to do Christmas our way! I’ll never know how she got out and got that tree or the violin, but they were both truly gifts of her incredible love for me!

    I doubt that anything will ever top that very special Christmas!

  • Toni Baker

    This was the year that Tickle Me Elmo was the big toy and I looked everywhere for one. My daughter was begging for one. My sister was shopping at a local store and saw a lady with 3 in her cart. The lady just happen to put one back on the shelf, well my sister grabbed it ran to the check out and ran home with it. It was the best Christmas my daughter ever had.

  • debi holmes

    my favorite christmas memories was the christmas after my son had been in afganistan and called me collect long disdtance

  • debi holmes

    i want a brewbot bad

  • Karen

    I would LOVE a brewbot!


    I would love to win a cute little Brewbot.They are so very cute.

  • Lori Santarpio

    The best Christmas was when my mom lost the santa suit and was frantic on Christmas Eve trying to figure out what my brother was going to wear to hand out presents to all the very young grandchildren expecting Santa’s big visit at our celebration. Thinking quickly, mom pulled out a red plaid nightgown and a santa hat and told my brother to get in bed and pretend to snore really loudly. Instead of hearing sleighbells, the little ones tiptoed in to find a loudly snoring Santa and their shocked faces were priceless. To this day the youngest ones think they “SAVED” Christmas by waking up a napping Santa and sending him on his way to finish his deliveries!!! Remembering it still makes my Christmas every year.



  • Pat Allen

    My favorite Holiday memories all go back to spending Christmas with my Mom before she passed away 7 years ago…

  • Vicki Davey

    This will be my first Christmas without my mother, so I’m thankful for all my memories.

  • Renee

    I remember a Christmas 7 years ago when my oldest son Johnny was 4 and my middle son Nathan was 1-1/2. Johnny was so sick with the flu, but he still woke up before everyone and opened up EVERY SINGLE PRESENT! Luckily, his brother was so young that he didn’t mind.

  • sandra

    My favorite Christmas is spending time with my husband, four kids, grandma and grandpa and sister. We start by sitting around in our family room singing our favorite Christmas songs, then act out the Nativity story from the Bible. We dress up with robes and bath towels placed on our heads. Next, we pick out a new friend or neighbor and secretly (but with giggles) deliver homemade cookies to their front porch. We hurry home and have all the wonderful homemade Christmas cookies that we have looked forward to all year long. (Russian tea cookies, cut-out sugar cookies, fudge and more!!) We then get out our Christmas Monopoly game and stay up until everyone shouts “I give in!” “Let’s all go to bed! We always do this every year because we just love doing our family “Tradition” on Christmas Eve.

  • Aimee H

    My favorite Christmas was when I got my Barbie dolls, house and car. My mother also spent a lot of time making dresses for my Barbies. I was the only kid on the block with designer clothes for my Barbies!

  • Brandy

    When my son was six, all he could think about is what he was going to get for Christmas (like every child his age). He wanted everything, from simple little toys to big extravagant things that would cost pretty much an arm and a leg. My kids very seldom wanted for anything and most of the time did not seem appreciative for the things that they had. This particular Christmas, I decided to do things a little different. I took my son to the store and told him to pick out the thing that he wanted most. After our purchase, my son and I went to the childrens shelter where I had arranged for us to volumteer. We spent the day talking to those children, playing with them and serving them food. My son quickly became freinds with one of the little boys there that was close to his own age. As we were getting ready to leave, my son asked if it would be alright if he gave his new found ‘friend” his new toy so he would have a present for christmas. With tears in my eyes, I proudly told him yes. To this day, my son remembers that trip and it has changed him and the way he looks at things. Every year since that occassion, we adopt a family for christmas (all my sons idea).

  • CJ

    When I was about 13 my parents and my younger brother where on our way home from a Christmas party on Christmas eve and we turned off of a road to take a short cut, or we thought was a short cut. We ended up coming to a dead end road at 60 mph and slamming on brakes, skidding and landing between two trees. No one was hurt but scared us pretty badly. Christmas day was pretty special because we we just thankful to be safe and sound and together.

  • Lorin

    My favorite Holiday memory is when our church did an extra performance of our holiday Musical, and raised over $10,00 for the San Francisco Aids Foundation.

  • Judy

    Last Christmas was the most memorable of all years in the past. All of my 5 kids and their families were here and all 7 of my grandchildren. We had a wonderful holiday and we will never have the chance to all be together again. Our 6 year old grandaughter Paige passed away very suddenly in May. I keep the memories that I have of last year very close to my heart. Paige will be sadly missed this year.

  • Brenda

    We always spent Christmas eve with my mom’s parents. Grandma would make this awesome meal for us, 10 adults and 12 grandchildren. After we finished supper, the men would play cards while the women did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and the grandkids waited impatiently to open our gifts. One Christmas eve, Grandma had gotten a small ornamental pepper plant with tiny red peppers on it. My dad and one uncle thought they would try one. They kept a very straight faces and told uncle Laverne that with were sweet and really good. So he tried one. Those tiny peppers were so hot, I think Lavern’s eyeballs started sweating! I thought my dad and uncle Ray were going to split a gut laughing.

  • Kristi

    My favorite Christmas memories are just getting together as a family, fixing a good dinner, telling stories, trying new wines and playing board games until we’re dead-tired. I can’t wait!!

  • JulieD

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is the trip we took to Santa Fe, NM when our kids were small. We’d never experienced fresh, fat, softly falling snow before, and while we were downtown shopping, it began to snow just like that. All of stood transfixed and stared. From my 3-year old to my 40-plus husband, it was something we were just mesmerized by. Santa Fe is a beautiful place to visit for Christmas, by the way.

  • Cindy Fowler

    A very untraditional tradition in our family for years is playing a 45rpm record by Bob Dylan called Wigwam….there are no actual lyrics, but a lot of la-da -da dah dee da as we all sing the song…..don’t know where the record came from….but, it would not be Christmas if we didn’t hear this and sing to it. It make s us laugh because this is so inane.

  • Kathy Linklater

    My three brothers and I were born 4 years and 3 months apart. One of our traditions every Christmas was to place baby Jesus in the creche. One kid was chosen to carry baby Jesus over to the creche, hand baby Jesus to the next sibling, who would hand baby Jesus to the last sibling, who would place Him in the manger. As we got a little older and saw ourselves on our 8mm movie film, we named this tradition “Hot Potato Jesus,” because it looked like we were passing Him from one kid to the next kid very quickly.

  • Hildreth Flanery

    Christmas time was always a special time for us. I was an only child and around 8 years old. I really, really wanted to put some gifts under the tree for my mom and dad but of course had no way to buy them anything. So, Christmas Eve I slipped up and went Christmas shopping in the HOUSE!!! I found dads electric razor and wrapped it up pretty as I could. Now what for mom? I found the perfect thing> My shopping was done and I was so happy. Christmas morning we got up to open my presents then head to my grandparents house for the day. I started to open my gifts but mom said wait, let me get the camera. She went where she kept the camera but it wasn’t there. In my excitement I had forgotten “what I got mom”. We looked for a while but could not find the camers. Then my precious dad started to laugh. He asked me “Did you get your mommy a camera and wrap it for Christmas? Of course I had! Well needless to say we were a little late for Christmas dinner but we had an unforgetable Christmas Eve and Christmas. I love you mom and dad!!!

  • Victoria

    My favorite was holiday time at my grandparents house when I was a kid. All relatives were there and we had dinner at a huge round table. I played games with cousins, tons of fun! Childhood is once in a lifetime. Though my grandparents already passed away, I never would forget the experience.

  • Maryam

    My favorite holiday memory is my dad giving me an each of my 3 brothers an envelope with $5 in it. After we each had one he’d make us give each other our envelope so it was like we were giving each other a present. After that was done he’d take us to walmart and tell us we could pick out a toy with our money and he’d pay however much over our allotted $5s we went.

  • Kay

    Two yrs ago, all six of my kids, and nine of my grandchildren came to our house for Christmas. I made turkey , ham and the girls all helped me out in the kitchen. After we ate, we all gathered around the tree, and my youngest daughter passed out gifts. All the grandkids were so cute opening thier gifts. I passed out the stockings and ornaments I made for each of them, and while the grandkids played with their presents, my children and I sat around the table remembering the past Christmases we’ve spent together. Since I was a single mother for most of their lives, some of our Christmases were very slim,but listening to them talk, you would not have known it. Having all my kids home, and all the memories we made, and are making…made it the most memorable Christmas yet.

  • Becky Pagano

    My favorite Christmas was when my girls were young, they would get Santa’s presents in the morning, and in the afternoon, my parents would come up and Christmas would start all over again. My kids are grown and my parents passed away, so now I’m patiently waiting for Grandchildren to start new traditions.

  • Marion McNeill

    My favorites Xmas was when my mom sang a solo at midnight mass. She was so nervous but sang so beautifully. She has such a lovely voice and also sang at my wedding and her own mother’s funeral. Priceless.

  • lisa


  • karen c.

