February 13, 2013

Women’s EasyTone Sneakers : $25 + Free S/H

Women's EasyTone Sneakers

Today: $25 + Free S/H
Was: $99.99
Coupon: EASYTONE25
Expires: Unknown

The EasyTone collection features built-in balance pods with Moving Air Technology, which transfer air in response to your stride and create micro-instability with every step.

  • mama50055

    code doesn’t work:

    We apologize, but the promotion code EASYTONE25 has not been applied to your cart. Please verify that you have entered a valid promotion code and also that your cart complies with the promotion rules. Please try again, or Contact Us for assistance.

    • Sorry they pulled the code. It was working last night and this morning. 🙁

  • Maxine

    The code Easytone 25 will not be applied. They have no control over third party promotions; it is not a Rebok promotion. This was told to me via phone and I received the same message as mama50055 when trying to order.

    • Sorry, Maxine. They must have pulled it. It was working when I tested it last night and this morning. The person you spoke to there lied.

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