January 1, 2011

Women's PacSun Skinny Jeans : 2 for $15 + Free S/H (reg. $39.50 each)

Women's PacSun Skinny JeansWomen’s PacSun Skinny Jeans : 2 for $15 + Free S/H (reg. $39.50 each)
Offer valid 1/1/11 only. Everywhere slim. The super skinny fit makes the perfect jean for any look. Add volume on top for perfect proportion. Or go with a fitted top for a sleek look.


  • andrea burns

    karen do they run true to size !!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for the bargain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andrea burns

    put in bag in my size then found darker rinse not knowing this med wash was the $15.00 daily deal buy one get one free. when i went to check out said $39.00 i said what? so deleted that then went back to put in my size 0 short or reg then message came up not any left pick another size. i am mad at myself only 00 short left. i am 100 lbs but i am only 5′ and in levis wear 0 reg or short so i really do not think i could sqeeze myself into 00. i am not a twig just the right size. i do not look skinny. the actors on tv weight 90 lbs and are taller than i. also tv makes you look 20lbs heavier so on tv i would probably look fat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kohls have low waisted levis so i will just have to wait till they go on sale for $5.60 a pair like last year. thank you karen i did not get your email till 7pm et so went to pacsun right away. i just read on cnbc.com that pac sun is not doing well due to the economy so maybe they are trying to get rid of excess inventory before bankrupcy. i did get the toaster oven broiler for 15.25 so i am thrilled thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sorry, you missed out on these, Andrea. I usually stick with Levi’s, too. They tend to fit me best.

  • andrea

    dear karen.

    i was able to buy the darker wash which i like better today and called customer service told them what happened and received free shipping. thank you karen !!!!!!!!!!!!! i signed up for their daily deals so i was thrilled !!!!!!!!!!!! i wrote this on your facebook page today also !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i did not want to seem like a big complainer when i am not !!!!!!!!!!!!

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