    My best Christmas memory was when we got this huge snowstorm and were snowed in. My brother and I couldn’t wait to bust outside and build the biggest snow fort ever! Then we came inside, numb from the cold, warmed up with some hot cocoa, and played with all the cool toys we got from Santa.

  • Kristin Wilson

    My fondest memory is when I was around 7 or 8 years old, money was really tight that year. I came down Christmas morning to find our tree copletely covered with homemade Barbie clothes. As always, Mom … you went above and beyond! Thank you!

  • Emily B

    One of the most cherished Christmas memories I have was our last family gathering with my grandfather who passed on a year ago today. On Christmas day 2008 the family gathered in his home, his 5 children and their spouses, 9 of his 10 grandchildren and their spouses (my other cousin was serving over seas) or significant others and his 5 great grandchildren. He didn’t know we were all coming as we hadn’t gotten together as a family for many years. He was so touched and surprised that we had gotten together again as a family that he cried. My cousin had arranged for the grandchildren to take several pictures together in a formal setting and one outside in an informal arrangement that mimicked a picture he had taken with our grandmother and parents when they were in their early teenage years. When we presented him with the picture he cried again and just said “oh, my.” Santa “Michael” made an appearance and handed out gag gifts. And through it all my grandfather was teary and smiling. Surrounded by his family

  • rebecca boughter

    I celebrate hanukkah, but waking up on that first morning with the smell of brisket cooking away for dinner that night in the crockpot and mom shredding potatoes for latkes is a smell i’ll never forget.

  • Pam Barbee

    My favorite Christmas was one where our church did a “give away day” a week before Christmas. People at our church donated items like clothes, toys, furniture, lamps, food, fuel oil, wood, bibles, etc. We checked with local schools for families that had needs & also anyone who knew of anyone who had a need om the community. I was able to help deliver some of these great gifts. One family in particular stood out to me. They were building a house as they could afford to pay for the work & were living in it. It didn’t have any heat. Someone had donated 2 kerosene heaters & fuel for the give away day. We were able to give these to this family, along with clothes for the 2 children, toys & food. The mother just cried because they had felt they would not be able to have anything for Christmas due to their financial situation. They were so thankful & appreciative. Another lady who stood out had ran out of fuel oil & wouldn’t have anymore money till the first of Jan. When the oil truck pulled up to her house & filled her tank, she was so happy. Then she realized didn’t have anyway to pay for it, he told her it was already paid for. Then she really got happy. She ask the driver how that was possible. He told her about the church give away day. She did not attend this church, but she immediately called the church & told us how much she appreciated the fuel oil & that she had been praying because she needed fuel oil & then she heard the truck drive up. I was so blessed to have been a part of such a great event. It is really true. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

  • Joy

    As a kid, I loved going to the xmas tree lot with my family. It was so much fun looking for the perfect tree.

  • Beth Wilson

    I remember one Christmas, my brother Brian came into our bedroom and woke my sister and I up and our younger brother Chris in his room, saying Santa had come.. its 6 a.m. come on lets get up.. he wakes up Mom and our Stepdad and we go in and start opening presents, Mom goes to make coffee and notices that the clock on the microwave says 3 a.m… my brother had gotten up, changed the hands on the clocks he could.. and then woke everyone mom had just gone to bed an hour before, and wondered why she felt so wasted.. so she made us all go back to bed and sleep til SHE got us up after 6 a.m. hahahahaa We still give my brother a hard time with this.. and he’s 44 yrs old now.

  • zann

    On Christmas eve, my dad would always come home (around 5ish) and tell us that he had seen Santa’s sleigh and reindeer on his way home from work. All seven of us would scurry and get into our beds 🙂

    Then we would hear all this noise, doors opening and closing – hahahaha as we giggled in our beds.

    After awhile the front door bell would ring and then we would be told that Santa had come and we could get up.

    It was fun as we got older and had to play along for the younger siblings.

    My dad says this was the most wonderful time of his life 🙂

  • Donna C

    My favorite holiday memory is when my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) presented me with a key to his apartment and asked me to move in with him.

  • Bill

    After my wife and I were married I took her to buy a Christmas tree for our home. She never had a tree before because she is Jewish. She got so excited about the whole experience of choosing a tree that it was just a fantastic thing to see.

  • Terri Marcs

    My favorite Christmas memory was 2004. We got a new puppy in June of that year that my 80 year old dad adored. He was sick with cancer but he came over whenever he felt up to it to see the kids and LULU. My dad passed away on December 12, 2004. It was a sad Christmas but we were trying to hold it together for the kids. I was allowing the kids to get away with a little more than usual under the circumstances. One thing was letting LULU sleep in the kitchen as opposed to her crate. All night long we could hear her dropping her toys and bones on the hardwood floor. This was interfering with my husband’s sleep so it was back to the crate for LULU. Christmas Eve I heard the dropping of the toys all night long. When we got up in the morning to light the tree for the kids to come down, I told my husband how nice it was that he let LULU sleep in the kitchen on Christmas Eve. He said he didn’t. I told him about the noises I heard. He said he heard them too and they kept him up all night. He thought I let her out. We were so surprised when LULU was still in her crate. I let her out and on her way to go potty her tail hit an ornament that my daughter made with my father at a breakfast with Santa event. Right there I knew that was a sign from my dad letting me know that he was okay and that we should be too! Lulu is the worst dog ever. But she is still with us and the kids love her to death. My daughter lost her bestfriend the day my dad died. Nothing could ever replace him but LULU helped us mourn. I know I have an angel to watch over me and my family. WE don’t usually think of 80 year old frail men as Christmas angels but we have one. Merry Christmas!

  • ileena

    So my holiday memory would have to be dessert at my stepdad’s mom’s. no matter what the holiday there was always cheesecake… my fave!

  • Brenda J

    My best holiday memory:
    Outside our front picture window was the town water tower.
    In the snowy winter night- you could see the red light on top of the tower– that’s all you could see in the dark.
    My Dad convinced us it was Rudolph’s nose– flying around delivering presents to all the nice kids- ha.
    Now understand the red light was there EVERY night of the year… yet as kids, we only noticed it right on Christmas eve (maybe the drapes were closed or we were really gullible!!).

    So– when I had twin girls…….guess what I did as a pass along tradition??
    We have a similar water tower you can see out their bedroom window with the same red beacon light- and on Christmas eve I point out Rudolph flying in the sky.. It took them until 7 years old to realize………

    What a great smiling memory for us all..

    Merry Christmas.

  • Eileen

    I always fondly remember the days when my son was little and couldn’t wait for Santa to arrive. We always had to wake up very early, but opening presents together (after putting the coffee on first thing!), having breakfast together and then spending the rest of the day with family are my most treasured memories of this special time.

  • Sandy

    My Favorite Christmas memory is when I was a child we would always gather at My Aunt and Uncles house Christmas eve. the whole family was there. ( Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, everyone in the family) we had a big meal and Santa came. he would sit on a chair and call us up by name and give all of the kids a wrapped gift from Santa. it was so special. I was a child then. I am now going on 50 and still remember it. it is a wonderful Christmas memory that I will always remember.

  • Denise

    My son loved to listen to stories on tape. His favorite was “Twas the night before Christmas”. He listened to it all the time, didn’t matter the season!
    The following Christmas, when he was three, we decided to dress him up and video tape him reading the story. He was going along reading the story when we realized he kept making this beeping noise every time he turned the pages.
    Then it dawned on us that on the tapes they always tell you to turn the page when you hear the sound!
    My son is 18 now and that still makes me laugh thinking of it:)

    Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night (beep !)


  • Christy

    My family had a very special Christmas in 1993. My son Wester had just received his bone marrow transplant a few days prior. We prepared for our stay in the hospital, tried to decorate his room best we could with all the restriction. We were trying to keep our spirits up despite all the sickness Wester had from the transplant. A wonderful group of people showed up at Wester’s window to his room, he had a big window to see out in the hallway, and Santa Claus was with them! My son’s eyes lit up, my heart filled with joy looking at him get excited to see Santa! I will never forget the look on his face when he realized Santa came to see him after all! Santa and his helpers brought Wester some gifts which he enjoyed so much!
    This year as we celebrate Christmas we know our Wester is an angel in Heaven celebrating it with our Savior. God bless you all this holiday season and thanks for allowing me to recall this special Christmas memory to share with you all.

  • Nancy B

    My son was about 4 (he’s now 31, so it was a while ago!) and just learned the “Christmas Story”. One day he went to the kitchen to get himself a pickle. He walks into the living room and says “Look! A pickle wrapped in swaddling clothes!” One of my favorite memories.

  • Dawn Cauthen

    My favorite Christmas memory is from when I was almost 4 years old. Before going to bed, we put a plate of cookies and a glass of milk on the hearth of the fireplace. I remember getting out of bed Christmas morning and running to the living room. The glass of milk was empty and there were some crumbs on the plate. Most amazing of all… There was a boot print in the soot in the fireplace! I was so excited that Santa had really been there in my house! I don’t remember what Christmas presents I got that year, but I clearly remember the the boot print and how it made me feel!

