September 30, 2016

1-LB of Retractable Ink Pens : $8.99 + Free S/H

1-LB of Retractable Ink Pens

Today: $8.99 + Free S/H
Was: $29.99
Coupon: 15SALE (15% off $25 or more)
Expires: Unknown

Ok, here’s the deal. You use pens almost everyday of your life. Yes, it’s lovely to have a $200 Cross pen handy, but the reality is that most of us riffle through our kitchen drawers looking for something besides a crayon to write with. Well, now’s your chance to fill those drawers up on the cheap! Get 1-LB of Retractable Ink Pens for just $8.99 shipped. That’s about 58 pens (quantities are not exact, as they are measured by weight). Need more? You can order 2-LBS (115 pens) for $14.99, 4-LBS (230 pens) for $18.99, or 8-LBS (450 pens) for $22.99 (best bang for your buck at just $2.87/lb!).

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