  • Carol Jackson

    When I think about childhood Christmas I always remember the movie camera lights and being blinded by them on the way towards the Christmas tree. When I view the films now you can see us all blinking and smiling. Straight out of the 50s!

  • cordelia stenstrom

    We really did have a horse and sleigh, was fun to take out and around until the snow got to deep for our Welch pony. Would go to grandmas house.

  • Shanna

    Baking cookies with my kids on Chirstmas Eve, to leave out for Santa. Then rushing them to bed, so I could eat the cookies while they were still warm.


    Many years back when I was a single parent of my son and I worked full time in a textile plant. Two times a yr the plant shuts July/and Christmas. Plans were made to spend Christmas at parents in the South. (about 3 hrs drive)..After getting off work..I packed clothes for days gone and brought some of the gifts with me. Son was concerned that Santa would miss him, since no one was there. So I made sure I took some present with me from Santa and told my son…I needed to go back in the house …as I forgot something…and put things under the tree/stocking etc. so when we returned Santa hadnt forgotten him and even remembered to leave some things at my parents house. Those memories stay with me…of making sure Santa knew where we were and seeing the happy smiles/joy etc. Very much worth the effort.

  • Anisha

    For me, my favorite holiday memory was when I went to New York for Christmas one year with my parents when I was a child. Its absolutely amazing being in the city with those you love.

  • Wanita Gilliam

    My favorite memory was about 18 years ago when my oldest children were very young. I lived in a small 2 room apartment. I was a young mother and it was a real bad year I had just lost my job. well christmas was looking grim for my 2 young boy age 6 & 7. We had an old artificial tree given to us half of which was missing and no deorations well we got creative and stuck the tree in a corner so the bare back didn’t show and we all made decorations to go on the tree. In the meantime I had some old hand me down craft supplies in the closet so I made some handmade ornaments from the beads that were there and a friend actually took them to work with her set them on her desk. Well within 2 days she had sold them all and I wasthrilled with the $50 I had made from them. I went to the dollar store while the kids were at school and needless to say the christmas was alot of fun and very exciting for the kids that we had created a great christmas from very little and done it ourselves. That was along time ago and 3 kids ago I still have some of the ornaments and tell the story to my other three children every year when we decorate the tree

  • Kevin Rodriguez

    My favorite Christmas memory is from when I was almost 7 years old. Before going to bed, we put a plate of cookies and a glass of milk on the hearth of the fireplace.
    My parents work my brother and I up after we had fallen asleep and we saw Santa in a red suit placing gifts under the tree. I later found out it was my Dad’s cousin many years later. But from that point on I was telling all my friends at school – Santa was at my house. He made some noise and we woke and up and saw him. So cool.

  • Leslie Frey

    When I was a girl, my mother would take us out to see the lights. Dad preferred to stay home and watch TV. For some reason, Santa came while we were gone.

  • Brian

    My favorite Christmas memory is when I volunteered at a food kitchen on Christmas Eve, I have never felt so humble or so blessed……

  • Debbie Hoffman

    The year I turned 7 I dearly wanted a Mattell Strum Fun guitar. With 5 siblings and times being what they were I was certain this might not be a possiblility. Christmas eve I was upstairs sleeping when I awoke to hear my mom and dad and nanny and grandpa downstirs singing. With no heat upstairs I got out of bed and peeked through the metal register in the floor to see my dad holding my most trasured gift in his hand stumming away and placing each plastic disc in the guitar and all of them laughing and singing away!!! What a Great Christmas morning!!!What a most treasured memory to this very day!

  • Donna

    When I was in junior high my parents decided that we would do homemade Christmas gifts for everyone that year. One of my grandmothers was also visiting with us and she decided (unbeknownst to me) to make me a large stuffed panda bear because I really love pandas. Unfortunately, in the process of making it she found out she was highly allergic to the fur! Rather than scrap the project, my macho manly dad said he would take over the project and HE sewed & stuffed a huge panda bear for me (about 3 feet high & 3 feet wide). While I was thrilled to find it on Christmas morning, to see my dad’s initials stitched into the side & know that he cared enough to actually do that for me (he normally didn’t do any domestic type of chores at all!) was really a gift. I still have that panda to this day & I just love that special Christmas memory. That homemade gift spelled L-O-V-E in a way no store-bought gift ever could! Merry Christmas, everyone! 🙂

  • Jane Weaver

    When I was about 12 or 13 years old, I decided to ‘see’ what I was getting for Christmas. Everything was wrapped beautifully, and displayed under our Christmas tree. I sat beside the tree and very carefully unwrapped EVERY present intended for me…..then, very carefully wrapped them all back up. Imagine my disappointment on Christmas morning….I already knew all that I was getting, and yet had to exclaim over each one. It was definitely my most memorable Christmas, but not in a good way! Since that time, you could sit my presents right in front of me, completely unwrapped, and I would wait until the day of the holiday (Christmas, birthday, anniversary) whatever the celebration might be, and would NEVER look at any of them. I learned one thing that year and that was surprises are just that, surprises, and need to stay that way.


    When I was young, my fond memories of Christmas was putting up the Christmas tree on Christmas eve and spending time with my family.

  • ++Ruth langone

    At the time i was married approximately 1 1/2 years when my husband and I got our first Christmas tree. At the time I was 8 months pregnant and the tree we bought was much too large for our little apartment. it looked like it belonged in the lobby of a hotel. Here am I 8 months pregnant trying to help my husband set it in a stand. My ooor belly was huge and I was almot in tears trying to reach through all those branches to reach the trunk of the tree. it was horrible. i will never, ever forget our first Christmas tree
    One more Christmas memory. when my children were 7 and 5, they decided to get out of bed and see what santa had brought for them. My husband and i were still in bed, but i heard something and he went to the livingroom only to find they had opened every gift under the tree. How hearbreaking. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and seeing the children’s excitement on Christmas morning was taken away that Christmas. I know both of these are really not wonderful memories, but these are the ones that still remain with me.

  • Sherry

    One of many fond memories of Christmas was when my son was 2 years old, and my daughter 3
    we were decorating the tree and putting the twinkle light in the apartment. Well, my son decided
    that the lights looked so pretty and wondered what they would taste like while they were twinkling
    so I had to take him to the emergency room, little did I know he put cellofane up his nose too. They had to use tweesers to to get it out. As for the lightbulb he ate, the docor’s said he would pass it out in his diaper. That’s how we spend Christmas Eve that year. You would have to know my son, he was accident prone. He is the same kid that put his tounge on a pole in the middle of winter. We laugh about it to this day!

  • Sam K.

    I remember the Christmas season when I was about 11 years old . I was sitting in the floor watching cartoons when my Dad came in and said” Come on. Lets go.”I never asked questions when told to do something so point blank, so I got in the car and off we went.

    He drove straight down town to the local hardware store.We went inside. In my mind he must need to get some nails or tacks or something like that.He went to the back ;where the register was.I stayed put at end of the isle in which he had left me.No biggie ,I just looked around with my little eyes still not thinking anything important or special or exciting was about to happen.
    After a minute or two, my Dad appears beside me .” Ready to go?” he said.”Yes”. I said. He then takes my hand and we start walking to the door.

    At the door stood an employee of the store with a big blue bicycle,( acting as though he was bringing it in the store for the day.)He then handed me the handlebars as he come up next to me…
    I was paralyzed. I didn’t know what to do. I looked at the worker he was smiling. I looked at my Dad and he too was smiling but with tears in his eyes.”Get on It. Ride it It’s yours.”

    I could not get on it fast enough. I watched him get into the car and jester for me to follow him.
    I did… And that day the wind in my hair made me feel like I was flying.
    I flew with that bike until I wore it out. And also out grew it.Then my dad sold it ; silently while I was not at home one day. When my mom told me it was gone. I felt sad but it wasn’t a painful sad…I knew I was almost old enough to get my learners permit to drive….A convertible, I hope….. How I do love to feel the wind in my hair.


    …would love to get a break in these difficult times, would love to enter your drawing for the BREWBOT! Maybe this time… 🙂 Thanks! GINA

  • Adrienne Gordon

    Taking my kids caroling in the Metroparks and sitting around a fire there.

  • Michelle Keller

    I loved coming home with our Christmas tree picked out carefully from the tree lot. We would put on Christmas music and have yummy cookies and hot cocoa and decorate the tree. What a warm memory.

  • oona b

    One Christmas, Santa filled every pair of shoes in the house with silver dollars! To a seven year old, this was completely amazing! I saved all the money I found for Star Wars action figures!!!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  • Tina Carlson

    My best Christmas memory? When I was a kid, we would all gather at my Grandmothers house for Christmas and when we walked into the room, the presents would fill half the floor space! Opening gifts, Christmas dinner and then game day with the entire family. And no fighting was allowed! My grandparents and parents are all gone now and Christmas just does not feel the same. 🙁
    One of my earliest memories was a Christmas where my parents had wrapped a small locked box as one of the first gifts to open. I had to go through all the presents under the tree to try to find the key to be able to see what was inside. After all the gifts were opened, I finally found the key hanging on the Christmas tree! Inside was a savings bond, LOL. Not something a 5 year old would get excited about, LOL. But I still have the box and the memory!

  • Melissa Zimmerman

    The day a bird flew out of the christmas tree

  • Kathy Rogers

    My most favorite Chrismas memory was of the family whose car broke down in front of our house and my Dad helping them get started again. While he helped with the car Mom invited everyone in to warm up and get refreshed before starting out again. It took quite a long time but we sang Christmas songs and really enjoyed having the visitors. This was over fifty years ago and the couples kept in contact for many years. I don’t think I will ever forget that Christmas.

  • melissa Resnick

    love just being with all my kids every christmas

  • angela rowe

    WOW!!!! I could so use something this spectacular! I love it! Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Susan

    All Christmases are special to me…but especially loved when my kids were small and seeing the excitement in their eyes every Christmas morning.

  • Kristi PIzillo

    I love adding presents under the tree when the kids are in school. I love to watch their faces when they get home and run to the tree.

  • Laura W

    Something special happens almost every year with our crazy family. But one year that sticks in my mind is when we gave my 6 yr old daughter a hamster that she had been begging for as her Xmas gift. When she opened the box with the cage, she was excited; but when we presented her with her darling hamster, she started crying uncontrollably–and she didn’t know why she was laughing and crying at the same time.. That was first time that I actually saw tears of pure unadulterated joy.

  • Nancy LeBlanc

    When my son was little, on Christmas Eve, my hubby rang jingle bells outside his window. He came screaming out to me. It was terrible. LOL

  • Doron Bresler

    Taking our bulldog out on the first snow day of the season and first of his life. he tried to eat all of the snow and hopped around like a bunny. He loved the snow from that point on. LOL

  • Lynn H

    Love just being with the family every Christmas!



  • Homero Gutierrez

    My favorite memory is when I woke up to find a small puppy sitting on my chest and licking me, think I was around 12.

  • Linda

    When I was little we were at my grandma’s house for Christmas Eve with all my aunts and uncles and cousins. This one special Christmas Santa dropped by and gave each one of us kids a present, that was really special.

  • Elizabeth N

    My mom passed away when I was 6, so Christmas was always hard for me. One year, my aunt sent all of the immediate family yellow socks to wear in memory of my mom. It was so special for all of us!

  • Dana Wakiji

    As a child of divorced parents, I usually spent the Christmas break with my dad and stepmother, first in Chicago and then in Virginia. By far, my favorite memories are of when we went to look for our real Christmas tree. They didn’t really have nice artificial ones back then anyway. We would go to the tree farm and search to find the best tree. Then we would tie it to the car, take it home and decorate it. We had so many amazing ornaments and it was fun to drink hot chocolate while we decorated the tree. The finished product was always so beautiful and really put you in the Christmas mood.

  • Judy klee

    When I was 15 my mom died unexpectedly in late October. Needless to say none of us were in the mood to celebrate Christmas, nor did we have the money. My moms birthday was December 10, which was the day she would always decorate. On that day that year we all talked about my mom, and how she loved Christmas. Some how we all found some Christmas spirit. We all piled into the car and went downtown. My dad and my 2 older brothers. The plan was everybody would pick out and buy one special present for each family member. After returning home we decorated the house as my mother would have done that day. On Christmas day we came together and exchanged our presents. The best part was that as we gave each person their present we talked about how and why we picked the present for each person. Each person received 4 presents, but we sat for hours exchanges those presents just as if their were 100 gifts to open. The Christmas that almost wasn’t became one of the best Christmases ever. And we know that we had an angel in our mist for Christmas.

  • Cheryl Patrick

    it was the last night of Chanukah, i was readlly feeling down about my gift for my husband (3 pack of t-shirts) as we had agreed to a $100 budget for the 8 nights. my husband opened up his gift and began to laugh, i opened up his gift and it was a 3 pack of Jockey briefs. we still laugh over that one.

  • sylvia bengisoy

    My favorite thing to do on the holidays is watching parades. When I was in grade school I entered a contest. The entrant had to choose one of the floats and submit a drawing. I have no idea why I chose the strong men and have no idea why they were on a float. Anyway I won the mouse trap game and played the game with my sister until we lost all the pieces. This always bring a smile to my face. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Entering contests brings much joy. I even got my mom involved. At 80 years old we would bring a cup of coffee to her bed and attend to our junk mail.

  • christine coulombe

    I came out of an abusive Marriage 3 years ago Christmas. I started my life over with 2 children and nothing else to my name. Last Christmas I met a wonderful, caring and loving man. He proposed to me last week. I onever thought I could love someone again

  • Roberta Carlson

    One of my most wonderful Christmas memories is the year my son and I were on our own for the first time. He had turned 3 in November, and was aware of the story of Santa. I had already spent what I could afford to spend on one toy and a few books for him, as well as bought a cornish hen (the cost of a turkey was out of the question) and the sides for us to have a nice dinner. The only thing I hadn’t thought of was the tree! I had no funds left to get one, and it was already the week of Christmas when I realized I wasn’t going to have the funds in my last paycheck of the year. We discussed a few times that though we’d both been nice and kind to others, there were some things that even Santa couldn’t arrange, as long as we remembered the true reason for Christmas and a tree didn’t matter. It was a total shock on Christmas eve morning to look outside to find a tree leaning against the front steps, left by a friend for us to find. That night I woke to be sure Santa had left the gifts under our wonderful tree lit with a string we’d had stored away as well as aluminum foil stars we’d made, and found my son sleeping under it! So I had to go about the tasks very quietly. His story the next morning was that Santa had come, and had an angel with him too, because he’d seen one with long hair who had sparkles all over here as she walked around. There have been many wonderful family times since with my new husband and two more children, but that wonderful year of 1979 is one of the most precious to me.

  • Jo Meyer

    Every year, my Mom would bake goodies and we all piled in the car(a few years no heat or wiper stopped working) sometime after midnight. The goal was to get these goodies on the doorstep of friends and family without getting caught. I think that in all the years I did it with her, we never got officially caught! It’s a tradition that I continue and a few years ago, my now 15 year old joined this fun. It feels great to give a gift of my time with seems in short supply lately.
    Merry Christmas and may you all be Angels to someone!

  • Sue

    My dad died when I was 12. The very last Christmas we had with him was like any other, except there was no snow. Living in NH, we look forward to a white Christmas. My dad had remarked earlier that evening that he wished it would snow. As we walked out of midnight mass, the church bells were ringing and it began to snow. We didn’t know it would be our last Christmas together but even if we had, I don’t think we could have had a more perfect gift.

  • Laura McColgan

    I don’t have any Christmas memories, because I don’t celebrate the holiday. Still eligible?

  • Carolyn Jess

    The year my children were 7 and 4. Christmas was a wonder to each of them and God’s Love shown down on us that Chriristmas!

  • Jennifer Jozwiak

    opening presents right after midnight mass!

  • Heather S

    My niece was getting too old to believe in Santa so we had a friend come over dressed as santa in the middle of the night. We knew she was watching for him…so she told her mom who then “woke” all the adults so she could see it wasn’t any of us dressed up. It totally convinced her and it was such a fun Christmas full of the magic of Santa.

  • George

    Sneaking downstairs around 4am Xmas morning to see my father putting together my new bike from Santa.

  • Lindsay

    No matter how old I get, I can never sleep in on Christmas. I’m always the first one awake at like 4 am waiting at the top of the stairs for everyone else to wake up! Thanks for this giveaway. I hope to see it under my tree for the hubby this year!

  • Jill L

    An awesome memory I have is of when my son was 2 years old and we went to chop down our Christmas tree. There was so much snow and he couldn’t even walk through it. I had a little sled to pull him on. It looked like a Christmas card.

  • Don Dyer

    Once my sister was having a hard time getting presents for her son. I was fortunate enough to win some money and was able to halp her buy gifts for him. Seeing her face and his on Christmas morning was an incredible feeling.

  • Leena Hautaniemi

    Making a Christmas for the kids, they are so excited seeing all the packages. Handling them, shaking them, rearranging them till Christmas.

  • Brenda

    We are having such a good time sharing Christmas with our three grandsons. So thankful to be able to celebrate our Savior’s birth with my family.

  • Julie

    I love the memories of big family get togthers ;0

  • Lynn Williams

    Years I ago received a blender from my boyfriend on our first Christmas together. I was a little underwhelmed, to say the least. I thanked him and set it aside but he insisted I open the box. Inside I found a stuffed bear with a small gold chain around it’s neck with a gold heart on it. He explained that he’d wanted to give me his heart. We’ve been married for over 20 years now.

  • Renee Strange

    My favorite holiday memories are decorating the lop-sided Christmas tree my Dad would bring in from the farm, while listening to the old Country Western singers singing Christmas music on the record player. Pretty paper, pretty ribbons…


    I love the holidays it brings familes together

  • Happi Shopr

    My favorite memories are going to Midnight Mass

  • connie

    i love being with my family

  • jolene

    my favorite holiday memory is of playing with my sisters with our new barbies on christmas day!

  • Pattiann

    One of the best Christmas I ever had was about 30 years ago. As a family with 5 demanding kids, both my parents struggled to make Christmas great. But like all families, someone always was not satisfied, got something someone else wanted or didn’t get (hence me..Santa wrote the wrong name on the present and my sister got what I wanted.) As Christmas was getting near, my sisters and I noticed a present under the tree, a huge box. The problem was there was no name on the box. It drove us crazy trying to figure out who’s present. We moved it, shaked it, it had no sound and no clue. At this time, we are dying of curiosity and excitement of who will get it. Christmas Eve came and we all got to open a present before bed, but still no name on the box. I wasn’t overly concerned since I gave up and figured it had to be for my one of my 2 younger sisters. I felt as a middle child – – I got the shaft being too old for some things and too young for others. As you would expect money was short and their time was limited. My mother and father worked both Christmas Eve and Christmas alternating shifts. I remember my father always seem to be working the holidays. On Christmas Day, my father woke me up as he was leaving for work. He told me to come down stairs. He gave me THE BOX. It was for me and my name was on it. I couldn’t believe it, all for me. He wants to see me open it since he had to work. So at 4 am I opened this huge box..finally getting to see what was in it. To my confusion, it was another wrapped present inside. I proceed to open the 2nd box, and the 3dr and 4th until finally after open several boxes in 1 huge box I am not that happy. I open the last box and there was an envelope, I open it up and the letter read …see next box. I couldn’t believe it. I just wasted all my time opening boxes and now another box. All the while, my father was laughing. But I didn’t think it was funny. So he hands me the “other box.” I figured great.. what next.. After mounds of tissue paper, there is was. Something I wanted but was told it was very expensive. It was beautiful. I got the radio that I wanted. Not just any radio, one that was hidden in a stuff dog animal. So that I can listen to the radio as I sleep. They were hard to find. At 10, it was the best present I ever got. It wasn’t until later did I realize the real present was knowing that my father may not be around much but he was there for me. It wasn’t about the present it was he way of showing he understood everything and how I felt. That was the best Christmas and one of my greatest memories of just my dad and me.

  • Nancy Meyer

    When I was a kid I remember opening presents on Christmas Eve because my dad always had to work on Christmas. Needless to say, I never was able to believe in Santa, but I love Christmas anyway!

  • Tam

    My favorite memory is Christmas Eve 4 years ago. My husband is a bit of a joker and likes to get the crowd going by doing and saying funny things. His very religious grandmother had opened her present (a granite etching of Jesus) and burst into tears. When she showed everyone her gift, he bursts out with “who’s that?” and got the crowd laughing and a retort from Gram of “Don’t be a jackass!”. One of his aunts said to him, so inappropriate but so funny!

  • kim leonhardt

    My favoite holiday memory was Christmas morning after all of my “smaller presents” were opened my dad handed me a a small ball of yarn. I had to follow it to the end to find my “big present.” I wound everywhere around the house upstairs, downstairs, outside, Yes, it must have been the extra large size or at least seemed like it. The present at the end was a dollhouse that my dad had made from scratch (every little piece from scratch). Even today, about 25 years later, people he worked with will still recall something he was working on with that dollhouse. I was never one for playing with dolls, but there was a lot of LOVE put into that house.

  • Renski

    One of my favorite Christmas moments is watching my young sons take in all of the holiday excitement, lights, colors and sounds. While they sometimes get “overstimulated” and “meltdown” that’s actually part of the charm. Seeing Christmas throught the eyes of children helps us remember the wonder of the season.

  • Catherine

    Our family has a great tradition of watching a movie on Christmas Eve. One year, when we were visiting our cousins in Missouri, someone got the bright idea to watch Schindler’s List! Ack! Not quite the holiday spirit we were looking for!

  • Emmes

    I cannot wait for this giveaway!!! Good luck to everyone .. but I’m taking it home! lol

  • Tarah

    When we lived in Texas growing up we would fly up to Michigan every Christmas to spend it with our family. I remember the smell of the airport and seeing snow as we got closer to Michigan – it was always exciting!

  • Angela

    My favorite Christmas memory is actually a photograph with Santa that was taken when the kids were little. My youngest daughter Stephanie was terrified of him and refused to go up to his chair. SO when we finally got her to go take a toy out of his hand I told the photographer to snap the picture when she turned no matter what. So Santa is looking at her, her hair is standing out in a flair around her, her brother is looking at the toy and her sister is looking at one of the “elves” trying to touch his ear. It was one of those “everything went wrong” photos. But it’s my favorite by far because its so unposed.

  • Monique Rizzo

    When my husband and I first started
    out 17 years ago, we were just out of high school.
    We had just moved into our own apartment and
    were barely making ends meet. My husband lost
    his job RIGHT before Christmas. We had no money for bills,
    let alone gifts. My family gave us a christmas tree and
    we were so grateful, but being that we had just
    started out, we had no ornaments,lights etc…So we had a
    beautiful plain green christmas tree in our living room.
    I got up to go to work about a week before Christmas.
    When I came home, what I saw took my breath away.
    My boyfriend (now husband) had spent the entire day
    cutting out paper snowflakes of all different shapes
    and sizes. He had covered the entire tree with them.
    It was the most beautiful tree I had ever seen and
    I had never cried harder or loved him more.
    Now 17 years later we are in a much better position,
    but every year, the last thing that goes on the tree
    is one of the paper snowflakes I saved from that year.
    It means more to me than any gift that ever has been
    or ever will be under the tree.

    Thanks for the chance.

  • Sylvia P

    A working mother of four, wrapping was never finished on time, so after midnight Mass, and till about 4:30 in the morning, I’ve been wrapping, year after year…
    The first year, one of the kids caught me cleaning up, the eager beaver.
    But as they get older, I can take my time, and now that they are collegers, I have to wake THEM up!
    They still love to take pictures in their pajamas under the tree. I’m happy they haven’t grown up. And they sure like their coffee …. hint, hint… think Brewbot,

  • laurie s

    Christmas memories include mornings at my cousins house , roast beast for dinner and santa always having come…


    I got a white pair of go go boots

  • Debbie C

    My favorite memories of Christmas are not of specific events or particular gifts but rather of the sight, the smell, the sound and the atmosphere of Christmas. There was a special feeling of peace on Christmas night, after all the excitement. I remember lying on the floor, with no light except those on the Christmas tree. There would be a scent of fresh pine, metal tinsel and peppermint. It all felt right and good.

  • Jessica A

    My favorite memory is going out and finding a xmas tree with my family.

  • Bryanna P.

    Awesome blog and thanks for the giveaway!
    Would love, love, LOVE to win this!
    Happy holidays!

  • Teresa Wyman

    This would be the best Christmas gift. A great gift for the kitchen is a Tassimo.

  • Mir

    For me it was always Christmas Eve because that’s when Santa came – he came in person and handed out all the gifts. It was awesome!

  • Amy Delong

    my favorite would be when my kids were first born,their first christmas i will never forget!

  • Deb

    The year I got the white go go boots I asked for. We got stuck in the snow on the way to midnight mass. My feet were sooooo frozen! But I had the coolest boots, so I didn’t care!

  • Darcy B

    My favorite Christmas memory is of my grandmother she would spend days making home made candies and she would bring empty butter cartons filled with all her delicious treats. Then she would make elaborate platters filled with her treats in wonderful designs. I was honored when my grandmother asked me to watch the platters and keep them stocked—I spent the day replacing each item the moment it was consumed.

  • Steven Luker

    I remember making caramels, cooling it on large pans and wrapping them.

  • Cindy K

    One year, I got a Barbie motorhome (late 70s, I believe, maybe very early 80s… it was yellow and orange and huge!). I also got a beginning sewing kit which at the time I thought was the worst thing ever… Barbie was so much cooler. Yeah, guess what I still have parts of and use? The sewing kit. Turns out it was one of the best gifts ever. 🙂

  • rebecca

    My son was born in April. It seems he was determined to do everything ahead of time. He was zipping around in a walker at 3 months, he also had eight teeth by then. He had wore out three walkers by six months. By this time he was standing and walking about the furniture. He took his first steps at seven months, and fell and busted his head. He wouldn’t try to walk for several more weeks, but as we were putting up the Christmas tree, he got excited and got up from his rocker and walked all the way across the room to get to the tree and the Christmas ornaments.

  • Jessica

    My favorite holiday memory is from my childhood. We lived in a house that had exposed beams in the living room. I woke up in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve to get a drink of water. I noticed a large, long, thick think propped against the wall. I thought one of the rafters fell down!! When we all woke up, my misconception was exposed. We had gotten a Basketball Goal for Christmas! The pole was in a box propped against the wall.

  • Helen

    My children are all grown up now, but my best holiday memories are of them, so happy to open their gifts.

  • Clydia DeFreese

    When I was about 6 years old , while my parents were working, I remember being consumed
    with the “need to know” what my packages contained. So carefully I gathered them from under the Christmas tree, undid the tape, and unwrapped all my gifts. Then I rewrapped them. Christmas morning I acted surprised as I tore open the paper, but I also felt guilty!
    And I never opened my presents early again!

  • Laurie P

    I remember when i was a kid we had a big snow storm. My sister and me and the neighbour kids went sledding then came home for hot chocolate. Great memory!! 🙂

  • Michele Molesky

    Flashback 1971, I was 6 years old . My Christmas list to Santa consisted of a Chrissy Doll, the Barbie Friendship Airplane & an Easy Bake Oven. My parents promised me I would receive a gift no one else would get, but what could it be? I didn’t care, I remember I wanted that Oven!!! I woke up early and found my parents were already dressed and ready to go out. My dad bundled me up and quickly brought me to grandmas without opening any gifts. I remember being confused. What’s with this I thought? Christmas was late that year. My parents were right, I did get a present no one else had- a new sister named Rochelle Antoinette. In the end, it was the BEST Christmas. I held & sang to my new little sister & promised to teach her about Santa. I still can’t remember if I actually got that Easy Bake Oven but it didn‘t really matter.

  • Shelley Mitchell

    I remember wanting a pair of Jordache jeans so badly but my mom and dad kept saying they were to expensive and couldn’t afford them. Well Christmas morning I opened a pair of Jordache Jeans! I was so excited!!!!

    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  • Robin Musike

    I have a 19 year old and a 2 year old………yep 19 & 2.

    My son (19) when he was little he would categorize and line up his presents. He was and is to cute 🙂 Funny i see the same characteristics in my daughter (2).

    My son still gets excited about x-mas (he has no clue this year what we got him). I am so looking forward to x-mas morning with presents marked BUBBYS( Zoies big brother Brandon) and ZOZO(Zoie the little sister)). So much fun ( i am getting teary eyed just thinking about it 🙂

    A brewbot would be perfect for me 🙂

    Happy Holidays 🙂


    My favorite memory is one Christmas my sister wanted a watch so bad. So we wrapped up an old broken watch and gave it to her. (My parents had bought her a new one and we knew it but wanted to play a trick on her).

  • Charlotte Waller

    My favorite memory is of a toy stove that I got from Santa at about age 5. It had a friction motor on it that made sparks shoot out of the burners. I was so excited to use my plastic and metal pots and pans.

  • GEMA

    My favorite memory was when I was a child, me and my sisters and brothers would sleep in the living room just to hear when santa got there, and offcourse we would all fall asleep and we would never see him. In the morning we would have all of our gifts we would run outside to show them off to everyone in the neighborhood in our pajamas, and when we came back in from playing outside my mom would have some tamales ready to eat, then the rest of the family would come christmas morning with more gifts to open, it was the best.

  • pleasant boswell

    The kids got some costumes for Christmas including wigs. It was funny to see them all dressing up.

  • Russ Lloyd

    One of my favorite memories is when my brother and I were quite young we were disappointed that we did not receive an electric train for Christmas. So, our uncle, who was visiting from Illinois, went out on Christmas day and brought us one. Now, I know that that was selfish but when you’re 4 and 7 years old you don’t think about that too much.

  • Cynthia LaForney

    My story is quite sad, I moved just recently to AL and when we were unpacking, my coffee pot broke, I received this precious gift from my grandmother and can not get over it. It was all glass and very old fashioned, miss that pot. So I really need a new one.

  • Liz Crews

    Baking cookies with my Grandma. We made “snowballs” every year at Christmas. My grandfather would come home from work and say “Bah Hum Bug” smelling like menthol chapstick. She had a plate for me every year at Christmas until she passed away, and tomorrow I am making them with my girls.

  • Maria

    One of my favorite Christmas memories was when I was about 18 my gift to the family would be to fill the stockings. My family is always playing practical jokes on each other so I carried it through to the stockings. I found a very realistic looking rat and put it in the bottom of my mom’s stocking. She screamed, we all laughed and for years afterward the rat would randomly show up to terrorize my mom!

  • Joyce Brady

    When I was a teen my dad asked me to get a wrapped present from his chest of drawers and make sure mom DID NOT see it. I was to sneak it under the tree. He could not emphasis strong enough that mother was NOT and he ment NOT see me put it there. I felt so privileged to have him trust me to keep this secret!! On Christmas morning as we were passing out the gifts, Daddy handed me the box I had put under the tree. Yes the one that I was not to let mother see. It was a gift for ME!!!! What a sneak he was!! But it worked as I never “peaked” at the package the held my new watch!


    When I was about 8 years old I found where my parents hid all the presents. I carefully opened and rewrapped each gift. It was the worst Christmas I ever had. I never peeked again.

  • Linda Howard

    My dad had Addison’s Disease and was in the hospital. Our church brought over several bags of groceries. We had never had so much food in our cabinets.

  • Randee Villardi

    I was divorced with 2 small boys, 4 & 6; I had just started dating my husband (now married 13 years) and it was to be our real first Christmas, as we are Jewish, but he isn’t. He had me wake the boys up and tell them that Santa Claus was outside. I think my little one flew off his top bunk bed, and they ran into the living room to look out the window excitedly. My husband started in the garage and ran down the street shaking sleigh bells so the sound went further and further away. I said look up in the sky and try to find him, they didn’t see Santa but they heard him and to this day they remember that night fondly.

  • Brandi Hendricks

    My favorite holiday memory is when my husband and I got our first dog. He was an Australian shepherd, red merle in color named Chance. He was the best dog. We got him in between christmas & new years in 1996. The following year, our neighbors, Bob & Jane always decorated their yard with a nativity scene. This one evening I went outside with Chance and he took off running to Bob’s. He thought he was so fearless and mean standing in the nativity scene, barking madly at the fake plastic people in the yard. He had no clue that they weren’t real, but it was hilarious!!!! Chance passed away about 4 years ago and to this day, I still laugh at that moment in time.

  • Joan

    We played a terrible joke on my mother one year! She always bought the larget turkey available from the fresh turkey farm and baked it to perfection. One year when she was out of the kitchen we switched her 40-pound turkey with a cooked cornish hen and put it in the same roaster from which we removed the turkey. We lifted the roaster out of the oven as though it was really heavy and much to her surprise when she opened the roaster, there was a one pound cornish hen. The look of disbelief on her face was priceless!! We never let her forget that over the years. She is gone now, but I will always cherish this Christmas memory which still brings a smile to my face.

  • Emmes

    TICK TOCK .. TICK TOCK .. one more day to register to win the BREWBOT!!! ; ) What a great giveaway!!

  • Debbie Case

    Best Christas ever was when I was in pre-school. Got 2 items I loved–a set of bells which were playsed like a piano and a set of sewing cards. Kept me busy for hours.

  • Crystal

    Decorating the tree and house with my mom. I still love going home for the holidays and being able to share in the tradition with my own girls. My family is the world to me and being able to be in the home I was raised in over Christmas brings the most joy to my heart.

  • Mindy Olson

    My favorite holiday memory is seeing my childrens eyes light up when we drive around town looking at Christmas lights, baking cookies, putting ornaments on the tree, and opening presents on Christmas day. Seeing it through the kids eyes makes me feel like a kid again. It is such a magical time for them. I will miss this as they grow up.

  • Jamie

    My favorite Christmas memory was when my children were young and we didn’t have much money – but I was able to fill their stockings and have many presents under the tree for them that I had gotten for free with various freebie and rebate offers that I had worked throughout the year.

  • Marianne

    My mother was such a quiet inspiration to me and has influenced so many of my choices even though she passed many years ago. One Christmas, I just couldn’t contain my curiosity and hunted relentlessly to find her stash of not-yet-wrapped Christmas presents. Despite my love of that sweet anticipation and the joy of discovery on Christmas morning, I had this burning desire to know what was waiting for me. I eventually caught a glimpse of her carefully hiding a new purchase in her bedroom closet behind some boxes. Once alone, I went through the collection. To my dismay, I found myself sitting among very carefully chosen gifts and crying. I felt as though I had ruined my Christmas and was so utterly disheartened…and the guilt was almost unbearable!
    A few days before Christmas, I tearfully confessed to my mother and told her how I felt that I had robbed myself of that precious joy of waking on Christmas morning and reveling in each new gift. In her sage and wonderful way, she told me that we all make choices and that it teaches us which ones we might not wish to repeat in the future. She told me it was kindest for the others at Christmas to appear surprised so they didn’t feel the same disappointment I was feeling.
    On the blessed morning, I awoke and plodded into the family room and was fully prepared to be as genuinely surprised as I could manage but felt so disappointed in myself. To my delight, each gift I unwrapped was one I truly wanted and had never seen before. My loving mother had gone out and fought the last minute crowds to return the gifts I had seen and choose new ones so that I would have that precious moment. Now, as a mom and a grandmother, I realize how much love was in that act and her great wisdom in knowing that I had learned a valuable lesson. We were not wealthy and my gifts were modest and practical but I never needed extravagance…just the love that she constantly showed me and I now recognize was all around me.

  • Kathy

    My favorite memory of Christmas’ past was over fifty years ago when I received the most beautiful doll every. I am proud to say that I still have that beautiful doll and it reminds me of my Mom and Dad who are gone but not forgotten.

  • ruth boisvert

    i’d love to win one

  • ruth boisvert

    enter me the drawing

  • Heather

    The site is soo s

  • Cristina S.

    My favorite Christmas memory is about my aunt who we always visited on Christmas day. She told my brothers and sisters and me as children that Santa Claus left his gift for us in her bathtub. There was always a mad rush to the bathroom when we all showed up on Christmas morning.

  • Cathy Durham

    Last Christmas was the first for my new husband and I. We instantly became like the Brady Bunch, as I had 5 children from a previous marriage and he had 5 also. Even more precious, I have 10 beautiful grandchildren and he has 4. So, needless to say, our holidays are quite interesting. Last Christmas we had a beautiful little Grandson Jesse who just captured everyone’s hearts with his dancing and singing around the Christmas tree. This past July our little Jesse was involved in a drowning accident. He went home to be with Jesus 7 days later, after being on lifesupport. Our lives will never be the same. A part of our heart is missing although we know Jesse is with Jesus. So, we’re doing our best to make Christmas a happy time for all the other Grandchildren. We put on our brave faces and smile through the pain. No, Jesse won’t be with us on Christmas day…but our love for him and the memories we have will always live in our hearts.

  • pam

    My happiest Christmas was 1989 the last year my family was altogether My mom and Dad, my aunt and uncle, my daughter, Son and grandaughter, we laughed and ate and enjoyed each other. The following year we lost my mom, then dad aunt and uncle. So make sure yoou always say I love you,or that chance may be lost. My son and his family live in Carson city, my grandaughter and great grandaughter live in Miss. So I am grateful my Daughter son in law and grandaughter live here, because the rest are gone or moved away. So am not sure when we will all be together again. so am so grateful for 1989.

  • Jimmy P

    I will always remember waiting for Christmas. Then I knew that my birthday was here, its 2 days after. On my birthday I always got a fruitcake. My mom made these yummy fruitcakes that I really loved. And I was happy to get one, or even rather get one of those cakes. I love my mom forever.

  • Amy E.

    One of our traditions when my kids were growing up, was to sit by the Chrismas tree on Christmas Eve and read The Night Before Christmas. Now that they’re adults, we STILL do it!

  • Kellye

    My favorite Christmas memory is when my husband proposed.

  • Doris Larsen

    First thru the eighth grade, participating in the Christmas Eve program at church, with my Mom, Dad and sisters in the audience. We each received a big grocery bag full of goodies — apples, oranges, nuts, seafoam, popcorn balls and more. Then we opened all our packages that were under the tree when we got home.

  • Steph A

    My favorite holiday memories are from when I was a kid and we would make cookies for Santa and we would wake up early and sit on the stairs until we could go down to open gifts.

  • Barbara Friedman

    Many wonderful memories but this one that stands out. I am a single parent of now 3 grown sons with families. In 2005 I decided to take my entire family…….that would be my 89 year old mother; oldest son, wife and 3 young sons; my middle son–not married; my youngest son and new bride and me…….to Disney World for Christmas and New Year’s. We wanted Mother to take a wheel chair….so WE could get to go 1st in line……she insisted she could walk just like the rest of us!! (We took a wheelchair anyway…..and the line thing worked!! She kind of liked the convenience, too.) Well, I grew up in Florida and lived there until I was 20. I had many memories of being out on Christmas in shorts and going to the beach during the Christmas break. NOT THIS YEAR… was the coldest EVER at Disney! Here we were…….buying warm clothes, covering Mother with blankets in the wheelchair and putting tobboggans, sweatshirts…anything we could find to keep her warm and from getting sick. Making sure the toddler in the stroller was warm enough and keeping up with the 2 older boys. What a sight we must have been!! Anyway…….it was the 50th Anniversity of Disney, so everything was more spectacular than we had ever seen before. We survived the freezing weather and have the pictures, the memories, (and T-shirts) to prove it! We lost Mother at 93 this spring and reflect on the fun times we shared with her and the GREAT sport she was with us through all the crazy things we took her to do… riding the jet ski in the Gulf a few years earlier!! Living and the Spirit of Christmas is about the memories and the people we make them with……. Merry Christmas!!

  • Laurie

    We would make as many breakfast recipes as possible the night before. We would visit our Aunt’s house for a huge supper Midnight Mass then more food. In the morning, we would go to Grandpa’s house, heat up everything and eat and open presents. It was always fun to try new recipes this way!

  • Kathleen Crocker

    My favorite Christmas memory is when my brother & I went sledding together one snowy Christmas afternoon, after dinner. It was my turn on the sled, but I had an amazing idea!!! We were almost ready to call it quits for the day when I thought that it would be really cool fun if my brother pulled me, running down the hill (the thought was that I would go FAST!!). Well, we were young & did not realize that going downhill would cause me to go so fast that I would eventually not only catch up to my brother, but I would RUN OVER him!!!! Now, the sleds in the older days were not plastic!! We had those old wooden ones, with metal runners!!!! Thankfully, he was not seriously hurt (just VERY sore). The funny part was that, after sledding all day, I was tired & asked my brother to pull ME home!!! I was the big sister, so he did what I asked, sore & all!!! My mother saw him limping up the drive & ran out to him. Of course, he immediately tattled that I ran over him with the sled!! I wasn’t in deep, deep trouble but I was scolded for making him pull ME home!! We are now both in our 40’s & laugh and laugh about this today! And he’s always telling others how mean of a sister I was!!! Year right, Bro!

  • ohkeeka

    My favorite holiday memory is Christmas at my grandparent’s old house. It was the one day of the year when all of my relatives from around the country would be in the same place–I was always especially glad to see my cousins! We’d open presents in the basement, so naturally, my cousins and I would sit down there and shake every last package and try to guess what was inside. Now that we’re all adults, Christmas isn’t nearly as fun!

  • toni

    My fondest memory of xmas ,is one year, my middle son had asked for a particular set of baseball cards.So being that he knew funds were limited , he was not expectanting it ,and when he opened the present he started crying because he was so happy .I have 3 sons and no matter our financial woes they have come to love xmas and all its dressings even now that they are 20 and 18 and 10 ,they cant wait til xmas eve because whether we have company or go out we always come home xmas eve night and they each open one present which is always super comfy pjs we go to bed and they wake up really early, open their stockings and then wake us at like 6 am (yes even now that they are older…lol)Happy holidays to all may they always bring you wonderful memories!

  • Jolene Goya

    Since before I was born (which wasn’t that long ago!) my mother and my uncle always exchanged bazaar, strange and ugly gifts. One Christmas about 10 years ago we recall something under our Christmas tree starting to smell. During the Christmas present unwrapping my mom found the gift from my uncle. In it were crushed-not-rinsed beer cans and a bottle of beano. The following year we decided we needed to one up that so we decided to head to the Salvation Army to see what they had.
    We had a family get together where we all gave each other gifts. After everyone opened their Christmas gifts during the family get together my mom brought out a HUGE bag.
    Imagine a Kleenex box cover made of wood. Now imagine it being upholstered with furry leopard print fabric. That’s not the bad part. The bad part was that there was a 7 foot long leopard print tail attached to it. Who the heck made this?! That was it, there wasn’t a head or anything to suggest that it was an animal.
    Let’s just say that we all laughed for about 20 minutes straight and we all lost our voices that Christmas.

  • Bryan

    My favorite memory was finding out that Santa has helpers, must have been 9 or 10. I didn’t let on for a few years that I knew.

  • donna

    One year I wished so much for a white Christmas, snow was not even in the forecast. We always traveled to my Aunt’s house on Christamas Day. Suddenly- later in the afternoon, it became over cast and then it started snowing! It was beautiful, but my Dad said we have to leave and get back home before we would not be able to travel on the roads! IT was a fun day!

  • minette siegman

    Growing up on military bases christmas was a very time in my house when I was younger. even though I am a grown woman with my own family I remember all the fablous christmas I had with my family. My dad was stationed over seas alot and my family was lucky to always be with him. My parents believed in keep all the traditions they learned and passing then to their children. My parents were big on family and even thought we were far from home we always had the kind of christmas that was filled with lots of love, laughter on every based our family was stationed at.

  • Kellie Conklin

    For the longest time, every year we would go with my aunt and cousin to the mall to Christmas Shop. It became tradition to listen to the song about Lester the Donkey. We still laugh about it and continue to play the song each year when we get together to celebrate my mom’s birthday!

  • Melissa Kendall

    My fondest Christmas was the time Santa brought the gift of my mom being
    Healthy for the holidays, I was 13 years old, my mom battled cancer
    My entire childhood years, but that Christmas they said they
    Believed she had beat it. We celebrated the gift of life that Christmas
    I had forgotten all about my gifts under the tree that year
    I truly believed I got the best gift that was having my mom around. I will
    Never forget that holiday memory.

  • Peggy Shelton1

    Hi, I gotta say Christmas 2010 will be the best. See my Dad went into the hospital two days before Thanksgiving. He had gall bladder surgery. Sounds simple right.. It wasn’t. My Dad is 74 yrs old. 2 years ago for Christmas he had lung surgery and the year before that he had open heart surgery. So, this is when he had the most trouble. The gall bladder was inflamed and perforated. He said he’s been sick for 3 weeks, well it could’ve been longer, we just don’t know. We only knew he was sick 5 days. He spent 2 weeks in ICU, on a breathing machine, very close to dying. He spent 1 week in his own room. The surgeon said he came in a very sick man before the surgery and afterwards he was a very sick man. My dad can tell you, that it would’ve been easy to stop trying, but after he started to fight back, it was a hard battle. After 3 weeks in the hosp. My Dad is home. They sent him home with an open would. I thank God for his recovery. He’s not recovered yet, it’s a slow process. He forgot lots of things, how to work the computer, where the bathroom was.

    It’s been really hard on my Mom, I’ve been there 110% and then some. I kept rock solid for her. This is the best Christmas, as God has answered prayers for my Dad to live.

    Thanks, PEG

  • sheree

    we found out there was a kidney for my mom!!

  • MaryAnne Gildroy

    I was 7 years old….and was really sick with a fever in the middle of the summer. I had to stay off my feet and rest….whick was really hard for me to do!!! I was a kid always wanting to play. Santa came to visit me in July!!!! I so badly wanted a Easy Bake Oven for Christmas. I was told I was too young. I loved the commercial on TV and had my face smeared onto the screen every time it aired.
    Santa came to play me a visit….and told me he wanted me well. He let me open a present that he had for me as long as I stayed in bed and got better. Then once I was better….I could play with my easy bake oven. Oh my gosh……I screamed with excitement as I opened it. I was really for me!!!
    It was my most favorite gift that Santa has ever given to me (Thanks Mom and Dad!) and I am now 47….and still have my Easy bake oven. The memories of actually getting it….are so special to me.
    I was quite a baker and at a young age…..

  • Pamela S

    The Christmas after I’d given birth to my first child after years of infertility, my parents gave me the only gift that’s ever made me cry. They made me a shadowbox that contained the dress I wore home from the hospital when I was born, my baby beaded bracelet with my name, and a gold plated diaper pin I’d gotten as a gift. I have it hanging in my house still. Thanks.

  • Diane Baum

    My happiest Christmas memory…this is a hard question for a Jewish person to answer-most of the time you just kind of counted the minutes until the holiday was over. It’s kind of hard being the only kid in your neighborhod , who is not getting together with family and having this wonderful celebration!!!!
    I started volunteering on Christmas for a program, that’s goal was to fill jobs with Jews so other people could have the day off to be with their families. I wasn’t so noble, I just wanted something to help pass the day. One Christmas my family’s job was to deliver meals to home-bound seniors. Sadly, for some of them we were the only company they might get all day and this day was magical Christmas! I learned a lot that day, that it’s not the celebration, the presents…but what you give from the heart that makes life special!

    • Actually, I said holiday memory. Doesn’t have to be Christmas. 😉

  • susan smoaks

    my favorite Christmas memory was when i was little and i caught my parents putting up a swingset in the back yard

  • Barbara Ramirez

    Both of my parents and sadly, my only sibling have all passed away I like to remember good times and funny times spent with them to dull the ache. One of my funniest memories is of a Christmas Eve all gone wrong! My father was on strike with Westinghouseqand had taken a job with a security company as a night watchmen. Well he worked the 4 to 12 shift and mt brother decided to start the “festivites” early and began offering my Mom and our other guests cocktails. Needless to say my mom got a little too “toasted” and when my Dad got home he imm. asked “where was our Mom?” My brother broke into giggles telling him that she was fast asleep and had had a little to much to drink. My Dad went storming into their bedroom demanding his wife get out of bed and barking orders for someone to make they strongest coffee they could manage. It sounds bad but it was really funny.. you had to know my Dad ~ how quiet natured he was.. My mom recovered in time to start opening presents as we always did on XMAS eve and when we were all done my Mmm realized a $100 dollar bill was LOST! Turns out it had been thrown into the dumpster of our apartment complex. So there is my Dad, my Mom and my brother “dumpster diving” at 3 in the morning! My brother emerged from the dumpster with ribbons and wrapping paper all over him. It was a hoot. We all came back in and laughed so hard. It is and will always be a great memory for me. Thank you for asking! Always, Barbara

  • janet

    my favorite christmas was when I recieved a doll that was as tall as I was.

  • Christine

    Decorating the house for Christmas with mom

  • Angela Banning

    I think my favorite memory was the Christmas I was about 3 or 4 years old- it was before we started moving around a lot, before my home life became unpleasant. I receved a Thumbellina doll. I wanted one so badly- It was a baby doll that was weighted in such a way that when you crossed her ankles, she would roll over by herself, no batteries! I also got a Toss Across game, a bean bag tic tac toe game I played with my brothers and sisters for years to come.

    I have a picture of myself from that year- It is my favorite picture, my husband calls it the “best happy pic ever!” It is me but I see a little girl with the biggest, happiest most genuine smile, eyes lit up like the fourth of July and all over a candy cane!

  • Sand

    As a kid,it killed me that we had to go to bed early for Santa to come. I’d toss and turn and eventually fell asleep. Then I’d wake up super early, like 4:oo A.M. and wake everyone up and announce it was officially Christmas and we should open our presents! We would and go back to sleep until it was time to go to church.

  • Brandy Byrne

    My favorite Holiday memory is when my dad had dressed up as Santa when I was about 4 years old. Freaked me out at the time but is funny now.

  • Claudia

    My best Christmas was when I received a brand new PURPLE 3 speed bike from my Big Sister…She was my Big Sister from Big Brothers and Big Sisters.. She was so nice…Unfortunately someone stole my purple bike about 2 months later:(

  • Ellen Lopes

    My Dad dressed up like St. Nicholas when we lived in Germany. We were young then and everything was so wonderous and fun. He went around to all the American houses with Schwarz Peter ( Black Peter who had coal and sticks for bad kids ) and we didn’t know it was our Dad. But I looked at St. Nicholas at one point and he was smiling under his “fake” beard and makeup and I KNEW it was my Dad in costume. He must have noticed my face because he put his finger up like saying “shhhhh”. I spent the rest of his time in our house that evening smug that I knew something my sisters didn’t. :-)Colroado Springs

  • Laura Miller

    My best Christmas memory was the year I got my mother’s ring. My children were still young. My oldest was in high school working part time at McDonald’s and she decided it would be a cool gift for me since we had very little money in those days and there would be little under the tree that year. She went to her father and asked if he would help pay for the ring. He told all the kids if they would do their best to get as much as they could, he would find the rest. So the kids went to work. They collect soda bottles, did odd jobs and everything they could to get extra cash. On Christmas morning I was the last person to open my gift. They had bought an oil lamp and put the ring on the on the wick. I opened the box and pulled out the oil lamp and loved it right away, not realizing the ring was there. I went to put it back in the box and the room exploded”wait look closely there’s more” I looked and saw the flower in the bottom and commented that I loved it. I was them told to take it apart. As I opened it I saw the ring and tears welled in my eyes. I was told the story as I hugged them all and the ring was put on my finger and I’ve worn it since.

  • Cindy

    My favorite Christmas memory was 45 yrs.ago when I got twin dolls with a twin stroller.I was 7 yrs old at the time.I have 4 siblings and my Mom was a single mother and she worked hard to provide for us. I never thought I would get those dolls for Christmas. I don`t know how she did it by herself but we always had wonderful Christmas. Christmas was my mother`s favorite holiday.She would decorate every where ,including the bathroom, and the cookies and pies she baked ( inbetween working and taking care of the 5 of us ) were fantastic. I miss her terribly but I`ll always have memeries. Merry Christmas everybody and have a safe and Happy New Year.

  • Angela L.

    One my favorite Christmas memories is decorating the tree with my family each year and having a big party. We do it every year, and it’s always one of my favorite days of the year. 🙂

    Angela L.
    lasitera at yahoo dot com

  • Congratulations to Gloria in CT! She won the Tassimo Brewbot! I’d like to thank everyone for taking the time to share one of their favorite holiday memories. I’ve really enjoyed reading them.

  • Carolyn

    My birthday is the 13th, need I say more?

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  • I loved Christmas when I was a child.  To me, it was more exciting back then.  I was born in 1958.  There were 4 children in our family and money was tight.  Each year my parents put everything into making our Christmas special.  They decorated all over the house.  I would wait until the Sears Toy catalog came and we would mark all the pages.  There was one page that had really beautiful, but expensive dolls.  I would drool over them, but never got one…lol  My Mom would hand make all the bows for the packages and attach these really cute little elves.  I don’t remember the presents I received, I remember all the work and love my Parents put into making the day special.  <3

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